ACW World Headquarters -699 Lowry Ave NE

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ACW’s Home at Flux Arts Building  at 699 Lowry Ave NE.

ACW has outgrown our ability to operate  while working out of our homes and studios. We have rented a space from Flux Arts – Josh Blanc, Layl McDill, Potek Glass.  The ACW Board of Directors gave unanimous approval.

We start art lessons at Emma Norton in September. We are about to sign a contract with CommonBond Communities for another big social justice art buy.  Our art supplies are spread all over town.  We do not even know what we have and more people are eager to donate supplies.

Professional Space:
We need a professional space to meet partners and hold The Project Management Training , Chowdah Feed, ACW Member Meetings, Events and Classes etc.

ACW Member Counseling Program/ACW Office/ Studio Space: Kelly Frankenberg, Barbara and our Psychotherapist, Sandra Reardon are tenants of the space.  ACW pays $800. However,  We have a donor who is willing to contribute the entire ACW rent for a year to help ACW move to this next step.  I am thrilled to announce that ACW member – Mike Vennewitz – is that donor.  Please take a moment to send a few sentence statement to me so I can create a special thank you gift for him.   Barbara $650, Sandra Reardon  $100, Kelly Frankenberg $350

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Thank Yous To Mike Vennewitz

Schedule for ACW World Headquarters at 699 Lowry Ave NE

Donations to  699.  Thank You!!