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June 4th, 2018 Minutes    Present: Barbara, Danielle, Jill, Craig, Candy, Barry, Ann, Maris, Layl via phone Review of PR, marketing, press  by Layl. Layl’s daughter has begun working on videos for artists: Update with what she will need MAILCHIMP Action needed: Each member is asked to send out asks to add their email link to […]

John Capecci challenged us to come up with 6 words- not five- not seven. Jane:  Art Has Already Changed the World Kristi: Art Challenges one’s beliefs, experiences , perspective. Layl: Art sparks awareness leading to action Barry: Art can create transformative experience together Kobe: Art reflects emotion and story Craig: Art breaks down traditional barriers & […]

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Barbara Rogers Bridges – Director “Why did I  start ACW?  I wanted to create an organization for change of which I would want to be a member. Over eighty percent of student learning is consumed visually, according to recent research. The time for artists to raise their voices for maximum impact is […]

Welcome to Our Dialogue

February 17 – April 15, 2018  Minimum 6 and maximum 10. UBUNTU Inquiry Group  UBUNTU =I AM WHAT I AM BECAUSE OF WHO WE ALL ARE. Read More About Ubuntu  We will read a film/book for one- two months and discuss the writing and the topic, but more importantly, reflect on how these (hopefully) new ideas […]