Social Media Initiative

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok. 

These are the Apps that make social media what it is today, as it grows to become more so do the users in the apps.

Social media can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, and it comes with a big learning curve.

But if you are to pay attention to the little things and fundamentals while interacting with those on social media you can grow more than you know.

Each app comes with its own interaction and how its used, by finding the similarities and fundamentals of each app then we can use them to our advantage to grow Art to Change the World.  Scorpio


See Scorpio explain what we can do with social media.

See  Recommendations for Deployment  on Calendar below

SM Task Force Members– Join us!

Scorpio (aka Brian Serrano) Chair  Tic Toc point person
Maria Oostra  Kids SWAP
Barbara Bridges Face Book point person
Johnny Barrett  Twitter point person
Jodi Janz
Lucy Schroepfer
Bianca Dawkins You Tube point person
Layl McDill
Candy Kuehn – Instagram Point Person
Lynnette Black  -Newsletter Coordinator
Maritza Larsen – High School Intern
Pete Glaser- Teacher MNOHS

Meet US

Monday Face Book
Tuesday Twitter
Wednesday Instagram
Thursday TiK Toc
Friday You Tube

FaceBook  Go to:

  1. Send content to Barbara at
  2. Go on to Face Book at least once a week and share, like and comment.   Let’s see what we can do!.
  3. Use hashtags.  See list below.  Suggest additions.

Instagram  Go To
Send Content to Candy :
1. Follow @arttochangetheworld

2.  Like comment and share recent post

3. Message items that they would like to post

tiktok  Go To:
Send content to Scorptio :

1. Download and Create a Tik Tok Account
2. Follow @arttochangetheworld above

3. Like comment and share to 3 people with the first video


Twitter  Go to:
Send  content to Johnny:

  1. Create a Twitter account and follow @arttochangethe12. Check in each week to comment, like and share the pinned post

    3. Check our other tweets or retweets to interact with other artists and artist groups, and suggest questions for the pinned posts here:

You Tube  Go To:
Send Content to  Bianca:


  1. #arttochangetheworld
  2. #socialjustice
  3. #socialchange
  4. #socialcommentary
  5. #community
  6. #gifting
  7. #artists
  8. #acw
  9. #mnart
  10. #createchange
  11. #bethechange
  12. #registry
  13. #standwithartistproject
  14. #swap
  15. #creators
  16. #localart
  17. #mnartist
  18. #support
  19. #artofinstagram
  20. #artwins
  21. #breakbarriers
  22. #financialjustice
  23. #instaart
  24. #artsofinstagram
  25. #artoftheday
  26. #art
  27. #artwork
  28. #artistic
  29. #fineart