Highlights of October 4-14 See. Say. DO event


  1. Busting Down the Silos
    Have you become so paralyzed by fear of “other” that you do not dare to have an authentic conversation with anyone outside your socio-cultural silo?  Come to non-profit Art to Change the World’s See. Say. Do historical trauma event with a hot dish and an open heart and mind. Anton Treuerprofessor, writer and lecturer, who was heavily featured in the Dodging Bullets documentary film, will lead a Truth, Healing and Reconciliation discussion  (5:00-6:30) focused on historical trauma with  Wesley May (Red Lake) and   Sarah Edstrom (White Earth).  Read More
  2. Black/Brown Youth Rights & Justice – a Compassionate Conversation with Law Enforcement
  3. Body/Image & the Mirror of Distortion: Creating the Self in the Age of Social Media – A “talk back” performance of choreography, spoken word and classical violin.
  4. Addiction/Recovery: Joyful & Practical Solutions to Compulsive Behavior
  5. Resiliency. Motorized Wheelchair Giveaway

Additional Programming Includes: 8 other workshops, 7 nights of performances with pre/post discussions, a Pop-Up “Take Action” performance evening, and a Non-Profit Networking night.

  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Awareness & Action
  • Mind/Body Wellness & Healing

For a full list of programming see the website at: https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/events-b/. Tickets can also be purchased on the website for ticketed events. But, most events are Pay-What-You-Can and open to the public.

Artists in the Exhibit Include: Grace Bianchi, Barbara Bridges, Kira Corser, Madelynne Engle, Maris Gilbert, Craig Harris, Laura Hill, Anne Kleinhenz, Barb Kobe, Candy Kuehn, Felecia Lenee, Wesley May, Nikki McComb, Layl McDill, Rebecca Ratzlaff, Kate Renee, Danielle Ricci, Shira Richter, Barry Scanlon, and Jill Waterhouse.

The exhibition and all events will take place at:

Squirrel Haus Arts

3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Phone:  (612) 669-8712

Website:  http://www.squirrelhausarts.com

Handicap Accessibility: The building is handicap accessible w/handicap parking and entrance in the back of the building; On street parking is also available for visitors.