“Sentries Higher Power Altar” Barbara Bridges

Mixed Media  11“W X  10“T X 7“W  $200.00


Barbara Bridges
Mixed Media  11“W X  10“T X 7“W  $200.00
Contact:     drb@bridgescreate.com

Antique  Brass Door Knob, Beads, embossed metal.  Guarded by two Tree of Life sentries, the winged hearts encourage the viewer to let their spirit take wing and find a new path to joy. The five gold milagro hearts are a five time prayer supported by the three roses below.  Milagros were charms/totems historically made from silver, and now generally pewter.  It is a Catholic tradition to buy Milagros to help heal medical or psychological problems. Historically, they would then be attached to a large velvet hanging in the church.  Today, they are more generally pinned to the supplicant’s clothing  Includes a votive candle and holder.    Finished to look as if there has just been a purifying rain.  Read More about Barbara:  https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/barbara-bridges/

Part of a healing series:

Most of us know someone who wasis, or who we wish were, in RECOVERY. What does that word actually mean when connected to trauma? I chose to use the word RECOVERY because my series is a message of hope.

Your trauma is not terminal.
You are not broken.

You can create your own life raft of hope and resilience with practical strategies.

Read more:  https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/today-im-alright/


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