Art to Change the World could be seen as a pretentious name for our fledgling non-profit. Someone actually said that to me. It bothered me a little bit so when Layl and I took our Bush grant over to Springboard for a review, I asked Noah what he thought. “I think it is bold”, he replied.  I am going with bold.

In this era of uncertainty, I see everyone getting in their silos and hunkering down.  This is going to take us no place good.  ACW is in the business of busting down the silos.  We represent many  alternative perspectives across age, gender, culture and  differently abled.  We ARE raising our voices. For example, our community potluck and discussion focused on the historical trauma experienced by the American Indians in the award-winning film, Dodging Bullets, has expanded to include the voices of Thought Leaders from the Jewish, African American and Asian community.  This is the difference ACW is bringing to this discussion with our See. Say. DO theme.  Our goal is to walk away from all our events with a commitment to PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS. Read More about Dodging project

There are many social justice groups out there doing great work but they often preach to their choirs. With our 20 artists and topic expert voices we are using art to “Romance the Street”, as I call it. Our See. Say DO. event might introduce audiences to issues which threaten the fabric of our society and who might never involve themselves in more formal social action.

We are BOLD. We are using Art to Change the World.