Age of Age

 “Age of Age”  at Homewood Studios   2400 Plymouth Ave. N,  Minneapolis, MN    July 2022  Opening Night July 8  See Pictures

Closing is July 30 2:30-4:00PM. Door Prizes,  Gourmet Pop Corn, Fermented Beverages and otherwise.

Artist Talks.
Catherine Palmer    Marie A. Sipe    Owen Brown    Layl McDill    Jacqueline Swanson    Becca David

Scorpio    Linda Sharpe    Kelly Frankenberg    Candy Kuehn     Suzanne Simmalavong


No matter your age you probably think about age. Do you feel old one day and then young another? Are you treated differently because of your age or your “perceived age”? Wouldn’t it be interesting to explore the concept of age with someone either 20 years older or 20 years younger through your art form?

Art to Change the World participated in a social justice art exhibit at Homewood Studios on the theme of ageism. This exhibit will include ten teams of 2 artists that have a 20-year age difference. Artist teams will either create one piece together or two pieces that speak to each other on the theme.
Each Participant will be paid $200.00 to participate in the Age of Age Show.

Bronwyn Waid 25 and Rebecca David 54
Madalina Kelner 25 and Layl McDill 51
Cory Favre 39 and Nina Martine Robinson 60
Catherine Palmer 53 and Marie Sipe 72
George Roberts 78 and Nora Poole 29
Emily Wolahan 44 and Owen Brown 67
Candy Kuehn 69 and Suzanne Simmalavong 31
Kelly Frankenberg 41 and Jacqueline Swanson 75
Barbara Bridges 71  and Scorpio 25 (Brian Serrano)
Linda Sharpe 70ish and Rose Jean Sharpe 103

Meet the Artists

See George Roberts Longevity of Influence Award, “Original Influencer”  installed in his garden.

Opening Night Performances  July 8, 2022


Khadijah Cooper


Khadijah grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis as an only child. Working as a Sexuality Educator with young teens, her confidence in public speaking coupled with her quick wit gave her all the fuel she needed to burst on to the comedy scene in February 2018; making her name known.

She set her sights on House of Comedy’s “Funniest Person With a Day Job” contest just months in to doing open mics and became one of the finalists. She also co-produces People of Comedy (POC), a comedy showcase that promotes the integration of all backgrounds of comedy culture.

 Her point of view in her stand up as a mother, a Sexuality Educator, and someone that has the confidence and comfort in her skin makes her irresistible to laugh with and relate to.

social media: KcooperComedy on Instagram, twitter and facebook.

Podcast information: Emotional Anatomy.  Listen here: Follow us here:




Karen Williams


As the first openly lesbian Black comic in the United States to include specifically lesbian material in her act, Karen Williams changed the game for a number of communities. Since then, she’s had a prolific career in comedy. She’s released “I Need A Snack,” a one-hour comedy special that regularly aired on Logo TV; is featured in “Laughing Matters,” an award-winning film about four lesbian comic pioneers (Karen Williams, Kate Clinton, Marga Gomez, and Suzanne Westenhoeffer); and “We’re Funny That Way,” an internationally-acclaimed film that put Williams on the world comedy scene. Known for her quick repartee, insightful commentary, and audience rapport, it all comes naturally to Williams thanks to her passion for comedy and for being unabashedly herself. In addition to her stand-up, the comedian —who created her own major in “Humor and Healing” — is also the founder and CEO of the International Institute of Humor and Healing Arts (HaHA), which offers live and virtual educational programs, workshops, and seminars on the healing powers of humor. She put the humor and healing to good use this past year, performing a series of solo shows like “Karen Williams Alive” and “Heart Healing: From Pookie to Pandemic;” she also hosted comedy panels, brunches, and student shows, sponsored by the HaHA Institute and other organizations like NOBLA, the National Organization of Black Lesbians on Aging. “The most rewarding aspect of my work is sharing the healing power of humor with the world to relieve suffering and to bring out individual and collective happiness and enlightenment.”




