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Felecia Lenee, better know as Fe Love to her fans is the host and creator of the Artist Eclectic pLAygROUND, a “pop-up” event space that supports new as well as established artists and innovative entrepreneurs primarily in the Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles area. She is on the Leadership Team for CompassionateCalifornia.org and co- founder of the Compassionate ARTS IN ACTION. She works as the Youth Program Director and Creative Strategist for  the national project, Posts for Peace and Justice.    Felecia has a B.F.A. from CALARTS where she trained as an actress. Her goals are to support youth, with a focus on health, public safety and social justice. Felecia’s recent public appearences highlighting youth include: March for Our Lives, Los Angeles, CA; Youth Action Summit, Memphis, TN, the U.S. Human Rights Network National Conference, Atlanta, GA. and the 26th Anniversary of the American Disabilities Act, at the White House.  Felecia Lenee is a healer and a certified massage therapist with a concentration on energy balancing.  She has been in 16 films, has over 25 years of performing live on stage as a host and entertainer, and in several podcasts promoting racial, gender equality and justice.

In the spirit of community and compassion!

Felecia Lenee aka Fe LOVE,
Creative Strategist and Youth Program Director

Compassionate Arts In Action

Good news — as a result of the wonderful work and impact, resulting from the Compassionate Conversations on “Safety and Justice,”  the nonprofit Art To Change the World has invited Posts for Peace and Justice/ Compassionate ARTS to participate in this year’s inaugural summit in Minneapolis. The goal is  to create artistic and compassionate “visual conversations” with 20 dynamic artists in addition to over 300 powerhouse youth and activists focusing on solutions concerning racial and social issues that currently plague our country.

We often use art to make a difference: bringing youth from underserved and disadvantaged communities together with artists and compassionate cops, to inspire creative and innovative paths of compassion and understanding. We exhibit our art and facilitate workshops in public spaces such as on the Atlanta Beltline, where 25,000 people saw them each week for 3-years;  at Into Action, a week long pop-up art show in Los Angeles were 20,000 people attended; and on the National Mall in Washington DC with the World Children’s Art Festival.

Now, we have the opportunity to come to your city. We would like to partner with you, in your community, to heal the the trauma with art and to create a safe space to hold “compassionate conversations” about “safety and justice.”


Compassionate ARTS In Action is a community of artists and activists. We agree to partner in the arts and entertainment; to spread compassion, increase awareness around social justice issues, and connect through civic engagement. We also strive to promote lasting change by improving current conditions locally, nationally and globally.


Compassionate ARTS In Action exhibitions and workshops highlights at a glance:


