Y2K Girlz R00m <3, Hadar Isra



Acrylic Nokia Phone Accessory/Prop Wish Handmade “assassination” Bracelet (4.5×2 in.)


This is an old non-functional nokia phone that was handed down to me by my parents when I was a High School Musical fanfiction writing adolescent. To bring this piece to its current state, I removed those pesky computer parts and replaced them with something softer and sweeter, I added the cutest little kitty bell and made a bracelet i felt would go perfectly with the very personal nostalgic theme of the piece. The antenna goes up and down and the buttons can be pressed for a very subtle “buttony” feel. Inspired directly by my own childhood. Est 2000

For Inquiries or to purchase please contact–Hadar Isra : angelandari11@gmail.com


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