Very much appreciated the generous participation of the artists and Barbara’s thoughtful coordination of the sessions. Fascinating, Inspirational.

Great variety of experiences for the group. Thanks!

I like the exposure to different forms of art and different artists. Many different forms of beauty.  the commitment of both artists and fellow classmates to the vision of art as a way human souls evolve both individually and collectively. Art is an indirect change making.  No suggestions for improvement – I was pleased and grateful and much admire the organization Barbara has created.

Malcolm has an awesome studio. He’s got a voice that’s easy to hear. he is a good teacher, goes step-by-step and let’s us do a hands-on project. He’s even a nice person!

The hands-on participatory element made this class unique and personally very meaningful. It was great to celebrate the creativity and intentionality of the artists.

Great opportunity to try different art mediums plus learn about the artists themselves and what their art represents to them.

Discovering ACW through Olli is my most favorite experience. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting neighborhoods I otherwise overlooked. Each artist is a GEM in their art but more as amazing human beings.  I loved the active participation each class offered.   I can’t think of anything for you to improve on except I hope you found your efforts worth continuing this course in Olli.

Thank you for a most  enriching experience in expanding my art education by stirring my awareness of Artists as Change makers and my role in supporting the arts.