Schedule and Reservations (Click Reservations for more details)

Oct 4 Thursday
8-9:30   Ricci -Borealis Dance Co. Threads of My Cloth  $10.00 Reservations

Oct 5 Friday
* 5:30-7:30  Friends of ACW Fundraiser  Includes Threads   $75  Reservations
* 8-9:30  Ricci -Borealis Dance Co. –Threads of My Cloth $10.00  Reservations

Oct 6 Saturday
* 10-12:00    Gilbert – Water: Beauty in Peril workshop  Max 10.  $5    Reservations
*  1-4:00  Corser –Fish Tales & Climate  workshop  Max 15 $5  Reservations
*  7-10:00  Public Opening:   FREE  Donations Welcome. No Reservations Needed.

Oct 7 Sunday
* 11-1:00  Kuehn –The Physics of Turbulence  workshop  Max 15. $5    Reservations
1-5:00   FE Love – Compassionate Conversations   Max 15  $5  Reservations

6:30-8:00    Erik Helgeson/Tim Benjamin/ Madelynne Engle
Film The Real Story & Satin of Knowingness    Pay What You Can $0-25   Reservations

Oct 8 Monday
* 10-1:00  FE Love – Compassionate Conversations  $5  Invite Only  Read More
*  5:30-7:30   Non-profit Networking   FREE   Reservations

Oct 9 Tuesday
* 6:30-7:30  Bianchi / Ricci –Body Image   Pay What You Can $0-25  Reservations
8-9:30 Laura Mann Hill – Race/Identity    Pay What You Can $0-25   Reservations

Oct 10 Wednesday
  * 6-9:30  Waterhouse Bill Doherty  Opposite (of) Sex Workshop Invitation Only
*  7-9:00 Richter/ Fisher Mother of All Confessions Pay What You Can $0-25  Reservations

Oct 11  Thursday 7-9:00 Harris- SenseAbility     (CTSD)  $10.00  Reservations
Oct 12  Friday 7-9:00 Harris- SenseAbility     (CTSD)  $10.00  Reservations

Oct 13 Saturday
* 10-12:00    Barb Kobe Endangered Feelings  Max 15 $5  Reservations
1-5:00    Wesley May – Identity Workshop  $5  Max 15  Reservations
 * 5-7:00    Post May Workshop and  Pre Film Discussion on Truth, Healing and Reconciliation with  Anton Treuer, Wesley May, Sarah Edstrom, Michael Goze, Jim Randall, James Barta, Tony Xiaha. Pay What You Can $0-25  Reservations
7-10:00   Dodging Bullets – Film   Pay What You Can $0-25  Reservations

Oct 14 Sunday
* 11-1:00 McDill Persuasive Technologies  Workshop  Max 15 $5  Reservations
1:00-3:00 Bridges – Recovery  Workshop  Max 15  $5  Reservations
* 7-10:00  Take Action Pop-Up Performance Night  Pay What You Can $0-25  Reservations

Read More About the Topics  Become a teammate sponsor for $1,000

Grace Bianchi   – Body Image    SOLD!   Read  About Project

Barbara Bridges -Recovery   Become a Team Member Learn More  

Kira Corser   – Climate Change /Human Rights  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Madelynne Engle  – Truth and  Resilience  SOLD!  Read About Project   Power Wheelchair Giveaway

Maris Gilbert  – Water Quality  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Craig Harris – Human Senses-CTSD  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Laura Hill 
  -Reclaiming our Narratives: Exploring Race & Identity SOLD! Read About Project

Anne Kleinhenz   – Heart Listening  Become a Team Member Learn More

Barb Kobe – Emotional Nature – Embodied Knowing – Empathetic Connection  Become a Team Member
Learn More

Candy Kuehn  -Dark Energy/Brain Neurology  Become a tTeam Member  Learn More

Felecia Lenee -FE -Compassionate Conversations  SOLD!  Read  About Project

Wesley May – Identity   SOLD!  Read about the project

Nikki McComb   – Art is my Weapon  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Layl McDill    – Persuasive Technologies  Become a team mate Learn More

Rebecca Ratzlaff  – Labor/Unions  Become a Team Member Learn More

Kate Renee – Seven Deadly Sins-Glutthoney  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Danielle Ricci  –   Ongoing Refugee Crisis  Threads of My Cloth  SOLD!   Read about the Project 

Shira Richter  –  Motherhood: Women, Men and Money SOLD!  Read About the Project

Barry Scanlan    Environmental Corporate Abuse    Become a Team Member    Learn More

Jill Waterhouse  -Gender/Sexual Equality  Become a Team Member Learn More