“Poplar n Pine” Natalie McGuire



Poplar N Pine- By Natalie McGuire

Media- Mixed Media photography and mosaic stain glass called photozaic

5 x 7 photo framed to 14 x 16 x 1 outside dimensions

Price $499.00

Email Natalie @ nmcguirestudio@gmail.com and website https://nmcguirestudio.com/

I create multi-sensory wall art that engages your curiosity of what lies beyond; what you see is personal to you.  Creating art helps me connect with you, exhibiting my ability to make you feel like you are there with me. They inspire your desire to touch my art, making you try to view it and feel it at the same time.  I’ve always been a fan of Ansel Adams and Bob Ross’ style, even though Bob was a painter, I loved watching his programs on the local PBS.  Really drove me to get out and be with nature.  My parents loved to travel via RV when me and my brothers were younger.  We believed the road trip was a part of the journey and got to see a lot of America that you just can’t get from a plane.



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