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Art to Change the World (ACW) is a diverse non-profit coalition of change makers employing the arts in service of positive social change.   We are a 501(c)3 organization overseen by a ten person board of directors.

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A multi-media sculptor, Judy Onofrio has been creating art for over five decades.  Over the course of her career, she has worked in various mediums including jewelry, ceramic sculpture, large-scale installations, fire performances, and currently bone sculpture.

Judy Onofrio has always been in love with the stuff of the world. In the first three decades of her fifty-year career, she worked with clay, then built, painted, and often set on fire enormous sculptural constructions. For the past twenty years, she has told optimistic stories about strong women, lush gardens, and circus through her elaborately embellished figurative sculptures. 1996 –2008

In 2008, when Onofrio was confronted by a serious illness, everything changed and she turned to her studio practice to process her experience of mortality, renewal and healing. The resulting series mirrored Onofrio’s own journey through illness to renewed health.

Always a master of material, Onofrio began to subtly and organically integrate animal bones into her repertoire of sculpted, embellished and painted forms.   2009 2019

Then Onofrio took a leap of faith. The female figure, star of her work for decades, vanished. Sleek, vibrant color mutated into shades of slippery, creamy ivory, and bones became the material of choice. Onofrio’s increasing awareness of the physical and spiritual energy of life lived, held in the bones left behind in the earth, had a profound influence on her understanding of healing and enlightenment. Written by Sherry Leedy

Read More:  http://www.judyonofrio.com/
 Artist   Rochester, Minnesota  

Dr. Anton Treuer (pronounced troy-er) is Professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University and author of 14 books. He has a B.A. from Princeton University and a M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He is Editor of the Oshkaabewis (pronounced o-shkaah-bay-wis) Native Journal, the only academic journal of the Ojibwe language.

Dr. Treuer has presented all over the U.S. and Canada and in several foreign countries on Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask, Cultural Competence & Equity, Strategies for Addressing the “Achievement” Gap, and Tribal Sovereignty, History, Language, and Culture. He has sat on many organizational boards and has received more than 40 prestigious awards and fellowships, including ones from the American Philosophical Society, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Bush Foundation, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.

His published works include Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask, Warrior Nation: A History of the Red Lake Ojibwe (Winner of Caroline Bancroft History Prize and the American Association of State and Local History Award of Merit), Ojibwe in Minnesota (“Minnesota’s Best Read for 2010” by The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress), The Assassination of Hole in the Day (Award of Merit Winner from the American Association for State and Local History), Atlas of Indian Nations, The Indian Wars: Battles, Bloodshed, and the Fight for Freedom on the American Frontier, and Awesiinyensag (“Minnesota’s Best Read for 2011” by The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress).

Supporter/Educator, Author  Bemidji Minnesota

Nikki McComb’s public safety campaign titled  #ENOUGH uses art as a catalyst for change and social disruption. Taking on the trenchant problem of illegal firearms, McComb uses photographs and video to reach people from the street level to the legislative arena and to help provide communities an outlet where they feel safe enough to seek help, empowered enough to give help, provoked enough to work harder to unify, and unified enough to make change collectively through art. For seventeen years, McComb has applied her artistic interests and skills to working relentlessly in North Minneapolis and surrounding communities in youth and family achievement. In addition to being an art educator, she has organized exhibitions, including Art Is My Weapon, a program whereby local artists select decommissioned guns to then create new work for display. McComb is a 2017 recipient of The Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship, a 2016 recipient of a Micro Grant for photography and a 2014 and 2015 recipient of several community leadership awards.  Artist Minneapolis,Minnesota  Read More

Defunding, Dismantling, Re-Organizing, Re-imagining
I would first tell people to stop worrying about semantics and start focusing on what needs to change!  I would also emphasize that defunding is a gradual process, one that we will all be creating together.  So it is your job to educate yourself and start to help with this process of reimagining and creating!

Michelle Hensley, Founding Artistic Director of Ten Thousand Things Theater in Minneapolis, shares almost thirty years of her company’s nationally unique work bringing professional theater to those in prisons, homeless shelters, adult education centers, and rural areas, as well as the general public.  She also wrote the book All The Lights On: Reimagining Theater with Ten Thousand Things.

Currently, Michelle, having retired from TTT, is taking time to figure out how best she might continue to help our troubled world.
Social Action suggestions from Michelle:  https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/from-michelle-hensley/

Read More about Michelle: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/29/theater/theater-troupe-gives-those-on-the-margins-a-front-row-seat.html?searchResultPosition=1


Margo Ashmore promotes arts as tools of economic and community development, tools for information gathering in underrepresented communities, and tools to inspire environmental action. She is publisher of the award-winning Northeaster newspaper, since 1981, which entails everything from ad sales to writing and photography, to graphics.

Also the coordinator of the Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour since 2005, her unique cross-disciplinary skill set includes events for multi-venue promotional alliances such as Art-A-Whirl® in its 5th through 7th years, managing volunteers and strategic community partnerships with excellent earned media results.

The common thread is helping focus brand, find voice, and monetize while embracing multiple missions, purposes and publics. Trained through countless small workshops and hard knocks, as well as the Community Leadership Institute and the Institute for Community Cultural Development. BA in Journalism.

Art forms include photography, stand-up comedy and improv, lifelong learning, gardening and service on selected boards and committees.  Journalist, Minneapolis

Barbara Rogers Bridges Founder and Director of Art to Change the World
Barbara has been an artist and a teacher/college professor for over 40 years. Her social practice sculptures have been exhibited in Maine, Miami, the Virgin Islands, Maryland, Chicago, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and throughout Minnesota.

Bridges taught K-12 art in Minnesota, Maine, and the Virgin Islands. She was voted Art Teacher of the Year twice in Minnesota.

Barbara has partnered with various Minnesota institutions such as the Minneapolis school district, the Minnesota online high school, Perpich Center for Arts Education, the Walker Art Center, the Mpls. Institute of Art, the Weisman Museum, and the Minnesota Museum of Art.  The online curriculum site and discussion group, ArtsNet Minnesota, came out of those collaborations.

Barbara has served as a professor for twenty years at the university of Minnesota and Bemidji State University and has contributed in a variety of ways. Her appointment includes teaching Foundations of Education, Human Relations and Critical and Creative Thinking and also serving as the architect of the unique DLiTE (Distributed Learning in Teacher Education)  – a hybrid online K-8 teacher licensure partnership program and the FasTrack secondary initiative designed for previously degreed candidates who wish to teach high school. These programs were the first online teacher licensure programs in the nation.  Artist    Minneapolis, Minnesota and Zihuatenjo, Mexic Read More

Craig Harris  Craig Harris is Artistic Director of Interference Arts and is a composer, performer and writer. Harris creates multimedia stage works and interactive sculptural environments. He has collaborated with dance theater companies Ballet of the Dolls, Zorongo Flamenco, Off-Leash Area and Katha Dance Theatre, and served as Music Director on many theater projects.

Harris received a 2016 Right Here Showcase Commission, and has received support from McKnight Foundation, American Composers Forum, Hanson Institute for American Music, and Rimon: the MN Jewish Arts Council.

As Executive Director of Ballet of the Dolls and the Ritz Theater Foundation, he led the initiative to renovate the Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. He was Managing and Interim Director at the Playwrights’ Center, President of the International Computer Music Association, and Executive Director of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Harris received a Ph.D. in Composition at Eastman School of Music. Musician/Composer   Minneapolis, Minnesota  Read More

Majentah Aquarious                noun.   /ma’jen(t)ah/  /Aquar•I•ôus/


1 a :artistic roller skating Actress vocalist dancer Who occasionally lights herself on fire While fighting for social justice and equal rights in the beauty industry.

2 b : Art in madness makeup artist working to foster a culture of self-love by highlighting traditional flaws through Progressive makeup artistry  Read More

Performer, Minneapolis


Moses Kravitz 
Moses’s current project is getting used to living in his new condo in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. He still maintains a residence in Ojai, California, a small town with many artists, musicians and spiritual seekers. He has had his own computer consulting, repair and sales business for 25 years, specializing in Apple products. Previously he practiced as a Doctor of Chiropractic and a bodywork therapist, with emphasis on wellness. He has traveled extensively and been on most continents. Secretly he thinks he is a musician.  Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Yuta Uchida is a painter, born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan. After finishing high school, he moved to Superior, WI, where he found a passion for painting while he participated in art shows and exhibitions. He completed BFA in visual arts at University of Wisconsin-Superior, and he earned MFA at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His work has been featured at various exhibitions nationally and internationally, and local and national magazines.   Read More:  https://www.yutauchida.com/  Artist,  Minneapolis, MN

Karen Wilcox
I work as an independent contractor working in the creative sector for individual artists, small business and nonprofit organizations. I serve as an organizational consultant, project coordinator, studio manager, and mentor. I support and volunteer for several nonprofit arts organizations and currently serve on the board of directors for the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.

Sources of feminine wisdom, compassion, and strength influence my mixed media painting, sculpture, and video installations. I alter found objects and integrate them into artwork that ranges from a very intimate scale to larger than life. I am inspired by writing and imagery about the subconscious, feminism, mythology, and religious and spiritual symbolism. Aesthetically I draw from the artistic traditions of Surrealism, magical realism, and the grotesque to question conventional perceptions of power and personal value. www.karenwilcox-studio.com

Read More   Karen Wilcox
Creative Consultant and Mixed Media Artist


George Roberts is a letterpress printer, a poet and a gallery owner.  He has lived in the same house in North Minneapolis for fifty years and has invested in his community as a high school literature and writing teacher (North High School 1970-2001), a board member of Northpoint Health and Wellness Center (with an emphasis on art and healing) 2001-2009, and as founder, with his wife Beverly, and artistic director of Homewood Studios (1999-present).  He is one of eight studio artists in residence at Homewood Studios.  Our mission statement reads: Homewood Studios, an artists’ workspace and gallery/meeting space in North Minneapolis, is designed for local artists and their neighbors in the belief the visible presence of working artists contributes to the vitality, self-image, and coherence of our community.  That  pretty much says it all.  https://www.homewoodstudios.com/ 

Artist Minneapolis, MN

 Mohamed Hussein Bulhan is uniquely qualified to serve on the Board  of Directors for Art to Change the World.

