Message in a Bottle

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Guthrie workshop Sustainable Design responses from 6-8th graders and the artist helpers July 10th, 2023 at the Mill City Museum. Message in a Land Bottle.

“Message in a Land Bottle”

The workshop will consist of explaining the old school “message in a bottle” and how that’s fun to find, but since we don’t want to contribute to more stuff floating in our water systems, we want to encourage people to spread the message of recycle/re-purpose and re-create by land.

Each student receives a re-cycled glass jar with a wide top. Students write a one sentence message that encourages someone else to help protect and clean up our land and water.

Then they will pass their bottle to the person next to them. They will take out the message and read it.  At least 10 will sit on the chair and share aloud.  Encourage Discussion.

Next,  they will write a new message to put in the bottle, not too similar to the one they just read.

ACW will collect the bottles for our reference and to use in following workshops,  but will tell them they are encouraged to actually go home and find a bottle and write a similar message in it and pass it to a friend or neighbor and encourage them to pass it on.

Brainstorm on creative ways to present the land bottle with the message to their friend or neighbor and other ways to encourage clean up and recycle. (ex. Putting the bottle on a doorstep with a note that says, read me inside (with directions on steps for them to take). The point is to get them to actually take action and do the thing in the message and pass it on like “paying it forward.”

Once they have passed a land bottle to a friend, email to win a free Pearl T-shirt.  Drawing once a month.

All students complete Survey. Instant drawing for a Pearl T-Shirt.  We will have one of each size for the instant award.


Help pick trash up in river.


I’m never going to litter something that is not biodegradable


Collect bottles/cans and make stuff. Some examples I’ve seen are masks, accessories, etc. Collect bottles can caps tabs and do the same. Jewelry! Customize!


I would stop throwing trash on roads cause they will end up in water and I would have to recycle. Also my bad for my handwriting cause the pen and tables are wonky.


Think about witch bin it should go correct it.


Spread my methods of reducing waste to social circles.


I’m going to move trash from the shore of the Mississippi.


I will pick up trash in the sewers.


Wash clothes on cold setting instead of warm.


Use clothes and there fabric to maek patches.


Stop putting stuff that can be recycled in the trash.


Shop second hand.


I will start using a reuseable water bottle instead of plastic.


Think about my relationship to/impact on land when visiting.


I will go to the dump and find things that can be restored/reused.


I am going to not use as much plastic.


If I were to see someone throw garbage on the floor I would pick it up. It’s not my garbage but it is my earth.


Pick up trash (even more trash on Earth Day).


I’m always going to look and see if I can recycle anything I throw away.

Walk/bike places.


Do my research to find organizations that can help our earth.


Go and pick up trash off the water.


Not use plastic bags and use reusable bags like you can do at Aldis.


Pick up in the ocean and put food/food waste in the organics.


I will pick up plastic I see in the water and turn it into a sculpture.


I’m going to clean up junk.


Pick up litter, use glass/plastic (reusable) dishes when dining,re-use jars (trinkets, that too! Pick up the neat stuff ^_^), try not to bring trash along to the beach.