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Connecting those with modern ideas and new talents to those with experience and years of knowledge. This group gathers Art to Change the World’s interns, young adults, and some of the leaders in the organization. This unique collaboration of people allows us to generate a variety of creative projects. We strive to find new ways of bringing people together while sharing beautiful and thought-provoking art.

Interested in pushing the dialogue forward?  All invited to join this unique ACW group.  Post: GRG logo created by Frances Bates 

Frances Bates: “My dream growing up was to be an inventor who made the world a better place. Art to Change the World (ACW) has been a big part of making that dream a reality. When I joined as an intern in July 2022, I quickly realized I’d found a space I could belong to. I’ve made many wonderful friends and expanded my knowledge of the arts, social justice projects, and working in leadership. People appreciate my hard work and I’m actually making a difference.

The best part is there is something for everyone and no matter what the activity is it’s always welcoming, fun, and educational. As someone who has a unique story, I’ve never felt more at home in a creative space than with ACW. Barbara’s original concept in 2017 of a supportive organization definitely continues to this day.”

The applicant should be willing and able to attend events in the Twin Cities, but the job can be performed about 75% remote.

Intern Application Here

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Fall/Spring 2022-2023 Projects



Paint to Process –

TL:DR Virtual meetings via Discord to paint and talk about childhood trauma.

Were you or a loved one the victim of a traumatic childhood experience? You may be entitled to emotional compensation. As someone who’s survived childhood abuse myself, I know how difficult it is to overcome in your life. Seems like happy childhoods are the standard. Who hasn’t heard the often nostalgically sighed comment about wanting to be a kid again? I sure don’t wanna be a kid again but I’m sure you know that many people aren’t comfortable with that conversation.

My project is a little art health day once a week. Participants will receive a FREE  art care package (paid for through your donations). Using these supplies together, we can finally express ourselves and feel seen. Plus, that art we make can help others feel seen too, isn’t that a nice bonus?

Let’s take some time to care for our kid-selves and help raise awareness about the issues we’ve faced. We can’t make a better world until we face the world we’re in with kindness and understanding to those who need it.


Briauna Williams

Art and Chill-

Are you feeling sad, unmotivated, secluded, or uninspired in your everyday life? Possibly from stress, anxiety, or grief.  Come celebrate life in a safe space that promotes healing using art, music, and more!

A Sunday of Art making. To Heal & Chill. Under one roof – multiple artists sharing their gifts in multiple small workshops, all participants leaving with handmade art. Live music, spoken word, and vendors who promote wellness for the mind, body, and soul. Let us all come together and heal one another with the power of art!


Collin Nelson  


Flora and Fauna Gallery- Learn more about the food that grows around us and how you can use edible native plants in your landscaping, garden, or kitchen.  A gallery exhibition with art featuring local flora and fauna, alongside a demonstration on identifying, planting, or preparing local foods. To encourage the creation and transformation of green spaces and food independence in cities and suburbs, while supporting local pollinators and wildlife.


A selection of free seed packets with care instructions will also be available for all attendees, and everyone will have the option to participate in decorating their packets or creating their own artwork to take home.

Rose Cooper

How Has Autism Changed Your World?


Did you know that an estimated 1 in 100 children worldwide is born with autism? To reduce the stigma of neurodivergent individuals, we must work together to educate ourselves and one another on the condition. As someone who has two siblings with special needs, I’ve seen firsthand the heartbreaking discrimination and mistreatment that they have faced in their lives.

Artists who participate in this gallery exhibition are tasked with creating a piece of any medium they choose as long as it addresses the given prompt: How has autism changed your world? Both neurodivergent and neurotypical artists are encouraged to apply and draw on their personal experiences with autism.


The purpose of this gallery exhibition is to bring everyone together, whether they are neurotypical or neurodivergent so that we can not only appreciate our differences but also learn and grow together from them.


Frances Bates

The Art of Drag


Want to enjoy a fun night of music, performance, and a little bit of comedy? Attend a drag show. Drag shows are about entertaining you of course, but this show will have a twist to it. We also want to teach you about how deep social justice runs in the history of the art of drag. From outfits to dance moves to makeup, they all have a story to tell. Inclusivity is a top priority so you will get to see a diverse group of drag performers. In addition, our show will also be wheelchair accessible and have interpreters available for those who require it. We will also be selling custom-made stickers and pins at the show to raise money for Art to Change the World. Come ready to learn, dance, and have a good time!

Apollo is a freelance digital marketer who was raised in Minnesota. Apollo went to the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and graduated in Spring 2021 with a B.S.B. in Marketing, minoring in Business Analytics and International Business.

After having worked for a Minneapolis-based digital marketing firm where he worked with enterprise-scale e-commerce clients, he realized that he instead wanted to work with artists and musicians to help spread their stories and visions throughout the world. To that end, he established his own full-service artist promotion agency: Manifest Abstract. Through Manifest Abstract, Apollo works closely with artists to affordably service them with booking/outreach, digital media management, and photography/videography.

You can learn more about Apollo’s work through the following links:

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