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Connecting those with modern ideas and new talents to those with experience and years of knowledge. This group gathers Art to Change the World’s interns, young adults, and some of the leaders in the organization. This unique collaboration of people allows us to generate a variety of creative projects. We strive to find new ways of bringing people together while sharing beautiful and thought-provoking art.


Bronwyn Simmons: ““I’ve had such a beautiful time being part of ACW. They supported me through my intern project like crazy and gave me all the tools I needed to make a great program. It’s truly a wonderful and caring group that wanted nothing more than for me to be successful. Being an intern was an honor and I learned so much, definitely recommend!”

Frances Bates: “My dream growing up was to be an inventor who made the world a better place. Art to Change the World (ACW) has been a big part of making that dream a reality. When I joined as an intern in July 2022, I quickly realized I’d found a space I could belong to. I’ve made many wonderful friends and expanded my knowledge of the arts, social justice projects, and working in leadership. People appreciate my hard work and I’m actually making a difference.

The best part is there is something for everyone and no matter what the activity is it’s always welcoming, fun, and educational. As someone who has a unique story, I’ve never felt more at home in a creative space than with ACW. Barbara’s original concept in 2017 of a supportive organization definitely continues to this day.”

Application Link Here:

The Mission: Art to Change the World (ACW) is a diverse non-profit coalition of change makers employing the arts in service of positive social change. We are a 501(c)3 organization.

We seek a qualified candidate for a 12-month appointment as an ACW Intern. Intern duties include designing and implementing a social justice project, assisting the director, paid special projects, attending events and participating in monthly Task Force meetings. Interns earn stipends for tasks completed. Skills learned:  Organization, Time management, Artistic Development, Networking, Leadership Skills, Art Marketing, Non-Profit Management, Fundraising, Grant Writing,

Application due June 15, 2024.  Appointment starts August 1, 2024

Read about past Interns and their projects:

Send letter of Intent and Resume to Kelly Frankenberg  by June 15, 2024:

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Photo shows Maker’s Space project participants.  



Interns 2023/2024  Intern Program

ACW Intern Assignment: Assistant to Director
KaoLee Vang
(pronounced “kow-lee”) I am a Graduate student at the University of Minnesota, located in Minneapolis, where I am currently pursuing a degree in Arts and Cultural Leadership. I split my time between Colorado and the Twin Cities. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in studio art with a focus on printmaking. Throughout my career, I have gained experience in print design and various roles within the printing industry. However, in recent years, I have shifted my focus towards museum work and collecting oral histories. As part of my graduate degree, I am currently developing my capstone project.

While I’m not working, studying, or running my own little business making polymer clay earrings I spend time outside, listening to music, and traveling.

You can find my work and projects at as well as my ongoing project Threads of Heritage at

Instagram –

 ACW Intern Assignment: Restructure SWAP

Madeline (Lin) Boemer – They/Them

Madeline Boemer, known as Lin to most, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. They keep themselves busy on campus being part of both science-based organizations and the Dungeons and Dragons Club. In their free time, they are an acrylic painter, both on canvas and digitally.


Within their art, they explore their love of animals and often overlooked expressive nature. Animals create a feeling of silliness that helps to distract them from their rigorous university schoolwork, allowing for a sense of momentary escape. Lin’s Tabby cat, Charles, has been a big inspiration for the frequent cat-themed art they create. In their other works, you can see their background in DnD and all things fantastical in nature.

Scientist, Artist – Minneapolis, MN

Social Media/Contact Links:    Email:   

Etsy Shop:


ACW Intern Assignment :  Climate Affinity Group

Phoebe Eisenbeis (she/her) is a writer, interdisciplinary artist, and farmer from Minnesota. Her work on small farms nationally and internationally informs her poetic and artistic process.

Creative and artistic mediums include analogue and pinhole photography, cyanotype printing, knitting, sewing, collaging, watercolor painting, as well as writing creative nonfiction and poetry. She is particularly interested in exploring the boundaries and interactions between ourselves and our environments, and the many shapes the human body takes from different perspectives and within different landscapes.

She holds a B.A. from Lawrence University in English and Environmental Studies.

Read More:

ACW Intern Assignment  – Club Critique

Bronwyn Simmons is a local non-binary photographer and textile artist. Already with one degree in Cinema, they are back in school for fashion and apparel design to become a costume designer for film and television. Their recent works reflect on self-expression through the lens of queerness and gender as a means of self-exploration and finding community!





Interns 2022/2023


Briauna Williams  Minneapolis Native.