  • Village Parke Community Center, Pasadena, CA – Workshop
  • Chase Avenue Elementary School, Refugees, school staff, district and refugee community, El Cajon CA – Workshop
  • At JazzZone.net: Music and Arts as Therapy Event, Friday Night Poetry, Eccentric Poets, Pomona – Exhibition
  • EarthWays, Malibu, CA  June Monthly Gathering – Exhibition
  • California State University, ACCEPT (Bilingual Authorization Program Spanish) a Bi-National Program for Teachers in Training, with university students from CSUSM, Mexico and Migrant Education students & faculty from Fallbrook High, San Marcos CA – Workshop
  • Fallbrook High, Migrant Ed Art Class with Pamela Calorie, Fallbrook, CA – Workshop
  • Jayne Kennedy Foundation, a community health event, Casa Colina, Hospital and Centers for Health, Pomona, CA – Exhibition
  • Kira Corser Studio, Compassionate ARTS In Action Artists Training Fallbrook, CA – Workshop
  • United Economic Development Community Center, UWSI, Altadena,CA – Exhibition
  • Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA – Exhibition
  • Agape GlobalWorks Ministry Meeting, Agape International Spiritual Center, Culver City – Exhibition and Presentation, Culver City, CA
  • Online at Universal Broadcasting Network (UBN Radio), Interview with Rev. Carolyn Wilkins and Larry Yates on the Larry Yates “As Is” Program  Hollywood, CA watch interview here: Compassionate ARTS in Action
  • July 4th, InterDependence Day Celebration, Celebration of unity and equality for all, Compassionate Capitol Region, Southside Park, Sacramento, CA – Workshop, Presentation, and Exhibition https://www.facebook.com/PeacePosts/
  • TV – Channel 5 Good Morning Sacramento & Channel 8 July 4th News – Interviews Posts Painting Party on Good Day Sacramento
  • Online at www.PostsforPeaceAndJustice.org – Exhibition, Blogs, Social Media
  • Online at www.compassionatecalifornia.org – Blog, Summit Page
  • Online at Universal Broadcasting Network at – watch interview here: Compassionate ARTS and Compassionate California with Dr. Marissa “Get Balanced”  show – Interviews
  • Online on YouTube – Music video with singer John Stringer, In Support of Black Lives watch video here: Support of Black Lives
  • Online on YouTube – Art Healing America watch video here: Art Healing America
  • California Vision 2020 Conference, Sacramento, CA— Exhibition and Presentation
  • Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership “Mini Posts” Workshop at Pico Youth and Family Center, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Into Action: Compassionate ARTS “Know Your Rights” workshop, with local DACA and Black Lives Matter  activist and the ACLU
  • Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership Series  “Know Your Rights” at Pico Youth and Family, Santa Monica, CA ( 3 week series, with Compassionate Cops)
  • Bridges Youth Action Summit 2018 (YAS), Exhibition, Dance and Performances Memphis, Tenn.  (3 days)
  • March for Our Lives, Downtown Los Angeles– Musical Performances, Speeches and March
  • “Welcoming The Stranger” support of Refugees at Congregation Beth Israel, La Jolla Exhibition, video and presentation
  • Creating Our Future: DreamCubes, Fallbrook School of the Arts/Migrant Education Workshop
  • LASAC: ALL SCHOOL WALKOUT and RALLY- “Safer Schools and Safer Communities”, Santa Monica City, Santa Monica
  • Side Street Project, Compassionate ARTS  with ACLU “Safety and Justice” Compassionate Conversation and Mini-Post Workshop, Pasadena, CA
  • Youth Art Peace Camp, 50 high school and collage youth and 14 adults from 5 states in the Episcopal Region researching/creating 6 Posts: Suicide Prevention, Human Trafficking,  Healing Racism, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights and Gun Violence.


Compassionate ARTS upcoming events:


May 5 and 6th

The United State of Women

May 6th (Youth Town Hall) workshop with Posts for Peace and Justice.org


June 10th- 12th

United Nations (UN) Leadership Summit, Washington DC (attending)


September 20th-22nd

California Vision 2020, invited for a presentation and workshop in Sacramento, CA


September 28th-October 3rd

World Summit on Countering Violence and Extremism, Compassionate ARTS, co- founder will be attending as an official delegate in India.


October 5th-14th

Art to Change the World Exhibition to facilitate an “Compassionate  Visual Conversations” and community art projects on “Safety and Justice”


November 1st-7th

Parliament of World Religions invitation to present on the Compassionate CA panel


EDUCATION: ​(Formal and Specialized)
● Infinitely Well,
Artist In Residency (6 months)– Seattle, WA ● Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre – California
Institute of the Arts – Valencia, CA ● California Institute of the Healing Arts – Los Angeles, CA – Certified Master Massage Therapist ● Montview Conservatoire – London, England

RECENT WORK: ​ (Includes projects in 5 States)

  • ​Posts for Peace and Justice​: Youth Program Director, Creative Strategist ● The Artists Eclectic pLAygROUND: Creator and Host ● Rhythm and Joy Festival (RAJ 13): Co-Producer and Host ● Compassionate ARTS in Action: Co-Founder, Speaker, Facilitator and Artist

SPEAKER/ FACILITATOR/MODERATOR: ​(25 years, including the following highlights)

03/24/2018 Public Speaker “March for Lives” Los Angeles, CA Appearance as Co-Founder of Compassionate ARTS/ Youth Director of PP4J

01-02/2018 Facilitator, ​Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership Series​ “Know Your Rights” at Pico Youth and Family, Santa Monica, CA ( 3 week series, with Compassionate Cops)

01/13/2018 Into Action: Compassionate ARTS “Know Your Rights” workshop​,  with local DACA and Black Lives Matter  activist and the ACLU

12/2017 Public Speaker, Facilitator, U.S. Human Rights National Conference, Emory Conference Center Pavilion, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA

10/13/2017 Facilitator, Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership “Mini Posts” Workshop  at Pico Youth and Family Center, Santa Monica, CA.