Mohamed is from Somalia and speaks English, Somali, Arabic, Swahili. He holds a political science degree from Metropolitan State University. He serves as a member of Metropolitan University’s Muslim Association,  Somali Students Association in Metropolitan University, volunteer at the Minnesota Historical Society and volunteer at ISIAH interfaith coalition. Mohamed is currently employed by the Minneapolis School District as the Family Liaison Coordinator and has been very active in the ACW South’s Heart project: https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/souths-heart/

Mohamed is interested in public service, especially public policy and community empowerment.     Activist,  St. Paul, Minnesota

  • David O’Fallon is an experienced educator, executive, and leader. He works at international, national, and local levels to develop innovative programs with and through the creative forces of the arts and humanities. He helps organizations and systems move from one stage to the next, and has successfully led national and local organizations and strategic initiatives. David combines the practical experience of leading organizations and implementing change – managing people and complex systems – with visionary leadership and a broad understanding of whole systems.He has held executive leadership positions with federal government agencies, nonprofits, and publicfacing organizations, including the University of Minnesota, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, and the John F Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. In Minnesota David led the Perpich Center for Arts Education and the MacPhail Center for Music.Retired as the President of the Minnesota Humanities Center, David  focused the organization on the major issues of the state, positioned the humanities as a creative force, and  added significantly to the budget and the over-all impact of the organization. Currently he has formed The Future Inc, to courageously imagine what just and humane and thriving worlds we must create, even  as we confront the cascading challenges of these times.Originally from Minnesota, David co-founded ‘In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre,’ now in its 40th year as a force for the creative community in Minneapolis. He holds a Ph.D in Theatre and Community from the Union Graduate Institute and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from St. John’s University. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Emily Forbes is a self-taught artist who began using art in adulthood as a means of therapy after a car accident resulted in disability. She is always exploring new mediums and pushing her own artistic boundaries, with a certain affinity for acrylics, alcohol ink, and mixed media. Her expressive, intuitive style takes influences from nature, modern life, and a sense of hope.
A native Minnesotan, Emily has a degree in Urban Studies and has always had a very analytical and creative mind. This allows her to quietly observe the world around herself and turn it into ethereal, imaginative works that give the viewer a feeling of wonderment and joy. She believes the key to life is finding one’s own magic.

Artist Minneapolis, MN

Tony Xiaaj
IT Consultant and Borealis Dance Theater Board of Directors

1st generation Hmong American who arrived as a refugee with his family to the US in 1976 after the Vietnam War. His strong work ethic propelled him into the field of Information Technology for 20 + years where he worked in management roles as IT Director and IT Architect as well as leadership on various Technology Advisory Boards. He transitioned to being an IT consultant after the birth of his 5th child. Family and the Arts are an integral part of his life. He was inspired to play music at an early age on thru college where he played Jazz at events, festivals and concerts. After studying Music and Computer Science at Carleton, he moved to the Twin Cities where he and a group of musicians started a local band to perform various Cultural, Jazz and Inspirational Music Styles at local and national venues.  As a father of five, he is busy devoting most of his time with his wife and children.  Advisory Board

Christine Stark, MFA and MSW, is an award-winning writer and visual artist of Anishinaabe and Cherokee ancestry. She has been writing, speaking, organizing, and showing her art for thirty years in pursuit of justice, awareness, and healing. She has published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and academic articles in numerous publications. Her first novel, Nickels: A Tale of Dissociation, was a Lambda Literary Finalist. She is a co-researcher and co-author of the groundbreaking “Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota” and she co-edited an international anthology on sexual violence. She has spoken nationally and internationally at numerous universities, conferences, law schools, and the United Nations. She has taught writing at universities and colleges for sixteen years. Currently, she is working on two books, facilitating art groups for abused women, and teaching writing and literature at Anoka Ramsey Community College.   Writer  Minneapolis

Read ACW writer’s research:  Strategies to Restore Justice for Sex Trafficked Native Women


Misty Meier is a Holistic Medicine Practitioner and specializes in Alternative Medicine and the Healing Arts. She is a wellness coach for her clients and community.

Misty has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2007and is the founder of ‘Spa Organica’.   Spaorganica.massagetherapy.com We are a health and wellness clinic which provides; Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Response Testing, Herbal Remedies, and Aethereo Essential Oils Previously, as an Educational Specialist with Sybaritic, she traveled throughout the world to provide spa product training workshops.

Also, Misty was a theatre makeup artist for Loyce Houlton Nutcracker and was an Aveda Global Trainer. She trained with the late Horst Rechelbacher at the Aveda Institute Mpls. and spent time at his Osceola WI home.

As a yoga practitioner for over 20 years, the teachings and healing benefits of yoga, should be at the CORE of every persons’ journey. As a mediation student with the Tibetan Monk, Khenpo Sherab Sangpo, (Bodhicittasangha.org) we learn to develop a kind mind. I encourage everyone to join our meditation community. We welcome you.

The focus of her artistic talent is her classic car collection which are pieces of automotive art history. I participate in classic car shows and drag racing. Collector cars have a lot of value in art which are part of the engineering marvels.

Additional Art Forms: Pottery, Watercolor Painting, and Organic Gardening

Why Did I join ACW?  To engage with a community of people that desire to make our planet Earth a better place! Let us all Connect, Communicate, and Create partnerships that will grow and THRIVE!

Artist and Member/Supporter  Minneapolis, MN

Remo Campopiano     Welcome
I see myself as a sculptor, installation artist, roboticist, and now a painter.

In all these endeavors I am a conceptualist at heart, in so far as the idea is paramount and usually drives the artistic inquiry. Marcel DuChamp is my favorite artist.

I have always been a public person. At various stages of my life I find myself gathering people in the pursuit of a noble cause. This comes naturally out of my optimism and belief that we are at our best when working together.

When I’m in my studio, my door is always open. Come by for a chat. I’m on the first floor of the California Building across from Mojo’s Coffee.  Read More    Artist, Minneapolis

Clifton Ware

Clif has always been artistically inclined. As a 5-year old, he eagerly drew WWII battle scenes. A few years later he took a year of private lessons in watercolor, followed by an art class in 9th grade. But, when reaching the 10th grade, his choral director-mentor discovered his tenor voice, and that was the beginning of his vocal-music career. Drawing and painting reappeared at times in temporary stints, including his taking art and pottery classes as a college student, and more recently, an acrylics painting class in 2012. Earlier, in 1985, he designed a new family home, with landscaping, that was built in New Brighton, MN.

Clif’s vocal music career spanned 47 years, including 2 years as music-and-youth director in a Methodist Church, 1 year as choral music director, and 43 years of university teaching, the final 37 at the U of MN-TC School of Music. During the early years he also earned graduate degrees, including a D.M. degree in voice performance from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Throughout his career he performed extensively as tenor soloist, in recital, opera (55 roles), and oratorio. After retirement, he and his wife, Bettye, a professional pianist, formed a 50s band named The Silvertones, and performed several summer concerts in Salo Park.

As a writer, he’s authored four books—Adventures in Singing (4/e 2008), Basics of Vocal Pedagogy (1998), The Singer’s Life: Goals and Roles (2005), The Aging Challenge: Making the Most of Life After 50 (2009). He has also given numerous professional presentations nationally and internationally at professional meetings and educational institutions.

During early retirement, Clif and Bettye, also composed 36 songs, including Eco Songs, with 13 songs on various aspects of environmental sustainability. Their music collaboration—Bettye as pianist, Clif as instructor—continues with teaching quarterly 5-week Voice Exploration classes at the St. Anthony Village, MN Community Center.

In 2013 Clif and Bettye co-founded Citizens for Sustainability in St. Anthony Village, where they reside. Since 2013, Clif has published a sustainability e-newsletter, currently on hiatus while he focuses on other writing projects related to sustainability.

He and Bettye are interested in promoting the role of arts as a force for moving society toward a more sustainable future, by emphasizing the systemic role of humans as an integral part of Nature, from which all sustenance flows and upon which all life depends.

Dr. Ware’s website (https://clifware.wixsite.com/clifware) is devoted to singing and teaching, integral thought and mind-body connections, and sustainability concerns.

Activist    Minneapolis, Minnesota

Erik Helgeson,

Topic Expert:  Madelynne’s topic expert, Erik Helgeson:   Executive producer: Tuscaloosa. Feature film featuring Natalia Dyer, Devon Bostick and YG, 2019 release.   Read More

Expert Topic Voice  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Laura Mann Hill

Laura is a theatre artist, storyteller, educator, and administrator from Minneapolis. After teaching and directing theatre arts programming in New York City public schools for nearly a decade, she returned to the Twin Cities to join Hamline University’s Social Justice Theatre Troupe, Making Waves, as the Assistant Director. Laura also worked as a teaching artist, trainer and administrator with the Children’s Theatre Company (CTC), engaging with communities through the nationally recognized Neighborhood Bridges Program for 5 years before taking on the role as Director of the Education and Stewardship Team at Friends of the Mississippi River. Laura is a lead arts organizer and facilitator using art for social change with various arts-based organizations including Million Artist Movement, Language Attitude, The Warehouse Project & Gallery and is a founding member and performer with the Speaking Out Collective.  She has performed locally with various theatres and is directing online plays with Youth Performance Company. She enjoys creating pathways for youth and is always seeking intergenerational, art-based experiences that center Black Liberation, solidarity, healing and imagination. Laura received her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education from Hamline University and earned her Master’s Degree in Teaching Secondary School from Pace University in New York City.

