Sept 4, 2020 Meeting Minutes and Agenda

Art To Change the World Inc Board Meeting Minutes

Date            September 4, 2020                                                      Time meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM

In Attendance:
Barbara  Bridges  Director
Craig Harris
Margo Ashmore
Layl McDill
Sally Gibson
Mohammed Bulhan
David O’Fallon


Pat Rogers
Wenwen Liao Manfred
Liza Ferrari

Reports and Discussions:
Social Media Coordinator: The most import decision we made was to hire a social media coordinator. Six months ago, ACW agreed that our most important role currently is to amplify the voices of others doing good work. Connecting our community and supporting each other is the most important action we can take during this time.   Board member, Wen Wen Manfred, recommended Bianca Dawkins.  After review, google search and interview, Bianca was hired with ACW Board approval. Details.  Coaching Project / Media Coordinator

Bianca was hired on Sept 8 – three days ago. After meeting with her on Monday, I put a post up on FB featuring our new STAND WITH ARTISTS PROJECT (the store). Our usual hit count is 40 people reached and 5 engagements. Using her strategies and deploying our 7 person task force- we had 455 people reached with 121 engagements. This includes a bride who is considering using the ACW Registry for her wedding!
We have sold 5 works off the SWAP site and we have not even launched it yet.

We have also earned two new members, our Intern, Skyler (age 18) has returned and Bianca has created our Give to the Max campaign.

Thanks for Support for the Social Media initiative:
Mary Wilson  $1,000
Barbara Bridges  $500.00
Margo Ashmore  $200.00
Jill Stebbins  $500.00
Layl McDill  $500.00
Lynn Olson $500.00
Sally Gibson $500.00
Clif Ware  $200.00

We also have several other $500 commitments and several Board members indicated they might be able to help.
Please go here for a one time donation or choose a membership level:

Action Needed from you:
Go here and comment and share! (not just “like” ; ( 0!
Send your circle to the new ACW Gift Registry:
See Motion below.

Other Discussions:
* Margo mentioned the Artists for Biden initiative.  I emailed them. No response.

* David shared resources which were added to our resources on the website and will be included in the September Newsletter. Supporting Paradigm Shift Initiatives:
Revolution Untitled
Change the Story: Change the World

* Mohammed shared how ACW could continue to support South High School during covid.
He emphasized continuing inequity in education.  He  said students still do not have computers. $5,000- $10,000  would help.  I am reaching out to Herman for suggestions and council.  I  heard back from Herman and we are exploring a meeting with the Mohammed, Herman and perhaps invite Rashad?

* It was suggested we connect with Rashad Turner  President Parents Union MPS.  We will be talking about the most appropriate way to reach out to him.  Asking Herman.

* Barbara agreed to get serious about finding a secretary for ACW Board.

*We agreed to start collecting 15 second video with people answering the question: How does Art change YOUR world?  Click here: 15 Second Video Project:  Please have someone film you in front of a meaningful backdrop.  How has art changed YOUR world. Just email it to me right from your phone.

* Barbara gave the directors report which included a tour through the Newsletter, Covid Chronicles and Current Events.  It is important to note that the Newsletter has a 48% read statistic.
Read more about current projects:
Amplify the Voices of Others Doing Good Work.
Re-Designing Gifting – ACW Registry and pledge to support our ACW family.
OLLI U of M Seminar Series
Partnership with AM950
Networks of Action and Hope
Partnering with NE organizations  to develop a “Welcome Basket” for one of the multiplexes.  Spring 2021 project
Partnering with East Side Neighborhood Services

Motions and Seconds
It was moved by Margo Ashmore and Seconded by Craig Harris to hire Bianca Dawkins for up to $4,000.00 over the next 3 months.  Contract attached.

Meeting adjourned:        8:00                       Next Zoom Meeting and Time  December 2, 2020 6:00 PM



 Board Meeting Art To Change The World Inc.

Board Meeting  6:00 PM– 8:00  PM
Zoom Topic: ACW Board Meeting
Time: September 4, 2020  6:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Topic: ACW Board Meeting September 4, 2020
Time: Sep 4, 2020 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 814 0909 3924

Patricia Rogers
Margo Ashmore
Wenwen Liao
Liza  Ferrari
Craig Harris
Mohamed Bulhan
Layl McDill
Sally Gibson
David O’Fallon
1 Year Term Ends  2021
1 Year Term Ends   2021
1 year term ends 2021
2 Year Term Ends   2021
3 Year  Term Ends  2020
1 year term ends 2021
3 Year Term Ends   2022
3 Year Term ends    2022
2 year term ends 2022

Mission: Art to Change the World (ACW)  is a diverse non-profit coalition of change makers employing the arts in service of positive social change.

Please pre-review May 8, 2020 Minutes attached.

6:00 Welcome and Read the Mission Statement.
6:15 Review Board Terms/ Discuss Conflict of Interest/Ethics/Code of Conduct/New Board Members/Retiring Members
Vote on Board Secretary
6:30 Treasurer’s Report
6:40 Director’s Report
7:15 New discussion on short and long term goals for ACW during Covid
7:30 New Business
8:00 Set date for next meeting in December 2020.  End Meeting.