NE Minneapolis Community Project

                         Huxley commissions 224 artworks from ACW and NEMAA artists

Arts District Palette is an ACW project focused on developing relationships in our NE Arts District community.  Partnering with NEMAA , The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, The Northeaster, The Huxley residential building,  and a local restaurant, ACW will develop May Day welcome swag bags stuffed with 20 artists’ works, gifts from local businesses and an invitation to an outside pop-up art event in August where the new NE residents and artists will mix socially distanced.

Call for Artists’ Application

$200 Stipend Available for a ADP Project Intern.

Art To Change The World
The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District
The Huxley   -TE Miller Development 112 Units  
Restaurant for Pop Up Palette Party in August.

ACW/Northeaster/NEMAA/The Huxley will create a re-cycle Welcome May Day Tote Bag. Two sided with logos.

* 20 artists create 12 works each. (for 120 swag bags) Compensation will be $30.00 (or $40.00-seeking more funding) per object. This is a promotional opportunity for the artists.
* All local business, restaurants, organizations, churches etc will be invited to include promotional opportunities. Gift certificates and products etc.  More than just a business card.  Offer ACW/NEMAA discounted Lessons and Studio Visits for residential residents. Invitation to August pop up art event and mixer including free drink.

Target Delivery Date for gift Swag Bags is May 1.   May Day “basket” One artist’s work will be selected to appear on one side of the swag bag.

Target Event Date: August – Outside Pop Up Palette Party /Meet and Greet Socially Distanced Gathering  Meet your neighbors and the NE Artists. Food, Libations, Door Prizes, ADP artists pop-up show.

Become a Member. Donate!

Benefits for Partners:
Good will for supporting relationship building for new residents in NE Minneapolis
Positive PR for supporting the artists in NE Minneapolis -over 1000 with NEMAA and 400 with ACW.
The Huxley receives May Day bags
Radio Ads and mentions on radio programming promoting the project
Social media promotion on Instagram, Face Book and Website
Articles in the ACW monthly Newsletter – 400 members
Articles in the Northeaster on the NE Arts District Arts Insight Page
Pursuing local  television and Trib and Pioneer news coverage.
Logos on Tote bag
Inclusion on Project Cards and Posters
Calendar listings in the Northeaster
Listings in the NEMAA Newsletter
Inclusion on Posters

ACW believes in compensating artists.  We will commission artists to make objects but also to gather the other objects for the Welcome Swag Bags.  The artists need work.
ACW contributes ADP project creation and management and $500.00 towards artist stipends.
Northeaster contributes funding for the Swag Bag $600.00

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District contributes article in Northeaster 50,000 readers
NEMAA contributes $500.00
Huxley contributes $8400.00
Restaurant contributes

Manage project, pay object canvassers, create swag bags and promotion.
Huxley contributed $3,600.00

Swag Bags 120 @ $11.00  $  $1320  (approx.)  Color Printing both sides
$500 Donation to the Artists’ price per object earns you a logo on the swag bag.
Northeaster contributes  $600.00
ACW contributes $500

Artists’ art purchase for 120 Swag Bags Currently @ 30.00 per bag (for 2 art objects). Need $2,200.00 to add each $10.00 per object for the artists.   We hope to  raise that price to $50.00 per work.

NEMAA contributes $500.00
ACW contributes $500.00
Huxley contributed $4,800

Artist price per object initiative.  Goal $50.00 per art work. We currently have $30.00 per work supported.

Each $10.00 raise per art object.  12 objects X $10 X 20 artists =2400.00 Need $4800.00 to meet goal
Donor   North East Minneapolis Arts District  $500 Still need $4300