The 2021 Coaching Project Teams Met on  September 23, 2021 for  5 hours of  Team Building  Exercises and  Activities. View the Experience
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Natalie McGuire Photographs

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Orientation Day Testimonies
Take away:  Enthusiasm and excitement.  It was great meeting everyone in person, and everyone gives off a great energy (what do you expect from an ArtToSaveTheWorld function).  I am excited to see what these young artists do, specifically the team I’m on.  I’m enthused to be working with these kind people able to view things from multiple sides.


The Coaching Project kickoff was such a fun event!  I was so impressed by all the people involved in this project—so much creativity and positivity.  And I was especially excited to meet my team members and get a more concrete grasp of how we’ll work to gather to support Ashley’s Blood on the Pavement project.  The flow of activities and sharing at the orientation did a great job at bringing us all together and jump starting our work.


“I had a fantastic time at the Orientation for this project. It was great to finally meet my teammates and the other project managers and coaches. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and I cannot wait to start creating with these people.”



The Coaching Project Orientation was so much fun! It was a great way to learn more about ACW and other team projects, as well as the expectations for this grant period. Most importantly, it was a great way to connect and build a solid foundation with teammates. During a time when the pandemic has shifted our daily interactions and the world has become so virtual, I found that having this first meeting in-person was invaluable.