  • Takeaways from participating in this exhibit have been putting me in touch with some of my fears on aging and finding expression for them through my art. By partnering with a younger artist I formed a bond with that person, realizing we are more alike than we are different.With gratitude.   Jackie
  • Life is made up of moments. And when you have connection and are creating together, age becomes invisible and irrelevant, as it should. And with age no longer apparent, ageism, in that moment, does not exist  Kelly
  • The high point of working on the age of age project was exploring a new medium while collaborating with a dear friend. I have started exploring some new ideas that surfaced while we were creating this piece.  Nina
  • It has been wonderful to continue a conversation with Owen that we’ve been having for years. As artists of different ages and mediums, I learn so much from him and I reflect on my other artistic relationships. The high point for me was my dialogue with my collaborator. Emily
  • Marie really enjoyed learning how one puts a composition together in regards to her portrait. She also enjoyed learning painting techniques from a teaching artist.
  • I really enjoyed working with Marie and exploring our how our past intertwined as we weaved through time. I loved getting together eating snacks and visiting.  Katie
  •  I bought this online class. Rewilding- Sabrina Lynn. ‘The Reunion  Experience’ ( Divine Feminine/Masculine)……………………. We realized. It’s our class, for Age of Age !!! Suddenly it was Fun, doable, much richer, deeper and TOGETHER… She got us Journaling…I needed, us ..she gave me Drawings, trading who was older and younger, younger and older…… Our last class, our families needed us (was to get words and digital togethered) We Zoomed, texted, phoned. I pushed her drawings. She pulled more out of me for the Digital…..We trusted each other, more than we knew. Joyously this week , skin next to skin and computer we finish the movie, with her oratory/ her writing.. Our eyes and ears will cross into one vision- curation.  Candy
  • I really enjoyed being able to collaborate on an artwork with a good friend of mine, it was the first time I’ve done such a piece. I also enjoyed combining two mediums that I have worked in extensively, only separately. I have been incorporating embroidery and felt into my work over the last 2 years, and I have been off and on working in encaustics since I was in college. It was fun to figure out how to put them in one piece of art. Cory
  • I look forward to painting twice a week with Linda. I love it! Painting is fun and makes me feel peaceful and calm, unlike anything else. To be included in my first art show at 103 yeas old is totally unexpected and exciting. Rose Jean Sharpe:
  • I am delighted by the awakening of my mother’s intuitive creative spirit and her newly found joy and love for painting. Our time together, painting and planning for the Age of Age show, has made us emotionally and creatively closer and more appreciative of each other. Linda Sharpe:
  • This exhibit made me look at my childhood in a different light. I found it refreshing to revisit techniques I did as a child and explore new techniques I’ve always wanted to try. Working with Madalina (age 25) was inspirational and energizing. This exhibit was an experience like none other that I have shown my work in over my 30 year career as an artist.  Layl

  • There were so many interesting revelations on the topic of age and reality. I jumped under the desk to escape the Russian nukes, Scorpio jumped under the desk to escape the domestic terrorists. My first apartment costs $67.00 a month heated. Scorpio’s cost $1000 a month.  I prefer to communicate with my mouth, Scorpio with his thumbs. Barbara

Rent: $450
Artists $4,000
Project Manager $500
Promo: $200
Comedians $1,000

Barbara $500 and $200
Layl $500
Kelly  $2,000 and $200
Katie $200
George $200
Nina $200
Linda $50

Requirements to be in the Age of Age Show

Must have a current membership through the end of the exhibition (July 31, 2022):

To find out if you are a paid up member of ACW-post :  natalie mcguire

All participants must have supported ACW through time, treasure or talent within the last 6 months OR by the end of April 2022.  Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities: Contact Layl with questions  Layl McDill <>

The first twelve applications that meet the above requirements will be accepted into the show.  You can suggest a partner to work with you or ACW will seek a partner for you.

All media invited to apply: visual, music, performance, poetry, spoken word. We will have several chances for events during the month in outdoor and indoor spaces. Teams are also encouraged to create a community engagement event to coincide with the exhibition event.


Submission Deadline February 28th

Set up: July 1st Plan to help install.

Receptions to be determined

Tear down July 31st  Plan to help de-install.

Submit here: