How to Create a Social Justice Artwork Statement

Each artwork in a social justice exhibition should include a deconstruction statement.  Help your viewrs get the most from the work you created.

We will have this sign posted in the Fox Den :

Enjoy our Social Justice Artworks
First: Look at the work closely.  How does it make you feel. What does it make you think about?
Second: Read the artwork statement.
Third: Did that information enrich your interaction with the work?
Fourth: Adopt this work and bring the soul of the artist into your space.


Make your artwork statement fun to read!



Ari Moss
Chained Memories
Acrylic Painting
You are not what others perceived.  Your medical records may think they know what you are, but your soul is telling you the facts.  Some may say that the chains will keep you down, but these chains lift you up proudly showing off the memories you filled your soul with.  Some people are afraid of a unkept fire but the one in your heart needs to be fed so that you may become a beacon for those who aren’t as sure of what they’ll fill themselves up with.  Be a safe haven and take a safety pin from me to you.


Barbara Bridges
Title: What’s the Big Difference
24″ x 36″ x 4″
Mixed Media