Title / Theme:  Holiday Light/Holiday Dark

Still need help in RED2. Participating ACW Artists: Judy Onofrio, Nikki McComb, Yuta Uchida, Emily Forbes, Suyao Tian, Jill Stebbins, Wenwen Liao, Ann Meany, Andrew Braunberger, Barbara Rogers Bridges, Layl McDill, Candy Kuehn, Malcom Potek, Linda Lade Installation Artist: Shirin Ghoraishi; Workshop with Anya Achtenberg; Music with Pony: Clifton Nesseth, Paul Sauey and The Royal Hiptites: Marko Fields, Craig Harris, Austin Gerth, Tim Jaques, Tom Crawford, Kristi MacKay; Borealis Dancers: Sara Karimi, Kelli Miles, Danielle Ricci

3. Speaker/Music/Workshop/Programming See poster for details

• Activity: Humor, Heartbreak, or Happiness? with Linda Lade
• Installation Shirin – Barbara met with her. She is excited. Not sure when she wants to start.
• • Workshop Anya – one on Saturday. People need to register. Anya will track registrations
• Linda Lade I am wondering if we should make the bar and food out there, too and keep the “office” for the band and performances? I think the dancers will also need to be out in the room.

To Do:
We need to make the movable walls. Let’s plan this soon.
I will be delivering Onofrio, McComb works, along with my own. Pick up Onofrio work in Rochester.
Set up Square
Interview for Installation Artist Shirin
Assemble candles
Staffing for Event: Still need RED

October 28. Artist drop off 12–6

Nov 1 Friday 6-9 Pony / Mojo’s Food
Bar Tender _ Kristi Hemmer
Jill Stebbins/Greeter
Sales 6-9 Ann Meany
Need Food manager

Saturday November 2
Need 2 Greeters each hour?
Need 1 Store Tender each hour?
Bar Tender?
Need Food manager
9:00 2 Greeters? 1 store tender?
10:0 2 Greeters? store tender?
11:00 Salsa and Swing Lesson $10 2 Greeters? 1 store tender?
12:00 Danielle/ store Jean/Greeter 1 Greeter?
1:00 Danielle /store Abbey/ Greeter Jean/Greeter
2:00 Abbey/ Greeter Jean/Greeter 1 store tender?
3:00 Anya Workshop Abbey/ Greeter 1 Greeter? 1 store tender?
4:00 Anya Workshop Ends at 5:00. Abbey/ Greeter 1 Greeter? 1 store tender?
5:00 Sen Yai Food/ Abbey/ Greeter Linda Lade/Greeter 1 store tender?
6:00 Sales Ann Meany Abbey/ Greeter  Anne/Greeter
7:00 Sales Ann Meany Abbey/ Greeter  Anne/Greeter
8:00 Sales Ann Meany Abbey/ Greeter  Anne/Greeter
Ends at 9

Sunday Nov 3:
Need 2 Greeters each hour?
Need 1 Store Tender each hour?
12:00 Abbey/ Greeter Dana/ Greeter Margo/ store tender
1:00 Abbey/ Greeter Linda Lade/Store tender 1 Greeter
2:00 Abbey/ Greeter Jean/Greeter 1 store tender?
3:00 Abbey/ Greeter Jean/Greeter 1 store tender?
4:00 Abbey/ Greeter 1 Greeter?
5:00 Abbey/ Greeter 1 Greeter?
Ends at 6

Saturday November 9. De-Install

3. Media Create & Distribute Barbara/ Emily Forbes / Layl McDill / Suyao / Abbey

Distribute Cover all social media, newspaper, event and art webs. Between now to opening maybe need send out 5 times ( Media press release, Social media) Send to all our members, supporters as well. Hi Emily, if you have any questions please contact Barbara and me directly. Thank you for help!
4. Design Suyao Well Done! Wait until we have programming for posters and mass distribution?

Holiday Light? Holiday Dark?
An Art to Change the World Celebration

Join Art to Change the World at the California Building during California Dreamin’ weekend at 2205 California St NE, Suite 201, Minneapolis, MN 55418.
The event will include an exhibition, affordable small works, special speakers, workshops, music, food and beverages. Together, we will explore divergent holiday experiences and seek to inspire people to be creative as we all discover how art CAN change the world!

Artists Drop Off day: Oct 28th 12pm – 6pm
Opening Reception: November 1 6:00-9:00 Friday
November 2nd 9:00am – 9:00pm Saturday
November 3rd 12 pm – 6:00pm Sunday
November 9 5:00 – 7:00 PM Closing events Saturday

5. Sales Anny Meany Manage all sales happening at the event
Barbara will provide tablet and square
Need Store Manager and Sales person
6. Token Real Votive candles, Layl ACW token, ribbon Make 150
7. . Music PONY on Nov 1
8. Food / Drink Barbara Bridges Barbara will make sure we all have good food! Sen Yai/Sen lek Nov 2 and Mojos for Nov 1

9. Bar setting Kristi Hemmer Make sure the seeing looks great during the event.
10. Install-October 28 / De-install Abby / Suyao Manage the whole process Everyone / Artists Need help from everyone involved
11. Meeting manager Barbara has Doodle account- she will set meetings.

12: Event Insurance: Barbara https://www.insurancehelper.com/ Will Maddux 530 477 6521