Values and Vision

Our Values: Creativity, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Effectiveness.
ACW creates:
1. A positive, non-competitive, collaborative community across disciplines, age, race, economics and abilities.
2. A safe space for change makers where all voices and multiple perspectives are empowered.
3. Opportunities for the power of art to change the conversation –  and the world.

Our Vision
1. ACW provides a platform for artists to bring their unique creative perspective and approach to problem solving to new communities in a way that helps to move their social practice into action. We give our audience the tools to DO something.
2. ACW deepens cultural understanding, and critical thinking, magnifying the potential for change.
3. ACW enriches  the quality of the artists’ work and its potential to effectively communicate.
4. ACW implements a multi-leveled approach to change that integrates a variety of educational opportunities to broaden the potential for long term change.