Maker Space Project

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Art to Change the World  creates a Maker Space (art room) in several venues,  including several Transformational Housing for Women who have experienced homelessness and Youth Programs at the YMCA. Ten ACW Teaching Artists have been trained by a licensed counselor to create lessons which include strategies to reduce trauma. Participants experiment with a variety of media including painting, sculpture, healing body adornment, quilt painting, henna applications, polymer clay, illustration, fabric hat creations and printmaking.

Restoring Waters: The Emma Norton Project

Haven Housing Partnership

Emma B. Howe Northeast Family YMCA


Meet the Teaching Artists,  Psychotherapist and Art Therapist  Briauna Williams, Lucy Schroepfer, Layl McDill, Kelly  Frankenberg, Catherine Palmer, SAM Greene, Candy Kuehn, Frances Bates, Lynnette Black, Madalina Kelner, Barbara Bridges, Sandra Reardon and  Annaliese Thiegs

Creating the Art Rooms

Logo created by Frances Bates

Maker Space Project – Call for Supplies    Give your studio a good clean out!  General supplies needed: Papers, canvas, good brushes, 8 scissors, 8 glues,  8 rulers, 3 packs markers, acrylic paints,

Supplies Needed – Where to Drop Off

Art to Change the World has been contracted to create a Maker Space (art room) in several venues, including  Haven Housing Transformational Housing for Women who have experienced homelessness and youth programs at the YMCA.

Contact   Kelly F for donation drop off coordination! 

Maker Space Schedules


Important Factoids, Rules and Info