Photo Record

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 Updated “Pearl!” All 21 drawers finished! Can’t wait for you to see it all in its glory! November 11th 5-8pm Homewood Studios.


Sneak peek inside the cabinet boxes on “Pearl,” our Mississippi River sculpture.

Surprise visitor to our studio, Captain Cory! And the progress of “The Mississippi Pearl!”


More photos of progress on the MWMO Project! Working hard to finish turning the trash into treasure for the viewing eyes! Debut coming November 11th to Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis!


Hard at work on the MWMO River Project! We learned all about the science behind what plastic and other toxic trash that is floating in the river and the effects going into our water systems and precious Mississippi River.

MWMO Water Project Day 1. Collecting trash along the banks of the Mississippi River to learn about what trash is floating in the river and to create an art project with the stuff we found.