Special Projects for 2021
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Arts District Palette (ADP):  Where Neighbors and Artists Mix  (Funded!)
This ACW project is about developing relationships in our NE Arts District community.  Partnering with NEMAA, The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, The Northeaster, and The Huxley apartments, and Sociable Cider Werks, ACW will develop May Day welcome swag bags stuffed with 20 artists’ works, gifts from local businesses and an invitation to an outside pop-up art event in late June where the new NE residents and artists will mix socially distanced.  Read More:

Coaching Project for a Better World
The purpose of our Coaching Project is to empower the diverse and divergent thinkers and leaders of our collective future. Our ultimate goal is to build an inquiry facility. The nexus of art and science is where the power for change incubates and is how we solve real world problems.  All will be welcome to apply. Read More below and here:

Stand With Artists Project (SWAP) – Down with Transactional. Up with Relational.
Reinventing Gifting. Use the ACW Registry!
Art to Change the World’s latest project is to reinvent gifting through our SWAP (Stand with Artists Project).  The world has changed and we want to show that gifting can be more than just a transaction with an online behemoth retailer.  We have brought together works by many of our member artists in one place where you can get connected to them personally. Give a gift with the soul of an artist. Each artist has pledged to adopt, or cause to be adopted,  a work from their fellow artists. 100% of the sale goes to the artist.  Read more:
You will receive a letter for your taxes.  Call to discuss details with Barbara if you have questions: 612 845 0416.

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Art To Change The World needs your support.  Change is created by people and people need to pay their bills.  The cultural tradition of expecting artists to make and show their art for no compensation sends the message that that the MESSAGE has no value.  With so many examples of art which DID change the world – we know this is not true.  Send your examples of Art Which Changed The World to

Picture: Diego Rivera-National Palace. Mexico City