South’s Heart

The purpose of the project is to create a family engagement center which will promote community unity and open dialogue and communication which will de-bunk cultural and religious myths.

Participants will craft a written cultural story with the intention of educating and welcoming others into their story.
They will video their story, take it to the writing center for an edit and then write the final copy on tag board to be laminated.   We are looking for  a professional African American writer to do a final review.

Dedication on December  10 at 1:30 Read all about it!

Writing Projects

Progress in Pictures

Myth busting Project

Adopt A Book 

Nov 13 Outcomes:

We welcome ACW artist Wesley may to the project!   I will be picking up his mural soon. Anyone have a truck?  I could use help with this.


Action Items:
Barbara will:

  1. Get Wesley’s mural to the room. I need help with this. Anyone have a truck?
    2.  Sew the emoji pillows
    3.Post stories and update website. See Krista’s story and new pictures:
    4.Find someone in ACW to get text for Flags:
    A.  Empirical fact B. Myth busting fact  C. Percentage of population of Minnesota.
    5. Bring pictures of workgroup to post

Isabel will:

  1. find out if ACW can buy the furniture and have South reimburse.
    What do we need?

Can we keep the round table and chairs we have been using?
Fun chairs for kids
Exercise balls – 2 small and 2 large?

  1. Bring one hoodie in for us to display? Will all people who write stories receive a hoodie or is it 1st, 2nd and 3rd?  I would rather NOT have a competition.

Laura will:
1. Write a story
2. Send Barbara a list of African American themed Children’s books.
3. Arrange communication, passes and  meeting dates

Herman may: Find a local African American writer for a final story review.

Rayma suggested we have a monthly raffle for a South Hoodie.  Great idea…


Oct 4 Brainstorm Meeting Outcomes for the Family Engagement Center.

The project will be called

“Welcome” is a focus.

The heart may have “Welcome” in different languages or tiny people representative of our diversity.


  1. There will ne a “Kid’s corner with toys which stay in the corner and a bin of toys which may be taken away. Barbara (and others over 55) might go to Savers on Tuesday and buy these give-away toys.
  2. Principal Stringer will donate furniture
  3. Meeting the Given’s Foundation’s Mission: We will take videos of people’s stories and have them transcribe them into a written work. The storyteller will then take this transcription to the Writing Center  for the purpose of wordsmithing the work into its best form.  The work may be in another language than English but will also have an English translation.  The final works will be laminated and installed in the South’s Heart room.   There will be a presentation event when we have at least 6 stories.
  4. Puppets may be created for the purpose of acting out a performance. They may be in a “Make and Take” model.
  5. Flags of all different countries – at least 11X17 will be created -perhaps on tagboard and then laminated? Trivia Questions may be included on the back with Myth busting True and False questions. These may be stored in a pocket.
  6. All different religions will be featured – at least 11X17 posters will be created -perhaps on tagboard and then laminated? Trivia Questions may be included on the back with Myth busting True and False questions. These  may be stored in a pocket.
  7. Emoji pillows may be constructed. Emojis that exist and some created by us.
  8. Symbols may be created from all countries and cultures that focus on topics of unity. Perhaps these might be laminated. Trivia Questions may be included on the back with Myth busting True and False questions. These  may be stored in a pocket.
  9. The White Boards will be kept well stocked with markers . There may be a monthly theme and a weekly provocative question posted every Monday. All are welcome to make respectful responses.


  1. A suggestion box will be created.


  1. The mirror may be used to create figure montages using erasable markers. A tracing could be taken of individuals. Kind of like a self-portrait? The subject could write a favorite quote etc.


  1. There may be a giant interactive map of the world. Activity?


  1. There may be a student chair of each project


The next WORK meeting will be held October 23 at 2:00

Supplies to Purchase

Red indicates still  need.

  1. South’s Heart: Family Engagement Center – Main Signage? Do we design and get it printed? Students could design an image perhaps and then we could print it on canvas or banner so it can be moved and hanged? Maybe we use reserve funds to hire Daren to create digital image based on student drawings ?


    1. Story Corner:
      1. Phones can be used to record stories, create an email where people can send files or videos they have recorded (e.g.
      2. 2 packs Pencils & pens (South?)
      3. 1 pack Loose Leaf paper 
      4. Lamination pouches
      5. Foam Core or Tagboard for Signage


  • Make & Take Corner:


    1. small/large paper bags
    2. Envelopes 
    3. Markers, crayons
    4. Small tub/organizer for marker and crayons, paper
    5. Tri Fold presentation board (for a puppet stage)
    6. Plan blank drawing paper 
    7. Coloring sheets with options such as flags, famous African American writers/books (these can be printed)
    8. Phone can be used to take a photo of the steps to create your own puppet
      9. Acrylic paint
      10. Brushes
  1. Flags, Cultural Symbols, Quotes & Religion
    1. 11X17 tagboard 
    2. Lamination sheets 
    3. BCP Pack of 2 Binder Ring Easy Flip Flash Cards Study Cards, 3-2/1 x 3-3/8 Inches 
    4. Adhesive wall hooks
    5. Loose leaf binder rings
  2. No Sew Emoji Pillows:
    1. ½ – 1 yard per pillow, 4-6 pillows of felt 
      1. 3 yards of Yellow felt fabric
      2. Fabric markers
      3. ½ yard Black, red Felt 
      4. Fabric glue 
      5. Fabric scissors 2 pairs
  3. 10 White Boards & 2 packs Erasable markers? (South)

Purchased at Savers on October 16

Large tubs of giant Lego blocks, 10 books, 20 small toys to take away, 10 small games/trivia cards, misc office supplies, stamping sets with envelopes, yellow fabric for emoji pillows.