Your membership and donations will provide compensation for exhibition and workshop participants plus social justice warrior awards at events.  TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!

SPONSOR A TOPIC TEAM:  Do you have a specific social topic you would like to sponsor? The artist/authentic voice teams need about $1,000.00 for both of them to research, travel, buy art and educational supplies/materials. You will become a member of the team. We value your voice.

Support benefits included (all optional) :
Studio visit
Monthly artist news/networking/events emailed
Access to the Art to Change the World forum
Membership in book club
Invitations to celebrations and gatherings
ACW coaster set
ACW Hot Beverage Mug
ACW  Tote  Bag
Invitation to an authentic Maine Seafood Chowder dinner created by native Mainer Barbara Bridges  OR   An artwork created by Barbara Bridges: Review possibles:

Membership Benefits

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Post here to indicate the amount and the artist you want to support  You will receive a letter for your taxes.  Call to discuss details: 612 845 0416. 

Current Topics
Craig Harris – Human Senses-CTSD
Barbara Bridges -Recovery  Read More
Anne Kleinhenz   – Heart Listening
Rebecca Ratzlaff  -Labor/Unions
Candy Kuehn  -Dark Energy/Brain Neurology
Jill Waterhouse  -Gender/Sexual Equality
Maris Gilbert  – Water Quality
Barb Kobe – The Healing Doll
Margie Rotondo  -Water Quality
Kira Corser   – Climate Change /Human Rights
Barry Scanlan    Environmental Corporate Abuse
Madelynne Engle  –  Satin of Knowing
Layl McDill    – Device Addiction
Danielle Ricci  –   Ongoing Refuge Crisis
Shira Richter  –  Motherhood: Women, Men and Money
Grace Bianchi   – Body Image
Kate Renee – Seven Deadly Sins-Greed
Felicita Lenee -FE -Compassionate Arts in Action
Wesley May – Identity
Daren Hill – Polarization to communication and unity of communities.
Laura Hill   -Reclaiming our Narratives: Exploring Race & Identity
Nikki McComb   – Art is my Weapon

Art To Change The World needs your support.  Change is created by people and people need to pay their bills.  The cultural tradition of expecting artists to make and show their art for no compensation sends the message that that the MESSAGE has no value.  With so many examples of art which DID change the world – we know this is not true.  Send your examples of Art Which Changed The World to

Picture: Diego Rivera-National Palace. Mexico City