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6:30-8:00 Erik Helgeson/Tim Benjamin/ Madelynne Engle – Film The Real Story & Satin of Knowingness – Power Wheelchair Giveaway

October 7, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Project Description    Topic      Truth and Resilience


 Power Wheelchair Giveaway

The “Satin of Knowingness” explores verities from the perspective of each person’s uniqueness. Are there veiled truths? Is truth larger than any one life? Are there universal truths, families of truths, layers of truths? Male/female, adult/child truths? Are there temporary truths? (Was the imaginary friend or the Tooth Fairy or the monster under the bed any less a truth for you when you personally believed in them and your older sibling no longer did?) Do truths come in different colors? In different places? (Is truth experienced differently in Nature” than in the Board room? In America than in India? In the kitchen rather than in the bedroom?)  Does the same truth arrive wrapped in a variety of names?  This is not my coming up with the answers, but rather your connecting with the jostling crowd of inner truths that are uniquely yours. It has been said that the world we believe in is a far greater reality than the one that exists. “The Satin of Knowingness” explores the alchemy that makes truth such a personal experience.




The “Cloakroom” and the “Mirror of Fractured Preconceptions” in this installation are participatory. Feel free to try on any ideas hanging on these hooks. Which aspects of life fuel your own resilience? Layer the satins if you feel like it- life is like that. Is your “Integrity” showing beneath your “Power?” Does your “Spirituality” layer over your “Sexuality?”  Does “Education” fit the same way “Wisdom” or “Street Smarts” does?  Look into the mirror and fracture your preconceptions. What does “Power” look like, feel like on you, unencumbered by other people’s assumptions and biases? Do you see your unique “Beauty”, and “Optimism”  and “Resilience” reflected in this mirror? Are these aspects of life affected by what rubs up against them? (Is “Security” impacted by coming in contact with “Power” or “Beauty” or “Wealth” or “Wisdom?” ) I expect that, over theyears, The Satin of Knowingness will take on a patina from the many hands that touch it, as truth does.

Topic Expert:  Madelynne’s topic expert, Erik Helgeson:   Executive producer: Tuscaloosa. Feature film featuring Natalia Dyer, Devon Bostick and YG, 2019 release.   Read More

Disability advocate discussing ways to make communities more accessible to more people.

  Madelynne’s project will also include the participation of Access Press leader’s Tim Benjamin. Tim will be showing his film , “The Real Story” with a post showing discussion lead by Erik, Tim and Madelynne with the purpose of providing tools to implement actual CHANGE! .  in Madelynne’s “Truth and Resilience” project to the person who writes the most compelling need-based essay. Awardee will be selected by Erik and Tim. _________________________________________________________________________________________                                       

Madelynne Engle  is a philosopher and storyteller whose chosen medium is visual arts in its many manifestations. With a lifetime of awards and commissions, she is known best for her conceptual sculpture and allegorical life portraits. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections from France to New Zealand, from New York to Italy. Her sculptures and paintings are also found in corporate collections including the Hilton Collection, Bank of America, E.F. Hutton, Monsanto, and the U.S. Embassy in Rome. Engle was recognized in 2008 by NAEA as an artist-in-residence at the Distinguished Fellows Institute in Sandy Point, ME; and was a master teacher in Liquid Metals and Patinas for CAEA in Los Angeles, CA (2009). Engle is also an art educator and served as an art administrator for over 10 years in secondary and post-secondary high schools and colleges in Missouri and California. She is eclectic in her media—using whatever is appropriate to tie message to meaning. She has produced art, large and small, in media ranging from bronze, cement, fiberglass, resin, watercolor, acrylic, oil, sand, salt, paper, canvas, automotive parts, and found objects — always informed and inspired by personal life experience. She has found that the more personal she is in her expression, the more universal is the response


October 7, 2018
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Art to Change the World


Squirrel Haus
3450 Snelling Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
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