MWMO Workshop Survey Outcomes

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Survey Emerging Trends (numbers indicate similar responses)

  1. Is Mississippi River Pearl “art?” Explain why or why not.

Yes, it is at the intersection of philosophy and discipline.

Sure, using your creativity to try and create things, doesn’t matter if it works- it’s the creative process.

It’s very much art. A creative expression.

Yes, it is so engaging and fascinating. Plus you can come away with real knowledge and much to contemplate.

Yes absolutely so creative.

Of course! People worked together with a purpose to communicate a message to others


  1. What part of Pearl did you like the best? Why?

The drawers- it’s interactive.  5
So much fun to look thru and informative as well.  Making things with scraps.
The ingenuity of use of materials.

The wings! Gorgeousness!


  1. What part of Pearl did you like the least? Why?

Everything 4

  1. What important topic did we miss?

Nothing 2

More about the creation process after the trash was collected.

Why is having water or trees important to our planet-these are not resources we can create

It brought up a question of what do we do with art once it is done this art will cause people to think about environment



  1. Did this sculpture inspire you to take action? Describe>


Yes, with my own sustainable art.  2  I have been inspired to make art in this manner before-great idea.

Yes to be more cognizant of waste and how to conserve

Yes, I am interested in studying Styrofoam more.

Yes, continue taking care of the earth.

Thinking even more about our river, appreciate the affinity group on climate change