   Read More

Marko Fields

After teaching for 20 years, MARKO FIELDS, BFA, MFA, McKnight Fellow, founded, created and is the primary owner of
Mojo Coffee Gallery. Marko is widely exhibited, collected and published. His work can be found in numerous public and
corporate art collections, including: The Museums of Fine Arts of San Francisco – The DeYoung; The Renwick Gallery of the
Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC; The Ceramic Research Center, Arizona State University; MARKArts, Wichita, KS; The
Beach Museum of Art, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS; Emprise Bank, Wichita, KS; The Sprint Corp., KC, MO; and
The Hallmark Corp., KC, MO.

Though retiring from academia, Fields continues to publish and frequently lecture, demonstrate and present at universities, ceramic centers and conferences. His studio is located in the California Building, adjacent to Mojo Coffee Gallery.   Read More:  https://connienorman.com/blog/2010/08/03/marko-fields-plinth-gallery-artist-interview/   Artist, Minneapolis, Minnesota  –  Owner Mojo Coffee  Read More:  http://mojocoffeegallery.com/

Suyao Tian is a professional designer, artist, and recently started her curation practice. She was born and raised in China. Before she came to United States she received her first BFA in Music Education and was a music assistant professor in college. She came to United State to pursue her artistic dream, and got her BA and MFA in design and fine art with honors.

In 2017 she launched her fashion brand Modern Cover™ for which she created the created the idea, designed the products and branding, and while managing marketing and production. Modern Cover™ brand inspiration began much earlier 7,400 feet up, in the Qinghai Province of Northern China where she spent her childhood. Many of her childhood peers had dry, cracked hands due to the harsh winters. From the experiences of her childhood and opportunities within design, she realized her desire to help children hand to hand through the creation and sale of playful, lighthearted, and delightful products. With each sale, a portion of the proceeds will go to help kids in need across the world. As we grow, we increase our ability to affect change in the lives of children. worldwide. https://www.moderncover.net

In her fine art reach, she creates a unique style of watercolor painting. mainly using watercolor medium while also using different pen marks to define the details of each painting to give the audience layers and depth of the painting.

Her creative process is to extract the fragments of memory and separate, reorganize and integrate them. This process is her communication with them, and a process of self release and expression. These peculiar images often appear in her memory, dreams and subconscious imaginations, so she uses abstraction to catch a moment, feeling, and unclear form when they appear in her mind. She uses bright colors to celebrate her freedom! That becomes her identity to speak out to the world. https://www.instagram.com/suyaotian/   IG: @suyaotian

She had professional working experience at MCAD gallery for a while, and recently she started to practice her curation projects. She curated DIALOGUE art exhibition, inviting 23 established and emerging artists from MN to bring their work from different perspectives and directions in order to create compelling stories and conversation about Art, Immigration, Citizenship, and Identity.

She believes art can change the world and wants to use her passionate love of art to collaborate will all the talented people to make the world be a better place.   https://www.moderncover.net

Minneapolis, MN Artists and Curator  Read More

Linda Lade : “I’ve been a student of spiritual traditions and psychology. These days I care about art, beauty, and right relationships. By that I mean I hold a vision that humans can transcend the old paradigm and learn to live interdependently with Earth and all forms of life. Then we can all shine.

Among the many things that bring me happiness are walking among old trees, being near water, and spending time with my grandsons, as well as writing stories, teaching meditation, playing with clay from time to time, and reading great novels.

During my years of earning money, I was a teacher, counselor/therapist, and system administrator in higher education. I love helping people uncover their gifts and move toward revealing their higher selves.”  Writer, Supporter, St. Paul, Minnesota

Jill Waterhouse is a founding member of Art to Change the World, a new non-profit started by her former protégée, Barbara Bridges. Waterhouse has been a practicing artist for over 35 years and a mentor and Critical Response facilitator for over 20 years. She is also a performance artist, community activist, curator and published author. Her art work is primarily sculpture, installations and performance/social practice art. She has exhibited extensively in museums, galleries, and alternative spaces throughout the United States, including the Walker Arts Center and Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia), and internationally in China and Mexico. Her art work and writing will be featured in an upcoming TPT production (TBD). And, her work as a Critical Response facilitator and writer will be featured in the new book on Critical Response by Liz Lerman and John Borstel, to be published soon.

Waterhouse has been heavily involved in a number of large community art projects and public performances. She has been a long time member, mentor and former director of WARM (Women’s Art Resources of MN) and a long time member and chapter president/co-president of WCA MN (Women’s Caucus for Art MN). She has also been involved with the Art Car and Art Shanty Projects for years and is a member of “What We Need is Here,” an environmental arts group at The Phipps in Hudson, Wisconsin. She has received grants and awards from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, and the Minneapolis Arts Commission. McKnight/Annenberg/Horncrest Foundations.   Artist  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wenwen Liao is a professional experimental animator and artist. In addition to producing her own art, she is the lead designer and animator at both Jukko and Global Gaming Initiative.

Wenwen grew up in a seaside city in the south of China where she started developing her artistic tastes. She was influenced by her father who was an artist specializing in chinese painting. She followed her passion for art by going to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where she graduated in animation and film. She furthered her studies by moving to the United States and attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) where she got her Master of Fine Arts.

Wenwen’s art uses simple and elegant colors to create pure and beautiful moments. She attempts to bring warm, loving and innocent feelings to the viewer that is full of positive energy and kindness. Her paintings tell stories which are a simple and loving portrayal of the world seen from the eyes of children. The children’s stories frequently incorporate their friends and animals they encounter. The children’s innocence is naive but full of affection for everything around them. They care about the animals, love the beauty of nature and like to share moments with others.
Email: wwenliao@gmail.com
Artwork and films: http://cargocollective.com/wliao
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wenwenartist/
Designer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Michele Manos is a SoulCollage® Facilitator, political activist, and mostly retired public health professor/researcher. In her younger years, she taught Creative Drama in public schools from inner city Flint, MI to the barrios of Tucson. She has expanded upon the expressive art process of SoulCollage® to create an ever-growing collection of experiential “Card Games.” These activities draw on the power of images and have applications ranging from the highly practical (preparing for a challenge) to the deepest of introspection and inner peacemaking. Michele holds workshops to teach other Facilitators, particularly therapists, her unique methods. Recently, she adapted the process of making collaged cards to help political groups build cooperation and understanding between team members. She’d like to grow the opportunities to work with such organizations. She also hopes to expand her reach in sharing the magic of expressive arts, particularly with veterans and home bound elders. She lives near Tucson, Arizona in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Learn more at about Michele at www.michelemanos.com

Activist, Arizona 

Sheila M. Smith is the Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA) which strengthens our cultural community by achieving arts friendly policy at the Minnesota Legislature and in Congress. Now also Chair of the Creative Minnesota Project, she produces important research about the arts and cultural community for education, policy making, and advocacy.   See her work on MNArtist.orghttp://www.mnartists.org/sheila-smith, and  check her latest offerings on Etsy.comhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/AnimalMagnetisms

A well known leader in the non-profit sector, Smith has been a member of the Executive Committee and Public Policy Cabinet of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. She led the arts community into the successful 2008 statewide “Legacy” ballot campaign which created 25 years of dedicated funding for the arts & environment through a Minnesota state constitutional amendment. She also served on the Board of the 2012 Minnesota United campaign, protecting the rights of all Minnesotans to marry, and served as Staff in the Minnesota Senate.

As a national expert in arts advocacy, Smith has been a featured speaker at conferences and events around the country including Grantmakers in the Arts, Americans for the Arts and the Rural Arts Summit and has won several national awards for her work, including the Alene Valkanas Award from Americans for the Arts and the Syndy R. Yates Award from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters. She is the former Chair of the State Arts Action League, part of Americans for the Arts.

With over 25 years of experience about the intersection of art and politics, she teaches at the University of Minnesota and has a Masters in Arts Administration from St. Mary’s University and a B.A. in Shakespeare from St. Olaf College.

An avid kayaker, she is also a vernacular architect, carver and painter.

Richard Raymond is an engineer and real estate investor in the twin cities area and a new member of Art to Change the World. He is very passionate about politics and social justice but I am new to the idea of using art as a medium with which to invoke change. I am very excited to learn from this community and be able to contribute to it in a meaningful way.

He has several short-term Airbnb rentals currently available in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District that he is happy to be able to offer at a discount to ACW members to host events, visiting artists and/or friends and family. He has two large homes capable of sleeping 10-12 people or smaller two bedroom apartments. He would also be honored to display art (along with deconstruction statements if desired) that members are interested in selling out of the rentals.

When he is not working he can be found around the coffee shops and breweries that can be found everywhere in NE Minneapolis. He is passionate about travel, physical fitness, and real estate remodeling projects. So if you are interested in staying at or hanging art in one of the airbnb’s, want to talk about your own home remodeling projects or just want to grab a beer, don’t hesitate to give him a shout.    Cheers!

