Status Update # 7

Dear Valued ACW members,

  1. ALL MEMBER MEETING.  Our October Event is closer than you think! Many have been working like maniacs to make this event EVENTFUL ; / 0Please attend on July 14, 2018  at 12:30 at the Eastside Food Coop. 
    2551 Central Ave NE, MPLS, MN 55418, (612) 788-0950,
    Come early and buy a delicious lunch! They are providing their fabulous meeting room free- let’s make it symbiotic for them. PLEASE RSVP TO Please respond either way.
  2. I am pleased to announce that we received a Minnesota Humanities Center Grant. Congrats to grant writer Laura Mann! This grant funded some artists and some infrastructure.  We still need your to help seek funding for our event. See who still needs support below. Click on Learn More for details handout.
  3. Grants are very difficult at this time and we are turning to other fundraising methods.  One strategy is to ask sponsors to support certain aspects of the event.  The sponsor will receive recognition on the program and on the website and anyone who sponsors over $500 will be invited to the Traditional Seafood Feed ( AKA Shoa’ Dina’) hosted by native Mainer,  yours truly.  See what we still need following our Artist Listing below. The Task List is also attached. We welcome feedback and any ideas you have!
  4. Welcome to new members Simon Hassis (supporter), Liz Loeb (non profit partner), Mark Teresa (topic expert), Veronica Quillien (topic expert and Nikki Storebo (writer and nonprofit partner), Youth Advisory Board members Skyler McBernie, Elena Vaughn,  journalist Nick Cocchiarella (who will be writing articles about YOU!)  and volunteer accountant and clay artist, Liza Ferrari.

I would also like to welcome Bob Trench and Anton Treuer to our See. Say. Do event.  They will be hosting an event on October 13 focused on Historical Trauma with discussions and a showing of the award winning film Dodging Bullets. film

  1. Ben Swenson-Klatt  has an open call for the Pop-Up Night.  This is an opportunity for performers to present a 5-15 minute presentations.  Send to your friends! App here.
  2. Be a STAR!  We are having success with our Instagram account and other social media. We have been featuring all of you.  If you are not on Instagram  start an account and follow us! #arttochangetheworld .  Many thanks to Layl who has been doing a wonderful  job on our PR.  She asked you to create a short video to post on our social media. If that seems daunting- please consider preparing a short 30 second provocative statement on your topic and Ben can record you at the All Member Meeting.  For example, here is mine:

Hi.  I am Barbara Bridges from Art to Change the World. My topic is “Recovery”. Question for you: Can addicts  “ Just Say No?”  I  say “no” to that idea. It is cruel. Over 90% of addicts are self medicating for mood disorders great and small. Come to our See. Say Do. Event in October and discuss this and other provocative and intriguing questions.


Artist Listing

Laura Hill   -Reclaiming our Narratives: Exploring Race & Identity  SUPPORTED  Read About Project

Grace Bianchi   – Body Image    SUPPORTED   Read  About Project

Craig Harris – Human Senses-CTSD  Become a team mate  Learn More

Barbara Bridges -Recovery   Become a team mate Learn More  

Anne Kleinhenz   – Heart Listening  Become a team mate  Learn More

Rebecca Ratzlaff  – Labor/Unions  Become a Team Member Learn More

Shira Richter  –  Motherhood: Women, Men and Money SUPPORTED  Read About the Project

Candy Kuehn  -Dark Energy/Brain Neurology  Become a team mate  Learn More

Jill Waterhouse  -Gender/Sexual Equality  Become a Team mate  Learn More

Maris Gilbert  – Water Quality  Become a team mate   Learn More

Barb Kobe – Emotional Nature – Embodied Knowing – Empathetic Connection  Become a team mate  Learn More

Kira Corser   – Climate Change /Human Rights  Become a team mate  Learn More

Barry Scanlan    Environmental Corporate Abuse    Become a team mate    Learn More

Madelynne Engle  – Truth and  Resilience  SUPPORTED  Read About Project

Layl McDill    – Persuasive Technologies  Become a team mate Learn More

Danielle Ricci  –   Ongoing Refugee Crisis    Become a team mate   Learn More

Kate Renee – Seven Deadly Sins-Glutthoney  Become a team mate  Learn More

Felicita Lenee -FE -Compassionate Arts in Action  SUPPORTED  Read  About Project

Wesley May – Identity    SUPPORTED  Read about the project

Nikki McCoomb   – Art is my Weapon  Become a team mate  Learn More


June 25, 2018   Treasure, Time Talent  still needed

$1,000 support Benefits:
Support benefits included (all optional) :
Studio visit
Listed on website and programs
One ticket to VIP Event
Monthly artist news/networking/events emailed
Access to the Art to Change the World forum
Membership in book club
Invitations to celebrations and gatherings
ACW Hot Beverage Mug,   ACW  Tote  Bag
Invitation to an authentic Maine Seafood Chowder dinner created by native
Mainer Barbara Bridges  OR   A small artwork created by an ACW.