09/21-23/2017 Public Speaker,​California Vision 2020 Conference​, Sacramento, CA  Exhibition and Powerpoint Presentation

07/17-Present Facilitator, ​Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership​ Meetings at Pico Youth and Family

04/-05/2017 Facilitator, Infinitely Well,​ presents

​ Being Mary Jane “Watch and Talk”

10/5-10/6/2013 Host, Rhythm and Joy (RAJ 13) Festival Hummingbird Nest at Simi Valley, California

04/06/2012 Facilitator, “Gender Diversity As It Relates to Employment Opportunities” – National Association of Black Social Workers, Inc. (NABSW) – 44​th​ Annual Conference – Marriott – Atlanta Hotel – Atlanta, Georgia

04/22/2011 Public Speaker and Facilitator, “The Inner Champion:  Scoring and Becoming A Winner” – National Association of Black Social Workers, Inc. (NABSW) – 43​rd​ Annual Conference – Hilton Riverfront Hotel New Orleans, Louisiana
11/13/2010 Public Speaker and Faciliator, “The Inner Champion:  Scoring and Becoming A Winner” – Michigan Association of Black Social Workers, Inc. (MABSW) 38​th​ Annual Statewide Conference – Causeway Bay Hotel – Lansing, Michigan

01/17/2004 Public Speaker and Faciliator, “Finding the Inner Champion In You Through A Nemo Experience” – 2004 Staff Retreat Bavarian Inn Hotel and Resort – Frankenmuth, Michigan

07/21/2000 Facilitator, “Gender Diversity As It Relates to Alternative Lifestyles” – Federally Employed Women (FEW), Inc.  31​st​ Annual International Convention – Downtown Marriott – New Orleans, Louisiana

PERFORMANCES AS ACTRESS/COMIC/HOST: ​(​25 years, with the following highlights)

02/24/2018 Mistress of Ceremony at Youth Action Summit (YAS)  produced by BRIDGES, USA, Memphis, Tenn

03/24/2017 Host, “Solar Return” The Artist Eclectic pLAygROUND  (Pop-Up Event & Variety Show), Kajin Yoga and Art Studio, Seattle WA

02/05/2017 Host and Comic, “WET Party” on Carnival Cruise Line (Long Beach, Puerrta Varllarta and Cabo)

07/26/2016 Artistic Director, LA Speech and Language Therapy Center at the  26th Anniversary of American Disabilities Act at the White House, Washington, D.C.

01/2012-01/14   Creator and Host, The Artist Eclectic pLAyGOUND,  a monthly variety and art pop-up show at the Old Town Pub, Pasdena, CA

06/2010- 1/13 “Stand-Up Comedy”- with Host Garrett Morris- The Downtown Comedy Club- Los Angeles, CA

05/29/2010 “Stand-Up for Jesus”- “ Fundraiser to Feed the Homeless” – The Change of Life Ministries-Bronx, New York

03/25/-/3/30/04 “Cirque De Vie: From the Streets to the Stage” – One Woman Show – Inglewood Playhouse – Inglewood, California

FILM EXPERIENCE:  (​includes 16 films, with the following highlights)

  • “Murder or Justice” – A Short Film on Domestic Violence – Written, Directed and Produced by Felecia Lenee Williams ● “Behind the Wheel” –LAFCO Film Documentary ● “iGod”- International Short Film ● “Biker Boyz” – with Laurence Fishburne

Special Skills: Stand Up Comedy, Freestyle Hip-Hop Rhyme and Dance, B-Boxing, Spoken Word, Standard Southern Accent, Improvisation, Master Massage Therapist, Modeling, Basketball, Driving, Stage Combat, Japanese Michael Jackson Impression, Sales and marketing.

Summary of Media Appearances:

26th Anniversary of American Disabilities Act at the White House, Washington, D.C.

  • July 4th, InterDependence Day Celebration, Celebration of unity and equality for all, Compassionate Capitol Region, Southside Park, Sacramento, CA – Workshop, Presentation, and Exhibition https://www.facebook.com/PeacePosts/

Online at Universal Broadcasting Network at – watch interview here: Compassionate ARTS and Compassionate California with Dr. Marissa “Get Balanced”  show – Interviews