Airbnb Profile-  https://www.airbnb.com/users/47931140/listings?user_id=47931140&s=50


Website-    www.raymond-rentals.com

Email Address-  Richard@raymond-rentals.com


Supporter,   Minneapolis



FLUX  – Potek Glass
2505 Howard St. NE, Mpls. 55418

Malcom Potek has been working in glass since 1991. He works primarily in kiln cast assembly and cold-work. Malcom, an experienced torchworker, creates custom canes for inclusion in his kiln work as well. A teacher for twenty plus years Malcom leads workshops throughout the United States as well as in the shop and privately. With his experience he develops curriculum both for public art projects and as part of the Potekglass Curriculum.  Read More:  https://potekglass.com/classes    info@potekglass.com.

Jill Stebbins is a physician, visual artist, and mother of four children. Before starting medical school in her 20s, Jill drew the human figure. Those drawings were relegated to the basement of her family’s home in Wisconsin when she began her medical practice until she dug them out of her basement more than 30 years later. Most were on newsprint and had acquired water damage and mold, yet they had just enough integrity to be saved.

Back in Minnesota and retired, Jill preserved the most compelling drawings by tracing them onto tracing paper, and eventually, on a synthetic, transparent medium. In early 2017, she traced several copies of the same figure, cut them out, and arranged them in a collage. That started her artistic exploration of using multiples of one figure in a frame. She began to realize that the space between the figures was sometimes as interesting in form and composition as the figures themselves. Thus, began her series of “The Space Between Us.”  To find out more about Jill, visit her website at https://www.jillstebbins.com.

Artist,  Minneapolis

Shirin Ghoraishi . Virtual reality and dark spaces is the theater in which I stage my work, in order to illicit the right to the interrogation of space by our conscious mind and unconscious spirit, so that we might endlessly, irresolutely seek knowledge. Within my work I attempt to raise basic philosophical questions such as reality by highlighting the hidden and mysterious beauty of organic forms. I see these organic forms as being statically beautiful, meditative, and have the power to influence my audience’s perceptions of reality.  A light that appears deep in darkness, at the intersection of artificial and organic, producing an uncanny environment, and a fabricating a reality lurking through time.

I am obsessed and seduced by our behavior as beings; our bodily awareness and our senses that are deceived when we are trapped in virtual reality; hypnotized yet hesitant, enchanted yet uncertain. Everything that I translate into my installations is influenced by my own experiments of those moments of doubt and confusion. My questioning of our perceptions and their limitations and errors is a continuous source of inspiration for artists, and other workers in science and technology. The complexity of my inspiration work as a tool to facilitate — using technology and psychology —   installations that create an illusion through an uncanny world, accompanied by a mixed reality experience that pushes the boundaries between our understanding and perception of reality and illusion. This interdisciplinary research combined with the surveillance collected from my audience creates a constant dialogue and experimental process for this project.

My creative process is based on experimentation and learning, exploring the relationships between our body, our perception, and our senses, and its limitations and errors. In my   installations I employ materials such as resin and water beads, which I found related to our senses and made the experience easy to understand. Based on my strategies and plans I give this simple material a place and purpose to serve. Then, I take away one element from the installation, which is the light, to help emphasize the response of our senses and change the way we receive our space, surrendering us to the experience. With light and reflection, I mimic an uncanny vision that is almost new to the eyes; which is often accompanied by a digital experience of that certain space, within a portion of a gallery. Each project is a step forward to reach beyond my understanding.  Installation Artists, Minneapolis, MN.

An interactive illusion to an immersive reality ~  Read More  

Ann Meany is a self-taught sculptor. She creates her hand built three dimensional works in her St. Paul studio.  Her sculptures have been exhibited in many exhibits throughout the midwest.  She is currently showing at the Dow Gallery in St.Paul.

Ann strives to create sculptures that evoke an emotional response. Her work is about social change and the need for conversations and action.  She believes if her pieces can elicit a feeling, a story, a conversation then change is possible. 

Ann teaches 8th grade at the City of Lakes Waldorf School in Minneapolis. She plays hockey and loves her family. 

 For more information about Ann’s art go to https://fineartamerica.com/artists/annmeany


Rylee Martin, Executive Director

Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance.  Rylee received her Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, with a focus on water resources in Minnesota. In 2017 Rylee was appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to represent environmental organizations on Minnesota’s Clean Water Council. Rylee currently serves as chair of the Minnesota Environmental Fund’s Board of Directors and formerly served as Treasurer for the Minnesota Conservation Federation.   email: rylee.main@lakepepinlegacyalliance.com     phone: (630) 806-9909   Authentic Voice  Minneapolis, Minnesota


Ben Swenson-Klatt.  Ben is a performance artist creating work focused on the interactions between movement and text, seeking opportunities that challeng the audience and disrupt the ordinary through the creation of activated art. They have recently performed and worked with ARENA Dances, Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater at the Cowles Center, The Moving Company at the Guthrie Theater, Leyya Mona Tawil at the Soap Factory, and Orchard Theater Collective. Last year they formed Theatre Unchecked, an emerging artist collective, which produced Hand-Picked for the Twin Cities Horror Festival. Ben has created and presented original work at the Center for Performing Arts, St. Olaf College, ACDA North-Central Conference, Bearnstow in Mount Vernon, Maine, and at Future Interstates. Ben graduated from St. Olaf College where they received a B.A in Dance and Theater and a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies.   Artist  Minneapolis, MN.  Read More

Elissa Raffa has a B.S. in Secondary Science Education and an M.F.A. in Creative and Professional Writing, both from the University of Minnesota, and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Bemidji State University.  She is licensed in Minnesota as a district superintendent and as a teacher of high school physics, chemistry and earth/space science. She has also been active in arts education and has published a novel and several short stories, essays and performance pieces.  A founding director and current executive director of Minnesota Online High School (MNOHS), Ms. Raffa served for three years on the Minnesota Online Learning Advisory Council and has been active state-wide in preparing pre-service and in-service teachers for the rigors of online education.  Before starting MNOHS in 2005, she worked as a teacher and program developer for seven years with the Mindquest Learning Network in Bloomington and for twelve years at Loring Nicollet Alternative School in Minneapolis.  She lives part of each year in Greece where she has served as a consulting expert in faculty development, technology integration, and science education for the American Community Schools of Athens, the American College of Greece, and most recently the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society funding program.  Scientist/Educator    Athens, Greece

Mána “Skyler” McBurnie is in their Junior year as a vocal major at the Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School where they have studied art, dance, music, and acting. They are a long time volunteer with the non-profit Bollywood Dance Scene where they perform in original dance dramas. Skyler is active in the Minneapolis visual arts community, apprenticing at Juxtaposition Arts and Clay Squared to Infinity. Skyler is honored to serve on the student advisory board of the nonprofit Art to Change the World.

Youth Advisory Board, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Milligan is currently a Managing Partner with The Fulton Group, LLC, an independent consultant firm specializing in marketing research, competitive intelligence, non-profit organizational development, and culturally-specific initiatives. He has over twenty-five years of experience working in the financial services industry. He retired in 2010 as a Vice-President of Marketing Research/Competitive Intelligence within the Enterprise Marketing/Marketing Insights and Measurement division for Wells Fargo and Company. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and his B.A. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

As a photographer and curator, he was a Ford Foundation Fellow in Music at the Center For Contemporary Music at Mills College (Oakland, CA) and performed with the Cecil Taylor Black Music Ensemble at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1971 (Tenor Saxophone) and also served as a music reviewer for the schools’ newspaper, the Daily Cardinal. As a photographer, he has participated in and organized several exhibitions and taught Visual Sociology at Macalester College (St. Paul, MN).

Herman has also served as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts, Minnesota State Arts Board, Arts Midwest, and CEC ArtsLink. He serves on the board of directors for

arts organizations based in the Twin Cities, New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.  Artist/ Supporter    Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jes Reyes is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and arts administrator living and working in the Twin Cities. Her photography and video art have been exhibited with Artists in Storefronts, Altered Esthetics, Feminist Video Quarterly, Made Here, and the Walker Art Center. Her mixed media visual art has been exhibited at The Show Gallery, MacRostie Art Center, Altered Esthetics, and the Hennepin County Library.  Jes is the founder of the Altered Esthetics Film Festival and works as an Artist Career Consultant for Springboard for the Arts.

Since 2004, Jes built a significant career in community-based services, which art has often been part of. She worked as a Women’s Advocate from 2005-2008 with Women of Nations in their domestic violence shelter in St. Paul, Minnesota, providing supportive counseling to women and children while also assisting with pet and art therapy services. Since 2008, Jes has been with Avivo’s Community Support Programs, first starting as a Young Adult Outreach Worker, then as a Mental Health Case Manager, and now serving as the Program Coordinator of Avivo ArtWorks, a multifaceted art studio supporting artists living with mental illness. Since 2014, she has been planning, organizing, and executing ArtWorks artist career support, group exhibitions, markets, and group/recreational art activities while also working to uphold its mission to break down stigma associated with mental illness. Her Avivo ArtWorks programming accomplishments include three years of participatory Photovoice sessions where CSP members engaged in creating interdisciplinary art, extensive exhibition partnerships, including with the Solar Arts Building, Hennepin County Library, University of Minnesota, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Although an artist at heart, she has proven to be a notable leader, educator, curator, manager, advocate, and innovator.  Artist, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Veronica Quillien
Veronica is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis on Culture & Teaching. Her research interests are adult third culture kids of African descent and their reclaim of tribal identity, heritage language, language revitalization and documentation.
She continues her self-ethnographic case study as she re-learns Bàsàa, her native language. Sandjock left her native land at the age 12 and this research is part of her decadal reclaim of her tribal language and identity. Her trinity in language, culture and identity is a self-ethnographic case study that started as a collection of books capturing Bàsàa knowledge.  Topic Expert Voice for Laura Mann  

Kira Carrillo Corser has designed and produced art throughout California, and the USA for 22 years, in addition to working as staff photographer at KPBS (10 yrs.) and later at California State University Monterey Bay (8 yrs.) Based in San Diego County, she works in partnership with other artists, musicians, nonprofits, community and civic leaders.

