Columbia Heights -Pearl Appearance

Mississippi River Pearl Makes Her First 2024 Appearance

Please join us as Mayor Amáda Márquez Simula proudly presents “Mississippi River Pearl“, an innovative Art to Change the World (ACW) initiative. This captivating creation, lovingly referred to as “Pearl”, was crafted through a collaboration of ten passionate individuals, including Mayor Amáda herself, who is a board member of ACW. It embodies a visionary approach to promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Witness history at the grand unveiling at Columbia Heights City Hall, 3989 Central Ave. NE, Columbia Heights, on April 16th, from 4:00-8:00 PM. Indulge in delightful snacks and beverages as we showcase the beauty of “Pearl”, on display until May 7th. This event is suitable for ages 10+.

Explore the project’s inspiring journey at

ACW Director Barbara Bridges will unveil the “Pearl” and recount the inspiring story of the ten individuals who dedicated two hours to collecting river debris and then dozens of hours creating to bring it to life. Additionally, she will engage attendees with an interactive activity. Columbia Heights resident Neil Granlund, a scientist, will join her, providing an engaging water-themed science experience. Barbara Bridges, Neil Granlund, and Mayor Amáda were integral members of the ten creators behind the “Pearl“.