Examples of Partnering

Film North Videography Project
A student from Film North and a student from ACW partnered with Deacon Warner to produce a 3 minute ACW promotional video.    https://vimeo.com/289389785


Mt Olivet is partnering with ACW to stage an Art Exploratory for 7-10 of their residents.  Four ACW artists  will each do 2, 2 hour sessions with a  show to complete the experience.

Barbara Bridges
Maris Gilbert
Layl McDill
Barb Kobe

Cow Tipping Press is partnering by providing an opportunity for  three of their writers to present readings at the Take Action Pop-Up Performance . 

ACW hired one of their writer graduates as a paid journalist.  He will be giving an interview to a online news blog in the near future.

MN360 enjoyed a free brainstorming session  at the studio of Barbara Bridges to get ideas for their Carnival event.


WARM and ACW will be exploring a joint exhibition in the future. Three members from each organization will be on the steering committee.