Art projects have been awarded: The National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, Encinitas Rotary Peace Maker of the Year 2017, San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst 2014 with Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater and the DNA of Creativity Grant from the San Diego Visual Arts Network.

She is a co-founder and co-directs the POSTS FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE NATIONAL PROJECT, Art is the Next Peace: Connecting Communities (Ca Silk Paintings) and Sea Changes ACT with local scientists and artists.   These projects are collaborations with intergenerational communities and promote peace and nonviolence.

Exhibitions and participants include: The Carter Center with President Carter and International Human Rights Defenders; Inter-Dependence Day Celebration, a Compassionate California Partnership, Sacramento (2017); Semi-permanent installations include the Atlanta BeltLine, as Installation Artists, (a collaborative multi-year fellowship) where 25,000 people see the work weekly, Atlanta Georgia (2015 – 2017.) and 12 California schools, including El Cajon, San Diego, and Fallbrook.  ARTAr  Artist/Educator  San Diego, California   Read More

Felecia Lenee,

Felecia Lenee, better know as Fe Love to her fans is the host and creator of the Artist Eclectic pLAygROUND, a “pop-up” event space that supports new as well as established artists and innovative entrepreneurs primarily in the Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles area. She is on the Leadership Team for CompassionateCalifornia.org and co- founder of the Compassionate ARTS IN ACTION. She works as the Youth Program Director and Creative Strategist for  the national project, Posts for Peace and Justice.Felecia has a B.F.A. from CALARTS where she trained as an actress. Her goals are to support youth, with a focus on health, public safety and social justice. Felecia’s recent public appearances highlighting youth include: March for Our Lives, Los Angeles, CA; Youth Action Summit, Memphis, TN, the U.S. Human Rights Network National Conference, Atlanta, GA. and the 26th Anniversary of the American Disabilities Act, at the White House. Felecia was has also been invited to India as a official delegate to the World Summit for Countering Violent Extremism  Felecia Lenee is a community healer and a certified massage therapist with a concentration on energy balancing. She has been in 16 films, has over 25 years of performing live on stage as a host and entertainer, and in several podcasts promoting racial, gender equality and justice.

In the spirit of community and compassion

Felecia Lenee aka Fe LOVE,

Creative Strategist and Youth Program Director

Read More

In the spirit of community and compassion!
Felecia Lenee aka Fe LOVE,    Creative Strategist and Youth Program Director, Sacramento, California

Marya Hornbacher is an award-winning essayist, journalist, novelist, poet, and the New York Times bestselling author of five books. Her writing across genres appears regularly in literary and journalistic publications around the world, including the New York Times, Boston Globe, Crazyhorse, AGNI, Gulf Coast, The Normal School, Fourth Genre, DIAGRAM, and many othersHer sixth book, a work of long-form journalism on mental health recovery, will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2019, and her seventh, a collection of essays on solitude, will appear the following year. She is the recipient of the Annie Dillard Award for Nonfiction and the Fountain House Humanitarian Award for her mental health activism. She teaches in the MFA programs at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Augsburg University.

Lynnette K. Black, Immigration, Social and Environmental Justice

Lynnette Black is a global medical device marketing expert, having used her visual arts and writing ability to market life-saving products and products that improve the quality of life, such as artificial limbs, wound care, pacemakers and interocular lenses for cataract surgery.

Now retired, Lynnette is a full time artist seeking to raise awareness of global issues such as mass migration, equal rights, environmental justice, and racial justice.  A cooperative member of Highpoint Center for Printmaking, she has exhibited nationally, including twice at the Katherine Nash Gallery, Regis Center for the Arts, University of Minnesota, in “Women and Water Rights” and “Women and Money”. In 2018 her print “Wood Nymph” was selected by Juror Crawford Alexander Mann, curator for Prints and Drawings, Smithsonian American Art Museum, for the Biennial International Juried Exhibition, Highpoint Center for Printmaking.

A long-term member of Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA), Lynnette is also a member of International Association of Female Artists (IAFA) and Art to Change the World.    https://www.lynnetteblackart.com

Born 1940, Little Falls; Gonzaga University (B.A., 1962), Lt. U.S. Marine Corps (1962); University of Minnesota (J.D., 1967); private practice, Hibbing (1967-84); Asst. Public Defender (1967-84); Adjunct professor, Hamline University School of Law, 1990-2015; Adjunct professor, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, 2015-present; married; three children. Appointed April 1, 1984, elected 1986, 1992, 1998, 2004. Retired on April 4, 2008.

Starting in 1959 as a 19 year old college student, Judge Randall spent a year in Norther Alaska in a K-12 school for native Inuit students.  That concern for the rights and well being of minority citizens and under-privileged people has marked his 51 year career as an iron range public defender and and 34 years as a judge on the Minnesota court of appeals.

Center City, Minnesota. 

Dr Swarthout’s career has spanned over 30 years in a variety of settings including CD treatment centers, correctional facilities, hospital psychiatry & emergency departments, public health clinics, community-based housing programs and private psychotherapy/assessment practice.  One of the common threads encountered in all of these settings was the issue of addiction which permeates all corners of society.  While the healthcare industry has found many inroads to treat medical & mental health maladies, addiction remains an area where outcomes are abysmal.  Dr. Swarthout’s current private practice includes work with frontline providers who treat addicts & alcoholics in helping them devise strategies for thinking “outside the box” in terms of treating the illness.  In his own words: “As a therapist, I focus intentionally on behavior. We are creatures of habit whose actions arise or evolve for a variety of reasons. People often come to therapy to work on changing things that are not working in their lives any longer. Since these behaviors often have deep meaning, a part of the therapy process involves exploration of the beliefs and habits that are no longer working. I draw on a variety of techniques to discover what will be most helpful for each client to help them build on their strengths and achieve life goals.”  Authentic Voice Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kenneth Rivera In 2010, I moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota to further my education in the arts. I received a Masters in Arts Education at the University of Minnesota and I am currently working as a public school art teacher. Teaching art is a practice and I believe that encouraging youth to express, explore and develop artistic skills helps them build a foundation for mindful learning. The arts are the cornerstone of communication and everyone has a unique story to tell. I love to foster this in the youth through my teaching.

Teaching also provides me with endless inspiration for my personal artistic expression.

I use painting to process my dreams and nightmares. Exploring identity, family, and love, in my work plays between the worlds of waking and dreaming with a fantastical style. Ugliness and beauty swirl around my work, which speak to the power our minds have to imagine, to frighten, and ultimately to heal.   Artist Minneapolis, Minnesota  Read More

Martha Bird is a Minneapolis-based artist who specializes in traditional and sculptural basketry.  Her education as a Public Health Nurse and Board Certified Holistic RN with a Masters in Human Development weaves into her artistic practice.  Committed to community, Martha has been involved in the arts as a student, volunteer, curator, writer, arts organizer, teaching artist and arts advocate.  She also works with the students in the Occupation Therapy program at the University of Minnesota and presents on the health benefits of Making.  She has exhibited regionally and nationally, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Minnesota History Center, as well as a traveling exhibition sponsored by the National Basketry Organization in New Jersey, Washington and Massachusetts.  Her work has been acquired by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Martha speaks around the country on basketry as a tool for healing and empowerment in her groundbreaking talk Reclaiming Basketry: Working Through Stigma to Reach Creative Potential.  Visit her website at www.marthabirdart.com Artist, Minneapolis

Dr. Tim Lueker  A climate change scientist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is striving to save the ocean through art and science.Using mosaic arts as outreach to promote awareness of climate issues affecting the oceans and environment, Dr. Tim Lueker of Encinitas says, “I want my artwork to bring to light the threats to the natural world, especially the oceans, from greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.” He hopes to accomplish this with students at local schools by working on coral reef mosaics.

Hearing tales of his idyllic San Diego birthplace as he grew up near Lansing, Michigan, Lueker shared weekly Jacques Cousteau episodes with his scuba-diving father, which engendered his love for the ocean and marine life. Lueker subsequently earned his BS degree in Oceanography at Florida Institute of Technology.   Authentic Voice, San Diego , California 

Anne Kleinhenz is a photographer and mixed media artist currently working out of her studio home at the A-Mill Artist Lofts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Anne received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Summa Honors in Photography, in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus. She is a past recipient of a Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant to Tirana, Albania, where she was part of an exhibit at the National Gallery in Tirana. She took a sabbatical from her full-time career in the Advertising industry, and while a single parent, to participate in an Art in Greece study and travel abroad program through the University of Minnesota. There she fell in love with icons, and her passion for spiritual art was resurrected.

Anne’s art has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Minnesota, Washington, Alaska, Greece and Albania. Her work was included in a juried competition at the Katherine Nash Gallery during her studies at the University of Minnesota, and one of her pieces was awarded first place in the annual recognition program and was selected to be included in the permanent collection at the Weisman Art Museum. In addition, her work is included in private collections in Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago and Anchorage. Anne participated as a Protégé with mentor Jill Waterhouse in the 2013-2014 cycle of the WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) Mentor Program, which culminated in a group exhibition at the Grain Belt Brewery art gallery. She also was the project manager and print producer on the catalog called “Beneath the Surface” for this WARM mentor cycle, where she was able to collaborate skills that encompassed her professional corporate career with her emerging art career.   Artist   Minneapolis, Minnesota   Read More

Andrew Braunberger has been making images since he discovered his thumbs. He first began smearing soft pastels in high school and continued to love them through college at the University of North Dakota, graduating with a BA in Arts and Sciences through the Honors Program in 1992. He hasn’t dropped them since.

