John Capecci challenged us to come up with 6 words- not five- not seven.

Jane:  Art Has Already Changed the World

Kristi: Art Challenges one’s beliefs, experiences , perspective.

Layl: Art sparks awareness leading to action

Barry: Art can create transformative experience together

Kobe: Art reflects emotion and story

Craig: Art breaks down traditional barriers & Communication

Susan: “Soul screamed, art answered, changed myself”

Louisa: “Catalyst for change in turbulent times”

Madelynne: “You’re not well- go make something”

Kate Fisher: “You touch it therefore I know”

Anne: “Eyes of hearts may be enlightened”

Jill Waterhouse: “Art inspires change, motivates change makers”, “Civilizations will collapse, only art survives”

Elissa: “Art led me to confront racism”

Maris: Meaning-making, tangible, evocative, whole-brain, healing, emotional

Shira: “Art is human being’s mother tongue”

Rebecca: “Ayn Rand threaded words into lynchings”

JR: “Art lifts us beyond now”

Grace: “Art challenges our perspective = Change”

Gail: “Picasso told the world about Guernica

Danielle: Thought, response, action, connection, kinesthetics

Kira: “Changing hearts through art changes worlds”

Barbara: “Art makes people embrace cognitive dissonance” OR “Art makes people think and feel”

Kris: “Inspires, connects, involves, touches, expresses, affects”

Olson: Accessible, subversive, questioning, educating, exposing, permeating”