A graphic design graduate that has been drawing since the age of five.  Always having the dream of wanting to change the world with her work. Briauna, colloquially called Brii Noir she is an all round creative most of her work she’s wearing the hats of an acrylic artist, muralist, henna artist, teaching artist and community engagement artist. She draws inspiration from her family, social Justice and nature.  Using paint to tell stories, Ones of empowerment, and resilience.  Briauna began painting as an outlet in 2017 she found it very therapeutic and it soon began to open many doors for her and her work. Soon blossoming into a platform to share her tools of healing with community through her many self curated events. Briauna Is now hosting events and painting murals throughout the Dfw area as well as Minnesota.

Her Words of Inspiration; “Never lose touch of the little person deep within”

#ArtIsLife #Briinoir





See Briauna’s Intern Project:  Heal and Chill 


ACW provided me an opportunity to host an art event that I am passionate about. It created a platform for others while hosting an amazing community event. I recommend the organization to artists wanting to expand and grow skills in a variety of areas. I had a number of people to constantly bounce ideas off of and help along the way. I had total autonomy over my project, I felt supported and I plan to continue my work with ACW.


Alkemy Frost (Ne, nir, nem) is a disabled, queer, Jewish artist who particularly loves the surreal. Working in a variety of mediums both visual and literary, ne attempts to express in their own experience as well as support others in our often overwhelming world.

Ne will help the ACW community through typing up written notes and in other online formats, due to physical limitations.

Alkemy also has a small Youtube channel and is in the process of building an online art shop.


MultiMedia Artist, Cottage Grove, MN


I joined ACW (Art to Change the World) last summer. How many other places would take a chance on someone who only works from home, has disabilities that still get in the way even then, prefers not to speak, uses unusual pronouns, is without a college education, and at 29 has almost no experience? Because Director Barbara decided to give me that chance; I got to connect, meet my best friend, and occasionally make some income. At the time, and with the changes still pending, I was only getting a little over a hundred dollars a month to live on. The money I got from ACW made it possible to hold on a little longer. Worries about how I was gonna feed my cat, a prescribed emotional support animal, were predominant. With ACW I had the option to, as I was able, make some money so I could say that we might still manage.

It’s a shame that nonprofits set to promote social justice and encourage a better world must rely on money but that’s where we are. This project allows many others as well as myself to have a voice, keep going, and be a part of the world. It means a lot and I see others’ passions for it, such as Barbara’s tireless work and Frances’ endless enthusiasm.

Art to Change the world makes a difference in many people’s lives, I’ve heard its impact is even spanning generations. In some ways, Barbara jokes that things have gotten a little too successful. Though sometimes we still have to walk the tightrope of what would be ideal to give to the world and what is financially feasible.

The Creative Support Grant from MAB is a large part of what makes ACW possible. Removing that could snuff out, or at least seriously dampen, a wonderful light in Minnesota. Leaving many feeling lost. This grant is doing great things through Art to Change the World. With everything going on in the world, I hope we can continue to fight for the changes that are needed to give us a better future.

See Alkemy’s Intern Project: Process to Paint

See Alkemy’s Intern Project:  Paint to Process


Frances Bates (She/her) is a jack of all trades with experience in art, design, and engineering. Growing up her dream was to become an inventor who made the world a better place. At a young age, creating found object art and homemade gifts was where it all started. She explored her interest in engineering by participating in as many summer camps and classes related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) as she could.

This enthusiasm for both art and engineering led her to get a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. This gave her the best of both worlds as industrial design is considered the art side of engineering. While at Stout she expanded her knowledge of a variety of art forms including graphic design, sculpture, jewelry, sewing, photography, and woodworking.

Currently, Frances is a freelance artist/designer doing a bit of everything depending on what comes her way. Her art often reflects just how much she cares about helping others. She has a particular passion for issues of diversity, the world of dancing, and camping gadgetry. As a lesbian with autism, she understands how important it is to empower your community.

Her advice: “Be like Dory and Just Keep Swimming”

Artist, Designer, Dancer – Minneapolis, Minnesota

My dream growing up was to be an inventor who made the world a better place. Art to Change the World (ACW) has been a big part of making that dream a reality. When I joined as an intern in July 2022, I quickly realized I’d found a space I could belong to. I’ve made many wonderful friends and expanded my knowledge of the arts, social justice projects, and working in leadership. People appreciate my hard work and I’m actually making a difference.