Many of his works are in acrylic and oil, often with soft pastels used on top of these other media. His colors are vibrant and interact with varying levels of opacity. Sometimes he dabbles in digital art, but enjoys the tactile experience of other media much more.

Artist Statement:
I have had a number of different spins to describe my work. The whole medical model of a mechanical view of who we are sometimes seems accurate when faced with abandoning meds. I feel like I am pouring spontaneous activity into my pieces, and this goes beyond the chemistry set I am dancing in. Making art is my way of participating at these areas of who we are beyond the mechanized viewpoint.   Artist  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wesley May
I am a Native American from the Red Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota and a First Peoples Fund artist. I believe that an artist’s role in the community is to bring awareness of the voices that are rarely heard, not to lead the charge of any cause, but to unleash the potential of others through art. I travel around to art shows, powwows, and other community events and empower others through Live Exhibition paintings. Expressing truths as the paintings are created. I encourage children, youth, adults, and elders to share with me, their knowledge of art, to become part of a kindred energy in the creation of each piece. Bringing awareness of art in our lives from the first brushstroke, to building confidence in those that choose to include their voice.  Artist, Red Lake , Minnesota See More


Madelynne Engle  is a philosopher and storyteller whose chosen medium is visual arts in its many manifestations. With a lifetime of awards and commissions, she is known best for her conceptual sculpture and allegorical life portraits. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections from France to New Zealand, from New York to Italy. Her sculptures and paintings are also found in corporate collections including the Hilton Collection, Bank of America, E.F. Hutton, Monsanto, and the U.S. Embassy in Rome. Engle was recognized in 2008 by NAEA as an artist-in-residence at the Distinguished Fellows Institute in Sandy Point, ME; and was a master teacher in Liquid Metals and Patinas for CAEA in Los Angeles, CA (2009). Engle is also an art educator and served as an art administrator for over 10 years in secondary and post-secondary high schools and colleges in Missouri and California. She is eclectic in her media—using whatever is appropriate to tie message to meaning. She has produced art, large and small, in media ranging from bronze, cement, fiberglass, resin, watercolor, acrylic, oil, sand, salt, paper, canvas, automotive parts, and found objects — always informed and inspired by personal life experience. She has found that the more personal she is in her expression, the more universal is the response.

What’s my issue?  What am I doing with my Art?  Why do I do it?…

“I am a storyteller and explorer of personal truths. My work is a celebration of our individual, everyday resilience which so often goes unnoticed. I sculpt acceptance and empathy. I do my art to explore the duality of our stories which is at once shared and profoundly unique to each of us. Successful creation, for me, is that moment when I see my story overlay your story in a way which exposes a profound Life-truth.”

Why I Am Participating in ACW…

…Because without art, and those who support it, history would be written on water. And sometimes dirty water at that.  As I help write a few pages of history with the raw materials available to me, Art to Change the World is an opportunity to participate more fully in my world…and to shape the forces that are creating it.

…Because for those around us and coming after us, sorry is nothing without change. This is a time in history when creative thinking can be, must be masterfully productive in our prime contributions to humanity.

…Because in a life that barely separates itself from the art it creates, I am singularly uninterested in the visual equivalent of mashed potatoes. Or in the mundane act of living an unexamined life. There is muscle in imagination. I’m betting that the combined creativity in ACW has enough muscle to move mountains.

…Because there is a special satisfaction in creating rather consuming. To do so in the company of some robust creative minds is not to be taken on lightly. It is like catching a rising tide. You know, the one that lifts all boats. Collaboration is a renewable resource that sows hope, surprise, and inspiration. It’s like playing tennis with a better player:  it makes me up my game. Or hitting with a partner who expects me to cover my part of the court. Barbara is that trusted beacon summoning us to up our game.

 …If you are in my life, you are in my art… and one of the forces that shape it.  Artist   Ann Arbor, Michigan  Read More

Leila Awadallah is a Palestinian-American performer and creator based in the Twin Cities. She received a BFA in Dance along with a minor in Arabic Language and Literature. Leila is a core member of the touring ensemble Ananya Dance theatre and a co-creator of the dance trio Kelvin Wailey. Leila is a SAGE recipient for her work in film, and her choreography has been presented at the Kennedy Center (Washington DC), BIPOD Dance Festival (Beirut, Lebanon) and the RAWI Arab Literature Conference (Minneapolis, MN). She is currently a Springboard 20/20 fellow.  Minneapolis, Minnesota

                                Maris Gilbert
“My art evokes positive healing emotions, inspiring hope and peace, while also addressing the beauty and peril of life.”

I am passionate about the waters in Florida where I grew up, and about the waters in Minnesota where I now live.

Seeing beauty and peril by exploring and learning about its waters, mangrove ecosystems, the Everglades, and coastal shorelines.

Seeing beauty and peril by exploring and learning about fresh water mussels, trees, plants, sediment, erosion and the history/future of our rivers, lakes and wetlands. My passion is finding beauty in the juxtapositions and connections of these very different yet equally vital natural environments.

As an artist in the healing profession, it is my call to share a lifetime of looking and seeing into our natural environment, to use my passion to help people to live healthy, fulfilling lives, and to influence the care of our planet.

I am fascinated by shorelines. Shorelines are where a multitude of elements interface, overlap and intersect. I will often stand at the shore just to watch and truly see the lines formed by the rhythm of the tides, the wind and the changing light. I share these timeless moments in my art, where life and beauty overlap, ever-changing and yet constant . It is my hope that my images spark awareness of the beauty in peril.

Why I joined ACW
ACW is just the person/purpose/organization I have looking for as a catalyst for putting the energy of my work out into the world. The context of art for change is what I have been contemplating for years.

I want to make a difference in creating change for the environment with my work, beyond just making paintings on the wall. The paintings need to speak, and I believe creativity and images have the power to make change.

Many ideas have been churning away as I paint about what I call “Beauty in Peril” about the mangroves in Florida and the river and lakes here in Minnesota!  Being part of ACW connects me with other artists who want to change things in the world for the better with their art.   See More

Originally born in a small village in Russia, Svetlana is a painter influenced by mystical folklore, microbiology, science and the psychedelic experience. She is passionate about preserving biological resources, building sustainable environmental systems, spreading truth, love and light through art and technology. This ambition comes through in her paintings which embody euphoric feelings of harmony in a multi-dimensional realm. She hopes to inspire the Northeast art community to communicate through art and to utilize this communication to raise consciousness, awareness, and deep perspective for one another. She is experienced in many mediums including, welding, textile, and in more recent years certified in human-centred interaction design and digital strategy.   https://www.svetlanabernstein.com  Artist and  ACW Intern  Minneapolis, MN

Nick Cocchiarella is a writer and aspiring activist in Roseville, Minnesota. Having received a degree in communications and journalism from the University of St. Thomas in 2014, he has published writings for TommieMedia, his alma matre’s online news source, as well as a couple personal blogs. Some of Cocchiarella’s influences include authors such as J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, C.S. Lewis, and a variety of bloggers and fanfiction writers. Cocchiarella hopes to use his abilities as a writer to address the intersectionality between mental health and disability, eventually fostering effective communication and mutual learning between people and organizations on both sides. Having grown up blind, on the autism spectrum, and diagnosed with minor depression in young adulthood, he believes in the power of the written word as a means of sharing and communication, and hopes to share it with others who struggle to find a voice of their own. Supporter/ Journalist  Roseville, Minnesota

 Pat Samples
Our bodies are where our stories live and our aliveness resides, longing to be expressed. I support people in allowing their bodies to reveal these stories by unveiling what’s alive in them. I offer them open-hearted attention, permission to move from their internal impulses, and a non-anxious, witnessing presence. My services included one-on-one sessions, creative movement sessions called Free Motion, and workshops, called Essential Motion, that enrich body awareness and aliveness through mindful attention and movement. I have studied Essential Motion with founder Karen Roeper for 13 years and led weekly Free Motion sessions for 15 years. I have given talks and workshops on body awareness topics across the U.S.  and am the author of Body Odyssey: Lessons from the Bones and Belly and The Secret Wisdom of a Woman’s Body: Freeing Yourself to Live Passionately and Age Fearlessly.

I am also an avid champion for creative aging. Research shows that we all have a burst of artistic impulses in our older years and an urgent drive to tell our important stories. From my first job in a nursing home while I was in college to my current work serving senior living communities across the metropolitan area, I’ve seen firsthand how this creative burst, when guided by skilled teaching artists, transforms lives. The stories, resilience and creative capacities of older people come to life!   Topic Expert, Minneapolis, Minnesota   Read More  www.patsamples.com

Meet Daren Hill

After a decade away, Minneapolis-born visual artist returns from Brooklyn to the Twin Cities. Inspired by street art and influenced by fine arts, he explores abstract art through multiple art forms, including
painting, photography, and digital art.  

Daren Hill, who has worked an assistant curator at the Shirley Fiterman Art Center in New York City and contributing writer at The Source magazine explains, “When I am painting, it’s about texture and feeling.” In all the work he creates he finds that, “As much as it is the whole piece, noticing the small details are just as important…it’s about getting lost inside each piece and finding something new each time.”

His artwork has been featured at various shows, including the Borough of Manhattan Community College Student Art Show in 2015, Gravity Nights at Honey in Minneapolis 2015 – 2016, and the 2015 annual MCAD Art Sale, where he received recognition as a fan     favorite.   Artist  Minneapolis, Minnesota  Read More

Mara Powers works as a K-6 educator specializing in the areas of literacy and art.  She has developed an innovative program called A.R.T.  Art & Reading Time allows for free expression and investigation into the visual arts by way of literary inspiration.   What A.R.T. offers participants is an outlet, an experience, and an opportunity to create deeper connections with their academic, social-emotional, and personal growth and learning.  Students in A.R.T. class experience the general academic benefits associated with literature, including reading comprehension and response strategies, and hands-on creative processes, while addressing a variety of character education and environmental education topics.

