South High School -Invitation Only


Compassionate ARTS  in Action 

ACW: Compassionate ARTS facilitates Community Conversations on Know Your Rights

October 8  South High School Project with Denny Sponsler.  Invitation Only

Compassionate Conversations: Know Your Rights— All inclusive

Fe Love, co- founder of Compassionate ARTS will host a 5-week mentoring series with a select group of 5 to 6 exceptional and diverse youth to form a Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership Council at South High School. These youth will use their leadership skills to help facilitate on Oct 8th at the ACW: See. Say. Do workshop event with 60 participants, most being their peers. The goal is to help teach, and empower, these youth leaders at South High School in the process of having Compassionate Conversations with law enforcement and government officials in a peaceful manner that creates a safe space to share concerns about safety and knowledge on our constitutional human rights.

During this process the youth leaders will be asked to each write an essay, or personal creative literary piece, on “How to use your power and influence now to affect change in a compassionate way.” These essays will be collected and shared on the ACW website, at South High School  and possibly other publications.

Together the “Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership Council” will create a list of actions to support “Safer Schools and Safer Communities”, without the decriminalization of a marginalized group.

The Youth Council will communicate their ideas and inspire their peers in a Compassionate ARTS workshop designed by them for their peers on October 8th at the  ACW: See. Say. Do. event. In the the workshop, the youth will have an opportunity to invite “Compassionate Cops”, legal support and government officials to join them and make art on “mini-posts.”  Mini Posts go home as a way of continuing to inspire, educate and sustain involvement to compassion, Compassionate ARTS and P4PJ goals. The mini-posts can include facts, inspiring quotes, drawings and more. By using art as community civic engagement,  we help support solidarity and reduce the stigma and intimation from all participants.

Participants: 30-60 (youth and family 16+)

Duration of Workshop: 3 hours


 Safety and Justice and DACA

  • Opening in a large group panel discussion with Lead Experts and Compassionate Facilitators and (Q&A from audience)–approximately 60-90 mins.
  • Quotes at the top, quotes on paper can be glued to the mini posts.
  • Templatesand KNOW YOUR RIGHTS INFO and INSPIRATIONAL imagery stickers, markers, glitter pens
  • Mini Posts go homeas a way of continuing to inspire, educate and sustain involvement to compassion, P4PJ goals.
  • Posts are posted online as selfies and as Video and photos with stories.

With participants permission

Participants: 30-50 each day (youth, family ages 10+)

1 Lead Skilled Facilitator to lead conversation  Mini Posts Workshop

5 Lead Skilled Visual Artists:  Mini Posts

all artists from ACW are also invited to participate

Invite Lead Expert(s): 1 ACLU representative

1 Compassionate Cop, 1 optional expert or opposing view

Duration of Workshops: 3 hours


Felecia Lenee, better know as Fe Love to her fans is the host and creator of the Artist Eclectic pLAygROUND, a “pop-up” event space that supports new as well as established artists and innovative entrepreneurs primarily in the Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles area. She is on the Leadership Team for and co- founder of the Compassionate ARTS IN ACTION. She works as the Youth Program Director and Creative Strategist for  the national project, Posts for Peace and Justice.    Felecia has a B.F.A. from CALARTS where she trained as an actress. Her goals are to support youth, with a focus on health, public safety and social justice. Felecia’s recent public appearances highlighting youth include: March for Our Lives, Los Angeles, CA; Youth Action Summit, Memphis, TN, the U.S. Human Rights Network National Conference, Atlanta, GA. and the 26th Anniversary of the American Disabilities Act, at the White House.  Felecia Lenee is a healer and a certified massage therapist with a concentration on energy balancing. She has been in 16 films, has over 25 years of performing live on stage as a host and entertainer, and in several podcasts promoting racial, gender equality and justice  Read More

In the spirit of community and compassion!
Felecia Lenee aka Fe LOVE,    Creative Strategist and Youth Program Director, Sacramento, California