The best part is there is something for everyone and no matter what the activity is it’s always welcoming, fun, and educational. As someone who has a unique story, I’ve never felt more at home in a creative space than with ACW. Barbara’s original concept in 2017 of a supportive organization definitely continues to this day.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to putting on all the amazing events. Funding is a big part of that and if you want to be part of our “world-changing” story please donate to Art to Change the World.

See Frances’ Intern Project: The History of Drag

Rose Cooper

Earned her Associate of Fine Arts Degree from Inverhills Community College and Is currently pursuing her BA in Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota. Her primary medium is painting; through her work, she loves to explore the relationship between light and darkness, metaphorically and literally.  By doing self-portraits Rose found a way to process her life and the world around her, while simultaneously expressing her emotions in a way that her words can’t.

“One of the most common themes I express in my work is: no matter how dark things may seem there is always a light at the end of the tunnel,”

Her work can be seen in person at the Red Wing Artisan Collective.

Her website: not only displays her work, but also the work of other fine artists she collaborates with from the twin cities.

See Rose’s Intern Project:  Life on the Spectrum

Painter, storyteller


I joined ACW one year ago as an intern. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about so many different aspects of the art world and meet so many amazing people from the industry. I had the opportunity to learn hands on about curating and gallery practices, while also starting conversations on important topics. I was able to curate my first show with 9 artists at The Grand Hand Gallery, in St. Paul, called Life on the Spectrum. An exhibition that focused on the topic of Autism. I was recently interviewed by WCCO about the exhibition.  Click here to Listen

Moving forward, I’ll still be working with ACW as the Facebook Coordinator. In addition to pursuing a career as an art curator and painter. I’m also currently looking into fellowship opportunities to start in the fall. As an artist, I want to keep growing and developing my creative practice. ACW has given me the feedback, connections, and opportunities needed to guide me in that journey.

ACW really has something for everyone.


Collin Nelson is a queer artist and crafter perpetually wandering between Wisconsin and Montana.

Primarily a digital artist, they also paint, craft,  and code. Always experimenting and trying new things.

Collin has been featured in print and online publications, merchandise, and games.

Their work explores the intersections of queerness, mental health, disability, technology, and environmentalism.

They are passionate about practical self-sustainability and lifelong learning.

You can find them at:
See Collin’s ‘s Intern Project:  Heal and Chill 

Elsie Gray
Earned her BA in Studio Arts and Graphic Design from Hamline University  ‘21.  Her Sculpture and art practice explores what not only does an eating disorder  look like, but drawing attention to eating disorders and exemplifying how these disorders emaciate the body and mind.

By using her own experiences with an eating disorder, she creates pieces that  will resonate with survivors, while helping to educate the public.  “My work is informed by the debilitating effects that eating disorders have on  the body and mind. Through my own lived experience, and trauma, I create  unnerving images of eerie and horrific distortions of the body. My work draws attention to eating disorders and how these disorders emaciated the body and mind. Using materials such as steel wire, wood and melted trash bags to  illustrate the internal/physicalities of body  dysmorphia. Bombarded by the  visual culture of papery thin models and actresses, society has equated  thinness with success. In my work I tackle ideas of female beauty standards and the fatal quest of thinness that can impact anyone. I create confrontational pieces forcing the viewer to interact and watch as work withers away in front of them.” She has previously worked for MPLSART.COM in Minneapolis. Elsie’s work has been exhibited at The Old Courthouse Chicago IL, MIA, Hamline University.

Her future work will be centered towards and focused on the continuation of  harmfulness that society brings upon individuals ie: women, pertaining to the  body, negative imagery, and unrealistic beauty standards for all. She will continue collectively addressing these beauty standards by creating pieces incorporating familiar materials in her subject matter.

When Elsie is not advocating for the importance of individuals mental health, she is currently employed at the Wealshire of Bloomington helping care for individuals battling with Alziehmers and Dementia.

Whether it’s working with patients one-one one or creating Art pieces that showcase the importance of mental health to survivors. One of Elsie’s big goals is in helping people who may not be able to self advocate.

Her website: not only displaying her work  advocating for mental health awareness.

