Sunday, June 27th 4:00 – Summer Party for $200 members

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Unique Wood Fired Pizza Party  from an oven created by renowned tile artist Josh Blanc.

Hostess is Layl McDill – Board chair ACW

Informal socially distanced picnic  outside.
2617 NE Taylor St, Minneapolis, MN 55418.

Enjoy  a wide range of  safely served pizza toppings and side dishes.

Wine and tea will be served. Have a special libation you would like?  Tell Barbara.

Meet other ACW Patrons  and  enjoy delicious wood fired pizza.

Surprise dessert.

See Patrons:

RSVP to   Let me know if you are gluten free or have other food restrictions.

Attending:  Clif and Bettye Ware, Jill Stebbins,  David O’Fallon,  Ngange and guest,  Sunny’s,, Sterling Auto,  CAndy Kuehn,  George Roberts and Beverly,  Mary Deschamp, Katie Palmer, Deb Ripp, Corey  Favre,   Barbara Bridges, Lynette Black and Dave, Susan Gainen, Josh LeBlanc,  Linda Sharpe, Jodi Janz, Anne Klienhenz, Johnny Barrett, Kaz Shinohara, Devin Larkins, Bianca Dawkins with Andrew, Andrew Jr., and  Brooklynn, Scorpio and Sam, Bea Crow , Rebecca Froehlich, Natalia Granquist,  Ari  Carbajal