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Common Bond Communities Buys Over $6,000 of ACW Art

ACW’s original Maker’s Space project is growing! Introducing a new potential partnership with CommonBond Communities. Since the early 1970s, CommonBond Communities has provided homes and supportive services for those most in need. They create equitable housing that’s affordable for all. CommonBond’s mission is to build stable homes, strong futures, and vibrant communities. They have purchased over $6,000 of social justice related art from our ACW artists to hang in their building space for their residents and visitors to enjoy!

ACW Artists Selected by Common Bond:  Owen Brown, Lynnette Black, Anne Spooner, Becca David, Natalie McGuire, Anna Karena, Catherine Palmer, Paul Kellett

See what they sold at ACW Art Treasures Gallery link:

NOTE: Common Bond buyer commented, “I really appreciated the artwork statements”. We may be onto something! We are inviting the viewer to share our process.

This is a big next step in the Maker’s Space project for ACW. Our mission is social justice art, getting artists paid and building community. This partnership does all 3!   We plan to make this an online store a place where anyone can purchase social justice art from our artists. Stay tuned!

Read more about CommonBond here:
Thanks to Lalita Prachanty for creating the Treasures Gallery logo.

Picture: Orange Infusion.  Lynnette Black