Media Coordinator

Bianca Dawkins is currently the service experience manager for Nordstrom .  She has outstanding leadership skills and has successfully implemented innovative ways to make change in the nonprofit and for-profit sector! She was the first youth representative for the City of Minneapolis Youth Violence Prevention Executive Committee for over 4 years, appointed by former Mayor R.T Rybak. Bianca has been a Youthprise Change Fellow and a grants manager for Greater Twin Cities United Way, helping fund over 5 million in grants out into the community. Bianca is determined to share her story as a survivor of violence, homelessness and health disparities to inspire youth! Bianca is also in the process of starting her brand management agency, LAV8!


Bianca Dawkins

5300 Vernon Ave South

Edina, MN 55436

(612) 940-4026

ACW Social Media Manager


Meeting with Task Force  every Monday with status check and plan for the week.

Task Force:
Layl McDill
Lynette Black
Skyler McBernie
Barbara Bridges
Wen Wen Manfred
Suyao Tian
Candy Kuehn

Deliverables Summary:
Meet Mondays for status update. Campaigns, engagements
Meet Mondays with Task Force to plan implementation of strategies
Monthly: Report on deliverables.


Art to Change the World is in the state where inevitable change is coming. The world is beginning to connect more and more via social media platforms and ACW is ready to invest more resources to make sure their social presence is strong and valuable. Not only will investing resources towards social media help strengthen ACWs mission, but it will connect ACW to a larger community that will benefit from the platform ACW has created: A place for artists to shine while challenging those social norms! The plan below is measured under a contract for 10 hours per week at $2,000 for September. This is a very low scale plan but will help bring in traffic.

I see Art to Change the World as the next social hub activating opportunities for artists to thrive!

Call to action:

One step everyone can do today, is make sure your family and friends are following all of our social media pages.


  1. Optimize social media accounts: Facebook, instagram and twitter
  2. Revamp art store “Cultural Adoption” to become more fruitful for artists and ACW
  3. To strengthen ACWs social media presence


Plan for deliverables:


Art to Change the World Social
Detailed Project Plan
Bianca Dawkins
Plan Management
Task Outputs
1)Updating social media accounts Making sure all social sites have donations buttons

Creating theme boards for each social platform

Creating a plan for posts

Gaining followers, views and potential investors

Sept Oct Nov
2)Revamping Cultural Adoption by redesigning the layout and connecting url to all social media accounts Gain more adoptions

Gain more artists

Sept Oct Nov
3) Redesign layout for newsletter by creating a layout via wordpress More user friendly Sept
4)Create a sitemap for website so that it is more engageable for users More user friendly and will drive more traffic Sept Oct Nov
Task Roles/Partners Sept Oct Nov
1 Bianca and Task Force Sept Oct Nov
2 Bianca and Task Force Sept Oct Nov
3 Bianca and Task Force Sept Oct Nov
4 Bianca and Task Force Sept Oct Nov


Challenges with plan:

Not enough time/ resources to fully scale social presence. I believe starting off, we should invest more hours per week for the month of September towards social media development projects. Once I am able to show you the results of your investment, we can then choose whether to scale up the investment. I will also need time to train in a task force, so that they are fully equipped to share, like and engage with posts on social accounts.

Young artists really appreciate social engagement, especially in times like Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Movement. They want to see that organizations are speaking up and engaging in social change. ACW has a lot of valuable content and the mission is great, we just need to be able to deliver the message in a way that meets our communities needs!


Bianca Dawkins