Important Factoids, Rules and Info

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Sandra’s Windows of Tolerance

Kudos.  A lot of work for minimal immediate fiscal rewards.  I do believe  the Maker Space project is a big part of ACW’s future.  It meets our mission to put money in the hands of artists and employ art to change the world.  Share Amy story.  The Certificate you earn today can be spent out in the larger world.  Find opportunities!

On Class Day:  Be at the Haven House art room at 5:00 and the YMCA art room at 4:30.

Keys.  Red Haven and Blue is YMCA.  Please make copies if you think you might  need them. Thanks.

Please email me if you consume the last of general supplies in either space so I can restock.

Substitute Procedure.    Find the call list on our project page
Encourage you to choose a TBA artist so they can experience more artists.

Last 4 Lessons in November?. Residents choose.  They can look at the poster.  Should we encourage that they choose an artist who has not taught in that location yet?

Certificates.  Award . Announcement in Newsletter Need Name of Certificate program.

Dec 1 Payment for artwork and lessons.
Sticker Cards.  Distribute the cards.  Have them write their names on it.  Give them a sticker on their card.   return to the General supply cabinet.  Two zip locks- one with names- one blank.

Thank you so much for using the Project Page to answer your questions.  If the answer is not here/ there… by all means… CALL ME!!  612 845 0416!! 

Basic Engagement Rules:
Don’t give advice
Don’t give your personal phone number
Don’t give a loan
Don’t arrange to meet outside venue
Don’t Bring any chemicals to Haven Housing
Secure your personals in a locked cabinet
If there is an incident- send another student up to the staff for help.
Leave the art room the way you found it.