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Creating Community ACW Members at Work and Play    BECOME A MEMBER-MAKE A DONATION

ACW World Headquarters. Office, Studios: Kelly Frankenberg, Barbara Bridges,  Meeting Space Read All About It

ACW’s Art Treasures Gallery  *Current
Common Bond Communities Partnership
Fox Den Gallery – Group and Solo Show Opportunities *Current
Life On the Spectrum – Grand Hand Gallery
Precious Grand Hand Gallery


Art-A-Whirl   Visit the  new World Headquarters of ACW. Make your own exotic die-cut card.  * Current
Passports on Parade
  ACW artists showcase their studios at Art A Whirl.  Participants may win a $500 art shopping spree.  *Current
Big Donor Chowdah Feed ACW  Director, Barbara Bridges, is a Maine native.  She makes a famous seafood chowder with seafood she flies in from Maine.   For all ACW Patrons who have contributed  $500 and above.  *Current
 Echoes of Tradition  A fusion of Hmong, Somali, Jazz, Latin, Modern, Native American & Hip Hop Dance, Music and Performance . Seeking Funding
ACW Ist Annual Holiday Showcase 

Projects and Programs

Seed The Legacy Dream Space Multimedia Project on hope for the future * Current
ACW/Mill City Museum Stone Arch Bridge Festival Partnership *Current
ACW’s Cabin Fever Reliever Weekly Digital Programming on Zoom  * Current
Maker Space Project
Creating Art Rooms -Emma Norton Partnership *Current
Intern Program
Paid program. Interns Develop and Implement Projects *Current
Trash To Treasure Collection
Re-Cycle/Re-purpose/Re-Create *Current
SWAP and Barter 
Trade and Sell Art for Services  *Current
Critique Cabaret 
Free Guided Critique *Current
Mississippi River Pearl – Water Quality * Ongoing
Project Management Training Program
Oct 2024
On Location Drawing Co-op Gather, Draw and Eat Current
Coaching Project for a Better World (2021)


The Art of Drag LUSH Lounge and Theater
Heal and Chill – Midtown Global Market
Artists Delivering Trauma Sensitive Curriculum
Paint To Process ACW Art Community on Discord
Noble TruthsStudio Visits

How Does Art Change YOUR world? – Send in your video

Affinity Groups

ACW Climate Team       Serious Discussions on A Serious Topic * Current
Glitter Renaissance Group – ACW Young Adults 2022/23

Awards and Press, Radio and TV Coverage

Past Events and Projects


Volunteer Opportunities
Contact  with questions.

Importance of volunteering
Social Media Initiative

To be considered an active ACW member you need to volunteer for a minimum of six hours a year. There are many different ways to be involved in ACW as a volunteer and many of them pay small stipends. We are a collective so we rely on everyone to do their part in some way. You can choose a variety of ways to participate. Below are a few of the ways you can help out.

*Completed 6 hours of volunteer work (not paid) for ACW.  Report to/Check with Natalie McGuire
*Help with the build out and care for our new World Headquarters at 699 Lowry Ave NE.
*Clerical Work.  Database updates and entry.
*Social Media campaigns
*Install and uninstall art works
*Working a welcome table at an event
*Graphic design work
*Photography services
*Transportation of people and art
*Help set up events
*Help clean 699 Lowry
*OR Treasure: Membership over $200.  $500 gets you an invitation to the Annual Big Donor Chowdah Feed!


The Fox Den Gallery is another place to get volunteer hours. Reach out to if you want to help out at our gallery.

ACW Archive


Life On the Spectrum – Grand Hand Gallery  (July 2023)
Precious – Grand Hand Gallery  (June 2023)
Age of Age – Homewood Studios (July 2022)
Art at the Heart – Mojo’s Coffee House and Gallery  (June 2022)
Blood On the Pavement – Northrup King Building  (May 2022)

Fox Den Gallery  – Solar Arts Building (Ongoing)
Fox Den Exhibition Archive


The Art of Drag – LUSH Lounge and Theater (November 2023)
Heal and Chill – Midtown Global Market  (June 2023)
Summer Party / Longevity of Influence Award (July 2022)
Euphoria – Capri Theater (April 2022)

Arts District Palette (ADP): Where Neighbors and Artists Mix (2021)

FREE Private Tour with Zoran Mojsilov (May 2021)
ACW OLLI Seminars (Spring 2021)
Watch Event: Tuscaloosa (February 2021)
Partnering with AM950 (2020-2021)
Watch Event: Dodging Bullets (July 2020)
Covid Chronicles – Virtual Activities
Holiday Light? Holiday Dark? – California Building (November 2019)

See. Say. DO – Squirrel Haus Arts (October 2018)

One event, over 700 attendees, nine performances, 7 workshops, 20 artists, 20 expert voices. All participants were paid $250.

Twenty established and emerging artists and their topic expert team members created social and environmental justice works, transforming the cutting-edge art space Squirrel Haus Arts in South Minneapolis into an inviting and amazing universe which draws the visitor into a thought provoking, interactive journey with the intent of inspiring action in our community.

Topics include Recovery, Gender/Sexual Equality, Disability, Water Quality,Wellness, CTSD, Compassionate Conversations and Labor/Union issues.  Teams learned from all the “voices” as they built the art objects and workshops.

What is an Authentic/Expert Topic Voice?

I.C.O.N. – Domestic Violence Healing Project (June 2022)
I.C.O.N/TODAY I’m Alright Partnership (June 2022)


Coaching Project for a Better World (2021)


Extensions – Skill Sharing (2021)
MNOHS Diversity and Inclusion Project (2021)
What does an ACTIVE social Justice Project Look like
Navigator Program – Guided tours for ACW

Past Projects and Events

Member Events Past



Layl McDill: Polymer Clay Workshops

High Schools September 2017

International Day of the Girl

We seek artists who would like to participate in studio visits from small groups of Area Learning Center Students.

Contact Barbara Bridges:

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

How do we know that Art Can Change the World?