Mrs. Powers is known around her professional community to be passionate about the importance of literacy and artistic expression.  She is also an environmental education activist and lifelong learner, participating in every opportunity available to expand her knowledge and increase her effectiveness as an educator.  Her current areas of focus include differentiated instruction and intervention through graduate studies at Bemidji State University, acting as Teaching Assistant for Human Relations education course taught by Dr. Barbara Bridges, and participation in a pilot program called High Reliability Teaching, working directly with Dr. Bob Marzano.  Mara hopes to bring the perspective of elementary education and instruction in a public education setting to the Art to Change the World group; children truly are our future, our greatest hope for change.  Educator  Breezy Point, Minnesota

 Kate Fisher  Calling her work domestic art, Kate Fisher makes objects that are either for or about the home. Fisher received a BA in Art History and a BA in Studio Art from St. Olaf College. She completed her MFA at the University of North Texas. During her graduate studies Fisher spent seven months in China spread over two summers. She worked for Lawrence University and Anderson Ranch Arts Center prior to here present appointment. Kate is currently the Studio Art Technician for the Department of Art and Art History at St. Olaf College where she has, on occasion, taught ceramics and/or 3D foundations. Fisher is also deeply invested in a project examining how women have gracefully tackled the lively experiment that is being both artist and mother. Examining how these dual roles simultaneously impact each other both practically and conceptually. Over the past few years she has been surveying, interviewing and documenting a cross section of ceramic artists who are also mothers. Fisher’s questions have covered studio practice, time management, life balance, home, relationships, childcare, and aesthetics. Her project site also highlights a mother/artist, working in an array of media, each month. Fisher’s project has also manifested in articles, exhibitions, and a group residency. To find out more please visit the project’s website at www.bothartistandmother.com   fisherclay@gmail.com    Authentic Voice  

Barb Kobe is a Mixed Media Artist, Professional Teaching Artist, Author, Mentor and Creativity Coach. She has a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in expressive arts, as well as, a Practioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is trained as an ARTbundance Creativity Coach and a Licensed Journey Path Facilitator.

Barb Kobe is a Minnesota one-of-a-kind art and healing doll artist. She was a very sensitive child who found great comfort making art and playing with dolls. When she had children of her own she learned about emotional intelligence as she taught her children about their feelings. She developed and manufactured a set of puppets that helped in the expression of feelings. While making them she noticed that as she would think about that feeling, where she felt it in her body and notice where she was expressing it in her life. She shared her creations with over one thousand children in elementary schools and learned that “when I hold a feeling doll in my hand or lap, in other words, outside of my body, the children would easily share a feeling story”.  Barb transferred this awareness to her own personal feeling, and healing dolls and has been making her emotional dolls ever since. Emotions and healing are her primary sources of inspiration and drive her doll and figurative art. She says, “My dolls are figurative sculpture and emotional metaphors that express feelings, beliefs and connections to body, mind and spirit.  Sometimes I begin with a feeling, a struggle, or a wish to visualize some internal and invisible energy.  I do this to visually speak to it and to develop a relationship with a hidden aspect of myself.  At other times I simply delight in the playing with the materials, colors and shapes, seeing what comes from immersing myself in the creative process.  All of my dolls mirror some aspect of hidden personal beliefs and stories.”  Artist   Minneapolis, Minnesota  Read More

Brecia Kralovic-Logan is a professional fiber artist, and advocate for creativity and women. She has taught art workshops over the last 30 years in schools, museums, colleges, for art organizations and at regional, national and international conferences. Her art work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and can be found in the collections of museums and private collectors.

As an arts educator, Kralovic-Logan developed community-wide art programs in Santa Barbara, Ca, received city grants and created a nonprofit art organizations: Vessels Fiber Arts Education Program that served students through-out Santa Barbara.

Kralovic-Logan is a certified creative life coach and Success Principles trainer, and the author of “The Spiral of Creativity- Mastering the Art of a Spirited Life.” She founded the International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest to honor women’s accomplishments and call attention to issues facing women globally. She founded the Pebble Rebel Award which honors women who are making a positive difference in their communities. Kralovic-Logan serves as the Southern California representative for the Surface Design Association and for the Global Art Project for Peace, and is the art director for the Women’s Equity Council for the UNA-USA San Diego Chapter. She is the founder of the Women’s Woven Voices project, an international art collaboration that empowers women through writing, weaving and sharing their stories.
Authentic Voice  Santa Barbara , California  Read More

 Barry Scanlan 

Barry Scanlan works out of his studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is first-generation Irish; his father’s parents lived in or around County Sligo before immigrating to Scotland then to America in 1920. Raised in Pittsburgh, Scanlan’s background is blue-collar; his father was a steel-worker as was his grandfather. He knows what it is like to sit in a bar surrounded by men who just left the mill, each drinking beers and shots of cheap whiskey.A Vietnam-era Marine Corps veteran, upon leaving the service he lived very close to the bone, with little money, drinking and using drugs, and making at-risk decisions, until he attended college with the GI Bill. Scanlan still makes at-risk decisions, just not as many.

Scanlan has a wide variety of experiences. He has worked in boatyards, built grottos and fences out of fieldstone, and circumvented Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on horseback while partaking in healing ceremonies to save the Earth. He taught in the elementary classroom for a couple decades, which is the hardest work he ever did. He most recently worked as a trauma response coordinator for Anoka-Hennepin Schools. He is a member of Veterans For Peace and has participated in El Salvador’s elections as an impartial observer.

Each of these experiences have shaped his artistic eye and motivation.

Always an artist, he began seriously painting in 2011. He took up painting as a way to deal with crisis in his position as a trauma response coordinator. He has been fortunate to have his art shown in New York City, Minnesota, California, and Louisiana, among other places. Scanlan enjoys working with acrylics incorporated with pumice, sand, gravel, leaves and other textures.

Scanlan won the 2005 Utne Independent Press Awards for his zine True Story!       Artist      Minneapolis, Minnesota

ACW Events:  Oct 2018  See. Say. DO. What’s  Your Issue?  Details

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Shira Richter is a practicing, multidisciplinary Research-thinker-Artist-Speaker who has been ARTiculating Motherhood/Mothering/MotherValue & Worth (care work) in the socio-political-economic and artistic context, for nearly two decades. She is the Director of internationally award winning woman-adventure documentary Film “Two States of Mind” (2002) about women’s voices regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict and UN resolution 1325. Artist Creator of Two large scale photography-text-video exhibitions about motherhood;  The Mother Daugther and Holy Spirit (2006) about the secrets of the transition into motherhood, and  INVISIBLE INVALUABLES- photography, light, video installation (2011) About the value of mother/care/parent labor in the economic economy, which developed into a co-authored book chapter titled “If Mothers Counted- Status symbols for the invisible art of mothering” published in the feminist economics book “Counting on Marilyn Waring- New Advances in Feminist Economics” by Demeter press. Chapters about her “out of the box” perspective” are published in best selling Israeli books on Mother work (Lehiot Ima) and Subjective feminine sexuality (Erot).  ArtistPerformance Artist Hertzliya, Israel  Read More

Established in 2008, El Refugio de Potosí is a private, not for profit, 7 hectare ecological park located in the ‘coastal tropical dry forest’ in the region of Barra de Potosí, Guerrero, Mexico. The park is the expression of the desires of Pablo Mendizabal and Laurel Patrick to promote conservation of the local native species. Under a framework of preservation, exhibition, education and research, we are striving to create a foundation of environmental awareness for current and future generations.El Refugio opened its doors to the public in August of 2009. Phase one development is complete and includes native garden paths, botanical displays, an iguana habitat, macaw roosts, a 60 foot sperm whale reconstruction project, hummingbird feeding stations, a wild life pond , native wild birds  and an 18 meter observation tower.

Laurel Patrick, Naturalist.  Barra de Potosi, Guerrero, Mexico   Read More

Danielle Ricci is an educator, choreographer, director, and dancer. She received her BFA in Dance Performance from University of California, Irvine in 2006 under direction of Donald McKayle. In 2014 she graduated with an MA in Arts and Cultural Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. She currently an ‘MFA in Choreography’ candidate at Jacksonville University (2018). She has studied at The Ailey School in New York City as part of their Certificate in Dance Program. Danielle has danced professionally in California, Texas, and Minnesota and has also performed on stage with members of Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, James Sewell Ballet, and Minnesota Dance Theatre. Danielle is the Founding Artistic Director of Borealis Dance– a professional modern dance company based in Minneapolis. Her choreography has been recognized as “Best of the Festival” at the Frontera Fringe Festival in Austin, TX in 2010. Dancer, Minneapolis Minnesota   Read More

Kate ReneeKate Renee is an acrylic painter from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been a professional artist since 2008 and works out of her space in the 2010 Artblok building where she also offers creative coaching and arts business assistance for artists.

Kate actively participates in the local arts community but is also building a national reputation as a fine artist. Her work encompasses technique where resin and acrylic paint are layered to create a three dimensional effect. She is recognized for her twisted series, Beauties Behaving Badly, which was a grant supported series of work that nearly sold out at her solo exhibition at Gamut Gallery. Her latest series called, 7 Sins, paired the seven deadly sins with known characters and cultural icons. Artist   Minneapolis, Minnesota    Read More 

 Jane Leopold. While not an artist myself, I worked in publishing for many years, and served on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization for more than a decade. I have lived and worked with artists all my life, as the daughter (Crossley Atherton), wife, and mother of artists. Barbara Bridges has been a close friend for more than 30 years, and I know her fierce dedication to her life as an artist and educator. This foundation is a long-imagined dream of hers, and I am proud to be a small part of it. I also believe that art can change the world.      Supporter     Charlottesville, Virginia.

