Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Project

One River’s Trash is the Same River’s Treasure
A Mississippi Watershed Management Organization Stewardship Fund Program grant.  This project led 10 people  selected from the larger MWMO neighborhood population, to meet, collect trash along the Mississippi and participate in an immersive curriculum unit which will be collaboratively developed by Barbara and the participants themselves

Barbara’s artform focuses on re-cycle, re-purpose and create.   All participants collaboratively designed and created this elegant artwork using the debris and other natural objects.

Mississippi River Pearl Details

Read Mill City Times features  MWMO water project and ACW Director, Barbara Bridges.

 See the TikTok Video created by Amáda Márquez Simula

Homewood Studios Opening Night 

All participants will be encouraged to design, lead and implement their own environmental project going forward.

Congrats to the following leaders of the MWMO project:  Barbara Bridges Project Manager. Frances Bates, Amáda Márquez Simula, Greg Volker, Margo Ashmore, Annie Merrell, Neil Granlund, Katherine Boyce, Alexis Schramel, Kelly Frankenberg. Read about the Participants

Scribe / Motivator  Frances
Image Web Posting/Mosaic     Kelly
Art Teacher /Project Manager  Barbara Bridges
Photographer  Margo
MWMO  Kevin Reich
Scientist  Neil
Wellness Experience  Annie
Deconstruction Book   Katherine and Alexis
Hand Made Paper Constructions  Alexis
Wheel Stand Alone Sculpture   Katherine and Alexis?
Carpenter Greg Volker

All participants created this elegant artwork using the found river debris and other hand constructed and found objects. With one of the goals being to educate people about the plastics we find on our waterways, they repurposed objects with a history to create a new narrative. Paper was made by Alexis from the debris collected. The quilted seat was commissioned from ACW quiltmaker, Lucy Schroepfer out of fabric found along the river. John Olson, from River Keepers, helped us forage on the west side of the river in his electric pontoon. The project participants met eight times in September and October.

Open all 21 drawers! Take a memento and research card or two. Sit on the throne, meditate and snap a photo. Post on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok using #ArtToChangeTheWorld and #MississippiRiverPearl. Send us that photo! Leave us your impressions in the survey drawer for a chance to win an ACW t-shirt.

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The Team Skillsets at a Glance

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Many Thanks to John Olson and River Keepers for a boat ride on Trash Pick Up day.

MWMO District. 

Meeting   Notes

Interesting Re-cycle video:  https://youtu.be/6MhPY4UAm7w

Applications Closed  Post info@arttochangetheworld.org for more information.





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