2022 Logevity of Influence Award -George Roberts

The Original Influencer

Created by Barbara Bridges  https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/barbara-bridges/
Mixed Media
12” X 12” X 24” and 1000 libs

The Original Influencer is a collaborative work created specifically for the garden of George Roberts.  We honor him for his Longevity of Influence as a Teacher, Mentor, Poet, and Letterpress Printer. With his wife, Beverly, he is also the Founder and Owner of Homewood Studios and most importantly a steadfast supporter of creatives representing every artform.

Rebecca Ratzlaff contributed the cast iron pods which were created as a tribute to the victims of the 9/11 tragedy. An installation at the Chicago Art Institute invited 2,996 people to squeeze a ball of concrete, leaving an impression of their hands.  These cast iron objects now represent seed pods about to burst.

Barbara Bridges designed and created the sculpture and created the clay heads bursting out of the sunshine  – showing  George as he appears to many of us.

The Lake Superior drilled stone represents George’s stoic nature but recognizing that he keeps his heart wide open for anyone in need.

Sam Huset, a newly graduated welder, helped bring Barbara’s vision to life.

Finally, Barbara scoured the city looking for letterpress letters to construct the message. Language is important to George.  He is one of those quiet observers who asks just the right question or says just the right thing at just the right time.  Precision Press had a whole letterpress set – only missing the capital letter P.

Poet was constructed with a small p.  There must be a karmic metaphor in there someplace- we will leave it to George to discover.

George Roberts
George making speech
Barbara and George


  George getting ready to install garden sculpture with Sam the welder.