Left: Ex-Virginia Governor Terry MCaullife. Next POTUS?
Right: With Virginia Governor Ralph Northam


The Don Scott Blues Duo, comprised of Don Scott and Rosanne Licciardi, travels around the US and Mexico seven months of the year. The duo recently played in Ireland capturing attention on Scotty’s original songs, “The White Man Still Runs The BIA” (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and “JP Morgan, Citibank, Wells Fargo.” Musician       Rochester, Minnesota   You can follow them on www.donscottblues.com.
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Layl McDill
Remember that feeling when you went to a museum and saw all the mysterious old tools from ancient worlds laid out in row after row? Or maybe you got a peek inside some broken electronic and saw all those circuits. Then there are all the times when something mysterious about nature is explained and still you just can’t hardly believe it. The word that comes closest to describing that fantastic feeling that drives you to pursue more knowledge and fills you with joy is “wonder.”

I use wonderment as a mechanism to show the things we live with everyday in a new perspective, like the green hills you drive by everyday or the laundry hanging on the line. When you are surrounded by my polymer clay sculptures it is as if you are seeing the world through a patterned lens where the mundane is much more precious and mysterious.

My technique and materials are also very mysterious. I use primarily polymer clay with the ancient technique of millefiore. Tiny images that cover every surface of my sculptures inevitably make the viewer wonder “How did she do that?” And even though I have been doing it for more than twenty years, it still seems amazing that I can create a tiny picture inside a chunk of clay.

I have spent my artistic career rendering versions of the world we live in into windows of wonderment. With my most recent work I hope to tingle the viewer’s imagination towards opening their mind to seeing something in a new perspective. In one of my recent pieces, “The Root of the Problem,” a tree grows above a bulb of roots filled with antique mirrors. “Air Celebration” is a joyful piece that makes you think about our most precious invisible necessity.  Both of these pieces speak of awareness or even possibly give a subtle nudge towards activism to change our impact on the earth. Read More

Viewers are drawn to the magic and wonder of my work. They will be not only fascinated by the technique but presented with some thoughts about ways to look at the world we live in and given their daily dose of wonderment.  Artist      Minneapolis, Minnesota     Visit her website

Photo by Sara Whiting

Rebecca Ratzlaff is a fiber artist currently working in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She worked extensively in ceramics and foundry as an undergraduate at UW-Whitewater, and she received her MFA in Sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005.

One of her recent works, Look For the Union Label, sought to address the volatile human rights violations that undergird the economic practices of our country in a rapidly globalizing world.  The American hybrid of “commercial patriotism” is often used as a tool to obscure the fact that Americans are essentially merchandising themselves out of the workforce.  Meanwhile, a parallel of our own troubled history of labor equity and human rights is playing out in the present time of other workers, in other countries, creating products charged with our own patriotic symbols of merchandising.  A world without boundaries has emerged in which wars of commerce, trade, and basic human survival are haplessly intermeshed.

Artist   Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Sally Gibson is approaching 50 years of service as an art teacher in Minnesota.  She has been honored several times as the Art Teacher of Minnesota. She finishes her career at a Twin Cities  Area Learning Center where she works with at risk students using art to explore and reflect on their issues. Sally was a pioneer in online curriculum development and delivery when she developed the first art methods course for Bemidji State University’s teacher licensure program-DLiTE. DLiTE was the first online/hybrid teacher licensure program in the nation.

  • As an art educator, I have had the opportunity to watch magic happen when Barbara Bridges encourages students to find their voice and communicate a personal viewpoint.
  • I have always believed that visual art is more than making something pretty. It is a vehicle for communicating fears, dreams, questions—all that is part of the human experience—it certainly can change the world.
  • Barbara Bridges shares this opinion, she is an agent of change!  I support her and her vision!  Educator   Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Sheryl Maree Reily 

    Sheryl Maree Reily is a self taught multi-disciplinary artist advocating for human and environmental health.

    Born in New Zealand, Sheryl came to the United States during construction of the Alaska Oil Pipeline, to work in healthcare. She now calls Alaska her home and continues to travel widely.

    While the communities she participates in may be geographically distant from one another, they share in the struggle to balance economic and cultural survival, with human and environmental wellbeing.

    It is her intention to generate dialogue among individuals and constituencies, through work that is necessarily collaborative, conceptually motivated and pointed toward progressively deeper integration for the sake of environmental and human health.

    Recent recognition of her creative contributions to environmental and human advocacy work, include awards from, the Elmer E. Rasmuson, Theo Westenberger and Helene Wurlitzer Foundations, National Park Service, and Santa Fe Art Institute.

    In 2017 her photographic work earned five honorable mentions in the International Photography Awards (IPA).

    Sheryl’s photography is represented by Getty Images, and she is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).   Read More

    Conceptual artist, human and environmental health advocate      Ester,   Alaska  Read More

    Why I became a member of Art to Change the World 

    I first heard of ‘Art to Change the World’ from a friend and creative colleague who is aware of my work and its intent.  I thrive on new experiences and learning! Art to change the World holds incredible potential for both possibilities. By providing opportunities, such as working closely with other creative professionals, and building partnerships with businesses, organizations and individuals, ACW is helping artists connect with communities. Art to Change the World is an innovative tool I can use to pursue my goal of contributing to the improvement of the human and environmental condition.

Candy Kuehn creates wearable art, costumes, wall pieces, and sculptures in numerous media. She makes art pieces that are functional, reversible and have multiple uses that sometimes change with the passage of time. Many works live as well on the wall as they do on the body, on the ceiling, on the floor and on the stage.

As a painter her medium ranges from cloth to ceramic glazes. Her work features whatever makes a person or piece of art beautiful and moving. Her work has appeared at the Textile Center of Minnesota’s Art-in-motion shows, the St. Paul American Craft Council Fair and the Minnesota Craft Council Fair Market Place at the State Fair grounds. She has also created costumes for the dance theater company Ballet of the Dolls productions of “The Red Shoes,” “Enchanted Night,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Nutcracker (not so” Suite,” and “Cinderella”).

Candy was artist-in-residence in the Textile Center Dye Lab for 2007-2009 school years. Her digital photo drawings and portraits have been exhibited in several shows, Southeast Minneapolis Public Library had three shows and fabric installation in children’s area over the last six years, the Fine Art Show at the Minnesota State Fair for three years, and for WARM at several venues.

She received honorable mention at the WARM 40th anniversary show. She created digital illustrations for large scale projections and costumes for the Interference Arts production “It is She Who I See”, and “Elijah”. Candy’s “Human and Earth History” panels were selected to be part of the City of Hopkins’ Art Street public art program, was seen on the outside wall of the Hopkins Center for the Arts, and won Children’s Choice Award. Candy created costumes and large digital projection images for ‘Conviviere” and ‘The Palabras Project’ for Zorongo Flamenco, and costumes about Picasso’s earliest paintings, a Zorongo commission in New York City. The Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, commissioned an electrical box cover, for ‘Fresh Boxes’ which can be seen in Dinkytown, Minneapolis Minnesota. Her digital works have shown in The Hudson Hospital Rehab Wing and Westfield Hospital in Wisconsin and a show in Owatonna Hospitals, in Minnesota, Spring 2017. In  2016, Flow Arts Gallery, curated her work into several group shows, and her digital work was also chosen for “The Paranormal Show” at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts, Anoka, Minnesota and “National Parks; Personal Perspectives”, at The Phipps Center for the Art , Hudson, Wisconsin.  Read More   Artist  Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Sandy Gillespie exhibited throughout Alaska, her home for 22 years. Her work is held in the collections of the Anchorage Museum, the University of Alaska’s Museum of the North, the Alaska State Museum and Alaska’s Contemporary Art Bank. She has received Individual Artist grants from the Rasmuson Foundation and the Alaska State Council on the Arts. As a co-founder of SoNot, a coalition of six Fairbanks artists, Gillespie organized exhibitions throughout the state, including Double XX, the first comprehensive look at contemporary women artists in Alaska. Gillespie has worked for both the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the Fairbanks Arts Association as Visual and Literary Arts Director, and for UAF’s Summer Fine Arts Camp as Visual Arts Director.

Since moving to Minneapolis five years ago, Gillespie has had one solo show and has participated in several group shows. She has served as Curator for a Pop-Up Show for WARM members, a panelist for the Minnesota State Arts Board grants program, and Juror for the Powderhorn Park annual arts fair. She is working toward a Certificate in Book Arts at the Minnesota Book Arts Center.

Gillespie has been a resident teaching artist in Alaska schools, and she taught for many years as an Adjunct for the University of Alaska. Her MFA is in creative writing, and she has published poems in Calyx: a Journal of Writing and Art by Women and in Building Fires in the Snow, a University of Alaska Anchorage anthology and finalist for a 2016 Lambda Award. She has five poems in AROHO (A Room of Her Own) Foundation’s forthcoming anthology The Waves.  Artist   Minneapolis, Minnesota    Read More

Gail Gannon
I am a retired school counselor,  40 year veteran social studies teacher and lover of art, in particular, Barbara Bridges’ art. The world needs saving and I am delighted to be part of that effort here. I am looking forward to participating in the dialogue. I believe art and humor can change the world.  I am particularly interested in the intersection of art, science and spirituality. I’ll leave the humor to the late night pundits and support art through “Art to Save the World.”

Educator     Sandy Point, Maine and  Melbourne, Florida