Sept. 26th Task Force Minutes

Sept. 26th Task Force Minutes

Attendance: Barbara Bridges, Natalie McGuire, Wen Wen Manford, Lucy Scheopfer, Bianca Dawkins, Nina Robinson, Layl McDill, Cory Favre, Deb Rip, Becca David, Opps Director Siena Forrest Bea Crow, Natalia Granquist, Susan Gainen And ???

ACW Minutes always available here:

Next Meeting  October 14th 5:00

* Coaching Project  Launched!   Check it out.

Reminder to go to community guidelines-

* Standing Committee program design and minutes procedure
A. Initial meeting of interested folks. (Committee) *elect a point person.
B Minutes taken. When each project is in the design mode, it is good policy to CC Barbara since she is the one with all the cross over knowledge. Hope this makes sense.  It prevents a lot of confusion and wasted work
C Minutes edited by attendees
D. Minutes sent to Barbara to post
E. Present to task force.
We are doing our messy best but this will help keep things simple.

*Grants  – Rebecca David  and Barbara   Minnesota humanities grants 20k general operations , Midwest arts  $2500

Action Item all: Need Volunteer Hours 2021 –  including meetings  Send guesses to Barbara / Even if you had a small stipend take out the stipend and figure hours given.

Tent Rental : contact  to rent $50 a weekend

8 Action Item all: Re-Print ACW cards  Need to approve .  If you have edits send by Monday Oct 4  See image following

* #Frameyourrights Project and Exhibition -Natalie/Nina/Cory/Deb

* Critique Project – Greg   Proposal for project- membership  different levels . Enthusiasm

* If you had a piece at Sociable Cider Werks: See below. Pick up Oct 1 and 2.

Deb shared that the Arts District needs Volunteers for October 18th Candidate Forum

* 10% Fundraiser to ACW  Layl  $1490 Barbara $120  Lucy $70  Natalie $40.  Possible match by end of year.

*ACW’s Social Justice Mission. Just to clarify, most of our $$ is coming from granting organizations and private donors who are giving us money because we are doing social justice work. Generally, all calls will be asking for work with a social justice context. We are legally and ethically bound to this fact.  Sometimes, for example, the ADP project where artists earned $12,000.00, that was not a requirement because the Huxley group funded that project. All art should have a deconstruction statement of the artwork.  The general public is often not sophisticated enough to get your message…we need to educate them!  See how to write a social justice artist statement.

* Social Media Report: Rebecca   Weekly email that points to all posts for the week- all agreed this was a good idea

Action Item all : Add that you are a member of ACW to your linked in Profile.

Linked In link :

*Action Item: Social Media Party every Friday night between 4 and 6. Need to Name the Initiative:
Meet in the Ether?
Party on the AirWaves?

Just spend 15 minutes and circle around the platforms you are on and share an interesting resource, picture, experience!  Comment, comment, share and like!

“See” you there.

Face Book
TiK Toc
You Tube

* SWAP report: Natalia   Banner will switch out    Connections with Churches?   Next cycle will be required to adopt first. Check out page:

* Exhibitions/Fox Den  face lift: Lucy. We paid $300 to have the Fox Den painted.  No one for October first Thursday .  ACW Exhibition review committee will review all submissions  for 6 month terms. There will be a 5 member review committee. Reviewers can not submit but can put 1 piece in the show. Exhibition Application- will adjust Fox Den Application so it fits all exhibits  Will have lower number of people now so we won’t go with Google Forms

#frameyourrights exhibit during Art at this Way Nov. 4-7  Apply:   All voted all lower case for branding . All art will need to be social justice theme
Need help writing Artwork statement contact
Barbara will make a poster with Natalie’s story

Fox Den App:


Send Barbara ONE 15 second video on how art changes the world. For inclusion here:  ANYONE

Oops Opera Company joined us as a non-profit partner. Welcome Siena.  OOPS  helps singing artists to be more immersed in Community   Love to see cross over with ACW- mixed medium art/music .

*Buddy Report

* Need ACW buddies for new members  One meet up.  A few supporting phone calls.

Lucy  Jo Ann –  Gregg Rutter

Barbara –Ari Carbajal Had a critique .

Layl  –  Sue Christiansen will invite to On Location in Oct.

Deb – Shawn Loshe