Layl McDill



The Root of the Problem, Polymer Clay, mirrors, mica, mica powder, Apoxy, 22″x28″x2″, 2016, $750 This piece draws you in with the colors and shapes of nature but the title makes you think especially when you notice the mirrors embedded in the piece.





Someone has to Climb up There, Polymer Clay, Found teapot, mica rock, apoxy Sculpt, found objects, 20″x10″x9″, 2016, $600 I finished this piece ON election day 2016. I wasn’t totally sure what it was all about but after the election I saw it in a completely new way. I felt, like many, very defeated by the election results but all I could do to make myself feel better was realize that I had to do what I could do and that meant, for me, focusing on feminist rights and organizations like WARM (Women’s Art Resources of MN) To me when I look at this piece I think about how sometimes things seem out of reach but we have to just take it one rung of the later at a time to get it done.


Let There BEE Windmills, Polymer Clay, mica powder, wire, beads, mica, Apoxy, 34″x51″x3″, 2015, $2500 I was inspired to create this piece as I drove across the county and saw the beautiful windmills popping up everywhere. As I created the piece I decided to add the bees. I know there isn’t a direct correlation between creating more wind energy and the bee population but all these different environmental concerns do eventually relate. The more we focus on using the world’s energy in the most effective way the better the entire environment will fair. Eventually everything is connected.  Artist  Minneapolis, Minnesota Layl McDill Resume 2017-3

Workshops: Layl offers polymer clay classes to beginners and non-artists. Check out for regularly scheduled classes.  Clay Parties and team building at your location or our studio

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