Task force Minutes March 27, 2022, 4 pm


Present: Barbara Bridges, Layl McDill, Natalie McGuire, Nina Robinson, Becca David, Tom Fulton, Greg Volker, Katie Palmer, Debra Ripp, Kelly Frankenberg, Rebecca Froehlich, Hannah Foster, Lucy Schroepfer


New format for minutes will be bullets for action items and outcomes.


  • Please familiarize yourselves with the website and the calendar. Most information can be found there.
  • Greg Volker will keeping the task force meetings on track.
  • We will be implementing Policy Procedures for the task force meetings, Greg V will be guiding this process.
  • The first 6 months of the new re-org year is funded and we will be hiring for the new positions. Tom Fulton will be heading up the Donor Development Project for the additional funding.
  • Need a hiring committee for the new positions, with a projected start date of June 1.
  • Form an executive committee
  • Website cleanup, funded from MSAB grant.
  • Please send Natalie the newsletter info in WORD or in the body of an email, please include links to information.
  • Motion by Barbara to table the cultural exchange (Mexico) and cultural appropriation discussion, Natalie Seconded, unanimously passed.
  • Lucy S will create a reporting and accountability procedure for committees, she will send out emails to figure the best way out to do this moving forward.
  • Art A Whirl, Fox Den coverage for event, Barb and Lucy making project displays.
  • Nina R will take over ACW Facebook page
  • Age of Age will have an opening on July 8th and a closing on the last couple days of July. Layl will contact George for date availability.
  • Nina and Kelly are working on a featured artist idea for the SWAP artists.
  • Natalie collates the volunteer hours, please report your volunteer hours to her.


Next meeting will be April 10, 2022 4 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Nina Martine Robinson