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Grace Bianchi   – Body Image    SUPPORTED!   Read  About Project

Barbara Bridges -Recovery   Become a Team Member Learn More  

Kira Corser   – Climate Change /Human Rights  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Madelynne Engle  – Truth and  Resilience  Become a Team Member  Learn More Read About Project   Power Wheelchair Giveaway

Maris Gilbert  – Water Quality  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Craig Harris – Human Senses-CTSD  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Laura Hill 
 -Reclaiming our Narratives: Exploring Race & Identity SUPPORTED!  Read About Project

Anne Kleinhenz   – Heart Listening  Become a Team Member Learn More

Barb Kobe – Emotional Nature – Embodied Knowing – Empathetic Connection  Become a Team Member
Learn More

Candy Kuehn  -Dark Energy/Brain Neurology  Become a tTeam Member  Learn More

Felecia Lenee -FE -Compassionate Conversations  SUPPORTED!   Read  About Project

Wesley May – Identity   SUPPORTED!   Read about the project

Nikki McComb   – Art is my Weapon  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Layl McDill    – Persuasive Technologies  Become a team mate Learn More

Rebecca Ratzlaff  – Labor/Unions  Become a Team Member Learn More

Kate Renee – Seven Deadly Sins-Glutthoney  Become a Team Member  Learn More

Danielle Ricci  –   Ongoing Refugee Crisis  Threads of My Cloth  SUPPORTED!    Read about the Project 

Shira Richter  –  Motherhood: Women, Men and Money SUPPORTED!   Read About the Project

Barry Scanlan    Environmental Corporate Abuse    Become a Team Member    Learn More

Jill Waterhouse  -Gender/Sexual Equality  Become a Team Member Learn More