Flag facts

  1. A.  Empirical fact
    B. Myth busting fact
    C. Percentage of population of Minnesota.  See  numbers following.  Thanks Emily!!
  2. India 29,256
    Somalia 31,000
    Mexico 59,584
    France 1,251
    Vietnam 18,125
    Korean 14,000
    Japan 3,428

Empirical fact: Lutefisk, lye-soaked cod fish, is a traditional food dish from Norway (and other Scandinavian countries). In 2017, 19 Minneapolis restaurants served Lutefisk at Christmas time!

Myth busting fact:

“People in the Old Country won’t touch the stuff, but immigrants to the American Midwest have celebrated it for generations.”


Percentage of population in MN: 12% in 2009 (WCC0 report in 2011)


Empirical Fact: Minnesota boasts the second-largest Hmong population in the nation.  https://www.mprnews.org/story/2015/03/01/10-things-hmong

Myth Buster: A required reading in many medical schools is “The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures” by Anne Fadiman.  Although the book is set in California, it is a true story that occurred in a St. Paul, MN hospital.  The author shared this little known fact with the audience at a Minnesota lecture.

 Hmong population in Minnesota  60,000 people


Empirical Fact
Ojibwa, also spelled Ojibwe or Ojibway, also called Chippewa, self-name Anishinaabe, Algonquian-speaking North American Indian tribe who lived in what are now Ontario and Manitoba, Can., and Minnesota and North Dakota, U.S., from Lake Huron westward onto the Plains. Their name for themselves means “original people.”
In the state of Minnesota there are 11 sovereign American Indian nations comprised of seven Ojibwe (Chippewa, Anishinaabe) federally recognized reservations, and four Sioux (Dakota) communities.

Myth Busting Fact 

Ojibwa population in Minnesota 1.1 %