T,T or T What Who Pays Who Executes Due Date Notes
$ 1500.00 ? Infrastructure, Lights, curtains, show installation supplies

See. Say. Do. show signs, memberships, Zoom account etc.

Sep 1, 2018
$1000.00 ? PR  Show cards, print ads, radio spots, Intern stipends Layl/Barbara NOW
$2800 Venue Rental Barbara NOW
$2700 Workshops 9 @ $300 Barbara Stipends, Curriculum Supplies, Promotion
Time Donation Box Thinking of having several pop-up performers create a donate box/performance . Give them 5% of what they collect?
Time Ticket takers, greeters, member sign up Ben assigns
ALL of us
$100 Tablet and square for sales Layl NOW
Time Set up Brown Paper Bag Sales Danielle
$1000 per team Team Support ALL August 1 Topics still to be sponsored:
Craig Human Senses-CTSD
Anne- Heart Listening
Rebecca -Labor/Unions
Candy-Dark Energy/Brain Neurology
Jill -Gender/Sexual Equality
Maris-Water Quality
Barb K – Emotional Nature – Embodied Knowing – Empathetic Connection
Kira  – Climate Change /Human Rights W
Barry Environmental Corporate Abuse
Layl  – Persuasive Technologies  W
Danielle –   Ongoing Hmong Refuge Crisis
$2,000 Topic Experts -ALL 8 left
$150 Insurance for Event Barbara Oct 2, 2018
Time Set Up Oct 2-4 Bill Kobe
FE, Shira, Kira, Paul Brown, Ben, Skyler, YAB
Oct 2-4
Time Host/Emcee/Performer with unifying theme?
Time Break Down and Clean Up Skyler, YAB
$200 Create Swag for survey completion Barbara/YAB/Layl Following through with “eye” logo… small 4# flat resin eyes where they will write their “DO”


Create liability waiver for artists


Layl Now

Mementos for survey

??? Ideas?
Friends Fundraiser
$225 @15 Case Red Wine (60 servings) NOW
$225 @15 Case of White wine (60 servings) NOW
$1,000 ? Food For 75 people NOW Perhaps Sioux Chef?

Best would be get a caterer to do a deal for Friends and Opening .

$150 75 Passport, Stamps, Silent Auction Joan/Susan/
NOW Make 20 ACW Stamps? Twelve stamps to win the swag?
$375 @ $5 Swag for 75 prizes  


NOW Jump drives? Bags? Coffee cups?  I use Zazzle- they have 50% off sales.  This is expensive.  Perhaps a nicer prize for the top 10?
$150 Table cloth, Flowers, paper products . Glass glasses? Anne/Barry NOW Possible that Rebecca might be willing to sew Candy’s  fabric into tablecloths and/or swag
Time Ticket takers, greeters, member sign up Ben assigns
ALL of us
$375 5 gifted Friends Fundraiser Tickets for supporter unable to attend
$375 5 gifted Friends Fundraiser Tickets for supporter unable to attend
Time Host for event Barbara
$2875 All event support
Pop-Up Event
$250 Performer Stipends Barbara NOW
$250 All event support
Opening Night  Need Chair
$225 @15 Case Red Wine (60 servings) NOW
$225 @15 Case of White wine (60 servings) NOW
$1,000 Food NOW
$150 Table cloth, Flowers, paper products Anne/Barry NOW
Time Hosts for Event Daren  Laura
Time Ticket takers, greeters, member sign up Ben assigns
ALL of us
$2150 All event support
Non-Profit Night
$50 Water NOW Could get ice and make lemon water.
Donated Snacks


May/Treuer/Dodging Bullets
$4,000 Treuer NOW
$1,000 Bullets  ??? NOW
According to ticket registration
Food? NOW Perhaps Sioux Chef?  Chow Girls?

Best would be get a caterer to do a deal for Friends event.  Opening could be us.

Screen Rental NOW
$6,000 All event Support
The Real Story
$4,000 in-kind Wheel Chair Madelynne

Mike Helegson