Her site also includes Elsie’s Graphic Design, and Painting work, that further exemplifies her range in working with a variety of mediums, showing  abstractionism and modernism through her pieces

Painter, Sculpture, Graphic Designer, Mental Health Advocate

Summer /Fall 2021 Interns

Rebecca Froehlich is a working artist and communication professional. She graduated with a BFA in Painting from University of South Dakota in 2017 and experienced training as an Artist in Healthcare at Sanford Arts Vermillion, Sanford USD Medical Center, and the University of Florida’s Shands Summer Arts in Health Institute. While working with people with dementia at Sanford Arts Vermillion, she completed content analysis-based evaluation of the program, The Impact of Arts Engagement on BPSD (Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia). She has experienced leading community-based art projects in rural and urban settings. She will graduate with a Master’s In Education from Augsburg University in Spring 2022. Rebecca is available to hire for copy writing, grant writing support, and commissions for crochet, wildlife photography work, and murals. Find her on Instagram at @rebfroehlich and learn more:

Intern, Artist, Minneapolis


“Working with Art to Change the World has been a fantastic way to make connections with artists throughout the area who share my values. Everyone involved has the vision to make a difference through their artistic practice. 

Art to Change the World is also unique for its compensation model. There are many nonprofit organizations which host internships, but few which pay their interns well and allow them to truly make projects their own. Art To Change the World practices their values by giving interns the opportunity to set their own level of involvement and negotiate their compensation- an underutilized and undervalued skill for artists to build!” 

Aristóteles Carbajal (Ari) loves art— he prefers painting, Though young and often tired, when inspiration moves their spirit,Ari attacks the canvas. He challenges the viewer to look deep into his art. Where a lot of good things happen! A lot of these “good things” were inspired by Ari’s sister who told Ari they sucked at drawing. This early criticism went on to fuel Ari’s choices in subject matter, medium and composition. Ari challenges any and all canvases. Look deep within their world, there is so much to see.

Social media: Instagram @mossy_raccoon  Artfol  @mossy_possum TikTok @mossy_raccoon


Artist/ Intern     Stillwater, Minnesota 


Beatrice Crow is an educator and an emerging artist and designer in Minneapolis, MN. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Beatrice grew up painting, drawing, and spending lots of time outside on her family’s farm. She earned a degree in art history and studio arts from Carleton College in the spring of 2020, and during her time there fostered an interest in graphic design for social media, watercolor and gouache painting, printmaking, and arts education (culminating in summer internships at the Guggenheim Museum and the Children’s Museum of Arts). Beatrice now is a teaching assistant at a therapeutic preschool in St. Paul and sustains a painting practice from her studio. Her work focuses on the vibrant colors of sunrise and sunset. In her freetime, Beatrice can be found learning a new craft, watering one of her many plants, or trying out one of the many Twin Cities breweries.

Natalia Granquist is an artist/art historian who is deeply interested in providing platforms to stories that have been silenced or suppressed. She loves to do research, especially through a decolonial lens, and even more so if it is about a woman of color. Recently, she graduated Cum Laude from St. Olaf College with distinctions in art history and studio art. Her thesis in art history focused on amplifying the stories of Teha’amana and Ni Pollok who were exploited by south sea Orientalists. Through her artwork and writing, she strives to uncover lesser-known stories and to relay her own gaze as a Balinese woman navigating the historically white male-dominated world of art history. With experiences in building websites for Columbia University and St. Olaf College, Natalia enjoys digital curating and seeking methods of furthering digital interactivity. In her free time, she likes to paint wearable art on denim jackets.


View her previous work here:

Personal pages:


I’d like to thank you for all your guidance through these past five months! I really appreciate everything that you taught me and the freedom that I had to design my own projects. I wish the best for Art to Change the World and I can’t wait to see any new projects that emerge in the future!


2019 Intern

Bianca Dawkins is currently the service experience manager for Nordstrom She has outstanding leadership skills and has successfully implemented innovative ways to make change in the nonprofit and for-profit sector! She was the first youth representative for the City of Minneapolis Youth Violence Prevention Executive Committee for over 4 years, appointed by former Mayor R.T Rybak. Bianca has been a Youthprise Change Fellow and a grants manager for Greater Twin Cities United Way, helping fund over 5 million in grants out into the community. Bianca is determined to share her story as a survivor of violence, homelessness and health disparities to inspire youth! Bianca is also in the process of starting her brand management agency, LAV8!  You will be hearing from her with ACW engagement invitations!
Bianca recently accepted an appointment at the Minneapolis Foundation!
Social Justice Activist   Minneapolis, Minnesota



Bianca ( African American at the Minneapolis Foundation)  ACW includes all voices with a racial equity lens in our decision making model by taking the step to reach out to our POC artists for their input. We value the inclusivity and understand that great things happen when communities from all different backgrounds come together with a holistic approach.

2020/2021 Interns

Devin Larkins is an Independent, hardworking individual with experience in a wide range of photography categories.  Devin specializes in portrait, fashion, and aerial photography. His work appears in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. When DSLR isn’t hanging around his neck, he is usually out flying his DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone. A significant amount of his ariel work is sold on his website. He enjoys working both independently, on a team, and in leadership positions.

