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Procedure to find a substitute.  Contact someone below. Confirm they can cover you.   Post Barbara and Allison (Haven Housing) or Chase (YMCA) to tell them who will be there. Choose someone from the other venue?


Name email Phone
Briauna Williams  YMCA 612-213-7215
Lucy Schroepfer  YMCA 651-231-0984


Layl McDill  HAven


Sandra    Reardon   Psychotherapist


612 470 3364
Kelly Frankenberg  BOTH 651-470-4765
Catherine Palmer  YMCA


SAM Greene  YMCA


Candy Kuehn  YMCA 612 272 1626
Frances Bates  Haven 612-423-9615
Lynnette Black  Haven 651-328-4059
Madalina Kelner   Haven 763-360-7187


Allison Skoglund
Haven Housing 1st point of contact




Chase Brenke Youth Support Specialist   YMCA Contact 612 460 7220
Barbara     Bridges

ACW Director Contact 612 845 0416