Critique Cabaret

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Critique Cabaret

By Bronwyn Simmons

Critique Cabaret’s launch was met with success and warmth this past November 19th. Many people came to share their art, they received so much love and appreciation for their works, but the crowd was also full of ideas and constructive criticisms for the creatives to take home.

Poetry, paintings, books, multimedia pieces! They were all a part of this grand cabaret that will be happening again. Thank you to everyone who participated and keep an eye out for updates!  Contact me with your interest. Bronwyn Simmons

Next Critique is April 4, 2024 at Solar Arts 711 15th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Critique Cabaret  is an ACW Intern Assignment


ACW Intern Assignment  – Create Critique Cabaret 

Bronwyn Simmons is a local non-binary photographer and textile artist. Already with one degree in Cinema, they are back in school for fashion and apparel design to become a costume designer for film and television. Their recent works reflect on self-expression through the lens of queerness and gender as a means of self-exploration and finding community!