Greetings ACW Task Force!

Urgent Time Sensitive Action Items:

August 5  -First Thursday at Solar Arts  5-9  with Katie Palmer, Kris Lange, Jodi Janz, Barbara Bridges, Devin Larkin and Lucy Schroepfer

August 7 Fundraiser for ACW at Mojo’s from 6-8.  Invitation only (attached.  Just print it off).  Free Food and Drinks but you will be expected to make a donation. Thank Marko!!

August 8.  Pop Up Pallette Party at Cider Werks 12-8!  Food, Music, Beverages, Art!   Come and see the following artists:
Susan Gainen, Barbara Bridges, Layl McDill, Deb Ripp, Lucienne “Lucy” Schroepfer, Mary Bacon, Marko Fields, Layl McDill, Cory Favre, Scorpio Rising, Kathryn Flora, Ashtyn Sibinski; Natalie McGuire; Jodi Janz, Katie Palmer, Laurie Salmela, Anne Kleinhenz, Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman, Candy Kuehn, Hannah Foster, Kelly Jean Ohl, Judy Ostrowski, Bianca Dawkins, Ari Carbajal, Kris Lange.

August 15. Coaching Project Apps close.  Need Scientist Applications

August 22  Next Task Force Meeting

Task Force Minutes always available here:

Please reply to me only with confirmation or regrets.

*PUPP Report: Catherine/Susan/Natalie  All on track.  Need Set Up and Break down people on August 8-
* Donor Party Report: Barbara special Thanks to Deb, Natalie, Candy Anne and Lucy.
* Social Media Report: Rebecca
* August 5 First Thursday at Solar Arts  5-9
* PR Report: Bea
* SWAP report: Natalia
* Jazz 88 Interview at 8:10 on July 30.
*Critique Model -Greg Postponed
*Lynnette Exhibition… Highpoint Center for Printmaking – Friday July 30th 5-9pm.
* Introducing Suite 215 at Solar Arts.  Join us for opening party on August 5 at Solar Arts.
* Need ACW buddies for new members

Rebecca Report: We’re cooking up some exciting ideas for the social media accounts. We’re going to decide which time works best for our meeting with all social media people soon. I’m working on updating banners on several of the sites right now.

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