Candy Kuhn Team Support

 Art to Change the World (ACW) is a non-profit multidisciplinary, cross-generational coalition of 40 social practice artists, educators, scientists, authentic/expert voices and other change makers who meet at the intersection of art and natural and social science. We aspire to investigate what divides us and discover strategies that might unite us, encouraging the marginalized, disenfranchised, underserved, and the established elite to join forces to DO Something about societal challenges.

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ACW will host a two-week event with exhibition, performances and workshops around the theme of See. Say. DO What’s Your Issue? from Oct. 5-14, 2018. Over a dozen established and emerging artists and their authentic voice team members creating social and environmental justice works, transforming the cutting-edge art space Squirrel Haus Arts in South Minneapolis into an inviting and magical universe which draws the visitor into a thought provoking, interactive journey with the intent of inspiring action in our community.

Do you have a specific social topic you would like to sponsor? The artist/authentic voice teams need about $1,000.00 for both of them to research, travel, buy art and educational supplies/materials. Each artist has selected an authentic voice (or 2). We might also call these integral team mates a “primary source voice.” ALL of the team members learn from the other team members.  You will become a member of the team. We value your voice.

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Invitation to an authentic Maine Seafood Chowder dinner created by ACW Director and
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Project Description    Candy Kuehn   Topic:    Dark Energy/Brain Neurology

Dark Energy and Dark Matter.  I want to make the invisible – visible. In another life, I imagine I would have been a physicist, because the field of physics has the ability to explain my synesthetic, multi-dimensional existence.  Physics reveals a world in which our universe exists simultaneously manifested through a web of our five senses, and outside of the limits of a singular space and time. Join me IN my work for the See. Say. DO. event. I will be an attempt to physically communicate “slices” of my experience of the world.

I am creating a series of four to six, twelve foot ovoids, to be hung, worn, and/or manipulated.  Materials will include digitally printed fabric, paints and dyes, hand made paper, and arduino circuits with lights and sensors. The larger space allows the audience to walk through the installation and experience a multi-dimensional existence.

Authentic Voice  J. Woods Halley, of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities School of Physics and Astronomy. Professor Halley’s group studies transport and non-equilibrium processes in solids and fluids using theoretical, simulation and experimental methods. Specific studies include:  Studies of electrode-electrolyte interfaces, including electron transfer and the electronic structure of oxides and metals with applications to electrolysis and catalysis in nanophase as well as macroscopic systems.

Workshop: Candy is a well know fiber artist practicing in the twin cities. Her workshop will use principals of art and identify a personal, social or biological  topic. Using 3-5 yards of brown paper, tape, scissors, staplers and string, the workshop participants will create a body sculpture or hat. For example: global warming, water or recovery issues or another topic to be determined by the group. Following the creation, the group may decide to create a performance.

Biography   Candy Kuehn   718 6th St. SE   Minneapolis, MN 55414    612-272-1626

I am a hyper-inventive geek, predominantly occupied with the exploration of the fiber arts media and “I-Phonography.” While endeavoring to fuse color and texture into meaning, I play with imagery and motion using a vast array of physical materials and digital space. I am curious and cross-sensed … others define my experience of the world as synesthesia. I see music’s patterns and shapes; I “touch” between spaces and time; I smell emotion. For me, “order” is less of a linear delineation, than it is a multi-sensed, overlap of pattern and motion.  Where others see “dis”-order … I find meaning. I want everybody to smell what I see, and taste what I know.