Kira Corser Team Support


Project Description   KIRA CARRILLO CORSER – Topic: Climate Change & Human Rights

Why Are We Here? Sea Changes ACT:  This project addresses critical ocean changes, collaboratively with scientists and artists working with communities to create innovative motivators for civic action; while addressing the causes of climate change, plastic pollution, fishing and these impacts on human rights.

Purpose: The destruction of our oceans is largely hidden under water, so not visible to the average citizen.  Our goal is to (enticingly) make these destructive changes visible, more understandable and more emotionally connected to encourage action.

Virtual Undersea Experience: 18-foot-wide and 8-foot-tall, the eyes of fish, whales, sharks fall around people as videos light up 3-layered-billowing-walls of white-suspended-silks.   Viewers walk between these as they see and hear facts, music, sounds. Shifting perspectives, shift the experience to make it more magical:  Think tiny sea horse vs a whale’s point of view vs shark and kid. This work has been evolving since 2012, with participation in the U.S. Human Rights Network’s conference connecting climate change and it’s impact on human rights.

Authentic Voice:   Dr. Tim Lueker, Researcher in Climate Change at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla CA and  from the Sierra Club/Human Rights and Climate Change affecting Trade/ U.S. Human Rights Network.

Workshop   Help the Planet, and Have fun too!

This workshop includes ART MAKING, with video recordings, so the participants can continue to enjoy and sustain commitment.  This workshop encourages artistic expression, interactive collaborative art making, and story telling.

This workshop has 2 options for participants: 

  1. To promote understanding of climate, pollution and how human rights areconnected with ocean and water issues, we will draw and paint on “Fish Masks” based on real life images of fish.
  2. To create Ocean Avatar Videos to encourage caring about planet issues we willpaint our hands and/or faces with body paint, AND then record family stories about fishing, concerns about climate, connections to human rights, solutions to plastic pollution, etc.

Biography   Kira Carrillo Corser has designed and produced art throughout California, and the USA for 22 years, in addition to working as staff photographer at KPBS (10 yrs.) and later at California State University Monterey Bay (8 yrs.) Based in San Diego County, she works in partnership with other artists, musicians, nonprofits, community and civic leaders.  Art projects have been awarded: The National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, Encinitas Rotary Peace Maker of the Year 2017, San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst 2014 with Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theater and the DNA of Creativity Grant from the San Diego Visual Arts Network.

She is a co-founder and co-directs the POSTS FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE NATIONAL PROJECT, Art is the Next Peace: Connecting Communities (Ca Silk PaintingsandSea Changes ACT with local scientists and artists.   These projects are collaborations with intergenerational communities and promote peace and nonviolence.

Exhibitions and participants include: The Carter Center with President Carter and International Human Rights Defenders; Inter-Dependence Day Celebration, a Compassionate California PartnershipSacramento (2017); Semi-permanent installations include the Atlanta BeltLine, as Installation Artists, (a collaborative multi-year fellowship) where 25,000 people see the work weekly, Atlanta Georgia (2015 – 2017.) and 12 California schools, including El Cajon, San Diego, and Fallbrook