Through photography he has learned and specialized in multiple software editing tools, such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Procreate.   Read More!
Contact Devin  952-228-6169

Photographer  / Minneapolis, Minnesota


Johnny Barrett
 is an emerging artist, specializing in graphic design and
illustration. He has a background in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator,  InDesign and CorelDraw, as well as traditional art techniques like  painting, printmaking, sketching and sculpting. His work covers a wide range of styles and mediums, usually depicted in bright colors and energetic imagery. He has worked with many local Minnesota artists and was   a primary editor for the Hamline University Fulcrum Journal during his time there. Aside from art, Johnny is also an avid film enthusiast and a lover  of media in general.

Artist  Minneapolis



Visual art. Using multiple skills for visual design such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, painting, and sculpting. while using his work to visually attract his audience the experience is more about the story telling, creating a portal to a world that may or may not exist. Working all across the country such as Florida, California, Colorado, Minnesota, and even international in Spain.

Diving into the art world to experience the thrills of human creativity is life changing I invite you to try it    Website:     

Artist  Minneapolis



Abby Ross  is an organizer, activist, and most proudly, a creative.
Born and raised in so-called Wisconsin, Abby has always loved the outdoors, craft supplies, music, and bantering with her brothers.
Abby holds a degree in Political Science from the University of WIsconsin – Madison where she first started organizing within the youth climate justice movement, specifically around pipeline  resistance.
Over the course of her organizing career Abby has sought to bring her passion for art activism  to the forefront of her movement work. In 2018 she led a first of its kind Tar Sands Storytelling  Project for which she received the Sierra Club Joseph Barbosa Award. She has since been  invited to speak at events such as the National Women’s Caucus for Art National Conference
and the University of Wisconsin Gender and Women’s Studies Consortium Conference. Most  recently, Abby has supported young people across the country at the frontline of the climate  crisis to elevate their voices through storytelling and the arts.  Abby currently sits on the Executive, and Equity Committee for the Wisconsin Chapter of the  Sierra Club and continues to lead collaborative, art and storytelling projects on climate justice
issues. She also finds time to get outdoors, indulge her love of reportage illustration, and
sample new pastries.

Appointed as Project Manager for Coaching Project for a Better World      Madison . WI  Activist, Intern


Testimonies from the 2021 Winter Interns.

Scorpio: “As I was becoming an intern with ACW I didn’t know what to expect, but I did know I wanted to be a part of the culture that was Art to Change the World. Immediately as we started I felt welcomed and taken care of, everyone was, and is, ready to help one another strive to reach their goals. I was given the resources I needed to find work that was in the community as an artist, collaborate with different styles and concepts, and opportunities that I feel were more accessible because I had ACW to help. The ACW team was able to find me a new computer to use for projects, they introduced me to people I needed to build community and work, and gave me the info I needed to thrive.

There was a lot of hard work that we needed to get through but being able to look around and see a team at work to achieve the goal was really amazing. It shows that if we all work together and give encouragement and support we can really move mountains. Being with ACW is a great experience and helped me grow as a human.”


Abby:  ACW is about real-world exposure – and benefits. I was able to have a seat at the decision-making table, make meaningful connections in the Minneapolis art scene, and was provided with copious opportunities to further my personal art career. I also grew important industry skills like grant writing, project management, and community outreach. This is definitely not a ‘pulling staples’ kind of internship! Thank you ACW!

Devin: I became a member/intern of ACW because I was a young artist looking for support, community and opportunity, ACW gave me that and more.

I felt welcomed, accepted and valued from day one. ACW helped me secure for first big photoshoot by allowing me to take professional photos of members throughout the organization. I was also able to participate in one of the biggest art fairs in the country, Art-a-Whirl, which brought me so many clients and opportunities. And lastly, through being an intern at ACW, I was able to find a studio space for my photography. Being an Intern at ACW has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I would encourage anyone who is looking for community, acceptance, and opportunity to be a part of this organization.

Johnny:  “My time working with the Art To Change The World intern program was important to my development as an artist by giving me new challenges working with a design team: coordinating, preparing and workshopping ideas in a more collaborative way than my own solo work. I also got some great exposure to the background and working lives of other artists, and got to expand my network with new, intriguing people. I’d highly recommend ACW not just as a collective for fellow artists, but as a way for artists just starting out to get the experience they need with the modern art world.”